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Stress Sucks!! Learn how to cope with it!!

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1 Stress Sucks!! Learn how to cope with it!!

2 KEY STRESS TERMS Stress is the reaction of the body and mind to everyday challenges and demands. Stressor is anything that causes stress. Stress Response is your bodys reaction to a stressor Chronic Stress is stress associated with long term problems beyond control

3 Categories of Stressors
Biological Stressor, such as illness, or injuries Environmental stressor, such as poverty noise and pollution Cognitive, or thinking stressor, the way you handle a situation Personal behavior stressor, such as negative reactions caused by tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs or by lack of physical activity Life situation stressor, such as death, divorce, and situations with peers

4 Distress (discomfort)
DiStress is a harmful response to a stressor that produces negative events * Failing a test or class * Fighting with friend or family member * Dealing with divorce * Being late

5 EUstress (excited or motivated)
A healthful response to a stressor that produces a positive result Performing in a competition (play/sports/dance) Taking a test Giving a presentation Moving into a new home

6 Fight or Flight Your body’s response to a stressful situation is automatic Pupils dilate Hearing improves Heart rate increases Muscles tighten Sweating increases Adrenaline is released

7 Alarm Response

8 The Body's Stress Response
Alarm Resistance Fatigue Alarm is the first stage in the stress response. This is when the body and mind go on high alert. (Flight or Fight Response) During this stage, your body adapts to the rush created by alarm and reacts to the stressor. This is the stage in which you to “fight” or take “flight.” The Third stage of the stress response, a tired feeling takes over that lowers your level of activity. Both the mind and the body become exhausted.

9 If stress continues your body becomes extremely tired or fatigued
Physical Fatigue – The muscles work hard for long periods of times, often causing soreness and pain. Physiological Fatigue – Results from constant worry, overworked, depression, boredom, isolation, or feeling overwhelmed. Pathological Fatigue – Brought on by over working the body’s defense and fighting disease. Anemia, flu, over weight, and poor nutrition are a few examples. Drugs and alcohol can increase the feeling of fatigue If stress continues your body becomes extremely tired or fatigued

10 Controlling Chronic Stress
Effects of Stress Mental/Emotional Physical Difficulty Concentrating Mood Swings Risk to Substance (Drug) Abuse Headache Asthma Fatigue High Blood Pressure Cardiovascular Problems Weakened Immune System Controlling Chronic Stress Engage in physical activity Look for support among friends and family Find a hobby or activity to relax Avoid using drugs Long-term stress increases blood pressure and cholesterol-inducing chronic hypertension Lack of Enjoyment in Life

11 Personal Causes of Stress
Situations involving anxiety, frustration or tension will trigger a stress response Life events – Getting drivers license, graduation, birth, illness, divorce. Physical stressors – pollution, noise, injury, lack of sleep, drug use Daily hassles – time pressures, responsibilities, conflicts.

12 Managing Stress Keep a sense of humor Plan ahead Get enough sleep
Participate in regular physical activity Eat healthy regular meals Limit comfort foods (sweets) & Caffeine Avoid drugs Talk with family & friends Perform Relaxation Techniques

13 Signs of Time Management Problems
Always rushing Constantly miss deadlines Have trouble finding things Are overwhelmed by demands and details Try to do several tasks at once Can’t decide what to do next


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