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Managing stress in Your Life

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1 Managing stress in Your Life
Chapter 9 Lesson 1 Managing stress in Your Life

2 What is Stress? Stress - Is the body and mind’s reaction to everyday demands or threats

3 Stress and your well being
SOMETIMES STRESS IN YOUR DAY IS MINOR AND AND GOES ALMOST UNNOTICED Other times it can be so strong that you may feel as if you are under a lot of pressure and out of control

4 Kinds of stress Distress – Negative stress Eustress – Positive stress

5 Stressor Any stimulus that produces stress (what causes stress)

6 Kinds of Stressors Biological – biochemical imbalances, mental, physical illnesses, disabilities or injuries Environmental – Poverty, pollution, crowding, noise, natural disasters Cognitive (thinking) – way you perceive situation or what you expect from it

7 Kinds of Stressors Personal behavior stressors – negative reactions in the body an mind caused by using tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs or not exercising

8 Kinds of Stressors Life Situations – Having a relative or pet die. Parents who separate or divorce, trouble in relationships with peers

9 Your Body’s Stress Response
The nervous system and the Endocrine system are active during the body’s response to stressor It is largely involuntary, or automatic It occurs in 3 stages, whether physical, emotional, positive or negative

10 Three Stages of Response
Alarm – Body and mind go on high alert 1.Hypothalamus excited by stressor 2.Autonomic nervous system is activated 3.Pituitary gland activated 4.Pituitary secretes hormone “Adrenaline” – (emergency hormone) 5. Fight or flight response gives energy to get you through actual or perceived emergency

11 3 stages of stress Stage 2 Resistance –Body tries to repair its damage from the stressful event and return to its normal state - This is stage when resistance reaches its peak - Stage where incredible feats of strength have been known to happen

12 3 Stages of Stress 3rd stage
Fatigue – results in feeling tired that lowers level of activity

13 3 Types of Fatigue Physical fatigue- may occur at end of long day or after exercise Pathological fatigue – tiredness brought on by overworking the body’s defense system Psychological fatigue – can result from constant worry, work, depression, boredom, and isolation

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