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Managing Stress & Anxiety

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1 Managing Stress & Anxiety
Ch. 8

2 Effects of Stress Perception is the act of becoming aware through the senses.

3 Stressor Anything that causes stress

4 Biological- such as illness, disabilities, or injuries
Environmental-such as poverty, pollution, crowding noise, or natural disaster Cognitive or Thinking-such as the way you perceive a situation or how it affects you and the world around you Personal Behavior-such as negative reaction in the body and mind caused by using tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs or by a lack of physical activity Life Situation-such as the death of a pet, the separation or divorce of parents, or having trouble in relationships with peers

5 Body’s Stress Response
Alarm-high alert Resistance-fight or flight Fatigue-physical, psychological, or pathological

6 Stress and your Health Physical Effects-headache, asthmas, high bp, weak immune system Mental/Emotional & Social Effects-difficulty concentrating, mood swings, risks of substance abuse

7 Chronic Stress-Stress associated with long term problems that are beyond a persons control

8 Personal Causes of Stress
Life Events-marriage, birth, adoption, illness, divorce, drivers license, graduation, moving Physical Stressors-pollution, excessive noise, physical injury, lack of rest, drug use, excessive dieting & exercise Daily Hassles-time pressure, too many responsibilities, deadline, conflicts with fellow students

9 Managing Stress Plan ahead Get adequate sleep
Get regular physical activity Eat nutritious foods

10 Stress Management Techniques
Redirect your energy Relax and Laugh Keeps a positive outlook Seek out support

11 Anxiety & Teen Depression
Anxiety-the condition of feeling uneasy or worried about what may happen Depression-prolonged feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and sadness Reactive depression-response to a stressful event Major depression-medical condition requiring treatment

12 Symptoms of Depression
Irritable or restless mood Withdrawal from friends or fun activities Change in appetite or weight Feeling of guilt Sense of hopelessness

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