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Unlocking the Potential in Aqaba and Jordan

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1 Business Plan Summary 2005-2009
Unlocking the Potential in Aqaba and Jordan Accelerated Economic Development through Public Private Partnership Business Plan Summary Please Note: Selected information and illustrative business plan components included here are from ADC previously released public sources. M. Cobb March 26th, 2005

2 Vision Mission To have successfully established Aqaba
as Jordan’s model of development and innovation. Mission Partners in Development, Developing in Partnership.

3 Objectives Providing businesses with world class multi-modal transportation facilities Packaging strategic real estate development projects Creating world class logistics and industrial infrastructure and superstructure Breaking the “chicken and egg” cycle by creating critical economic and social enablers

4 ADC Strategy National Goals & AEZA Master Plan
Infrastructure & Utilities Supply & Capacities Market Demands Projections Financial Resources & Leverage Potentials Aqaba & ASEZA Growth Forecasts Private sector stimulation Social and Environmental Needs SWOT Analysis Update ADC Mission ADC Investment 2005 Business Plan & Priorities 5 Year Priority Projects Program 20 year Master Plan Integrated Business, Trade Leisure, Education, Tourism Hub

5 Three Pillars Investment Strategy

6 Financial and Investment Strategy
Sustainability - Adoption of projects and a portfolio of project investments that ensures ADC’s sustainability in the long term, especially in helping achieve the long-term development objectives of the ASEZA 20 year master plan. Profitability - As a development company, ADC has adopted a commercial perspective while also balancing the need for community enabler projects and the promotion of private sector competition and participation. Reinvestment - ADC will structure investment projects with exit strategies such that further reinvestment, either into similar or higher priority projects will be possible. Public-Private Partnerships - While mitigating risk to ADC, public-private partnerships reinforce ADC’s market-driven strategy by offering shared investment opportunities to private sector partners.

7 Priority Project Objectives

8 Project Development/Approval Process
Screening ADC Objectives ASEZ Needs Project Portfolio Internal Project Assessment & Prioritization “Due Diligence” Investment Assessment for BoD Approval Planning Terms of Reference Pre-feasibility study Feasibility Project Master Plan BoD Approval for Development Funding ASEZA Coordination (Joint Planning Committee) Implementation Preliminary Design Design Development Project Financing & Commercial Structuring Final Design Construction Planning/Contracting Construction Operations and Revenue Exit and/or Maintain and Monitor BoD Approval and ASEZA Coordination Update BoD if within approved 15% of implementation budget

9 Project Development/Approval Process
Confidential/Not Publically Released Please contact us to discuss generic Project Development & Approval Methodologies

10 ADC Financial Model Concepts (Current & Future)
Confidential/Not Publically Released Please contact us to discuss generic Public-Private Development Concepts, Models & Implementation Approaches

11 Proposed Investment Targets (edited approach)
Economic, Technical & Financial Analysis Economic Value (ROI, IRR, NPV, FCF, RAR) Enablers Improves Attractiveness of Aqaba Socio-economic projects Creates jobs Safety, Health, Environmental projects Education/Training Evaluated by: Benefit/Cost Analysis Socio-Economic Value B/C Ratio: high IRR + exit strategy Example projects Infrastructure Projects Facilitates private sector / business growth Increases value of property Affects other commercial investments Example: utilities, transport and infrastructure ROI >10% Also: Benefit/Cost Analysis Example projects Commercial Projects Based on merits / likelyhood of success Example: commercial and tourism real estate, logistics and warehousing ROI > 20% Example projects High Economic Development Value Low Financial Return High Economic Development Value High Financial Return Private Sector Investment Participation ADC Investments - Net Aggregate List of Projects

12 Priority Development Pipeline
Transport and Infrastructure Oil Terminal Industrial Jetty New Ferry Terminal Container Village Logistics Container Freight Station Container Service Center Container Logistics Park Truck Marshalling Yard(s) King Hussein International Airport Phosphate Terminal Enablers Aqaba International School American University of Jordan Hospitality College Community Economic Development Smart City Air-Route Development Commercial Pre-Built Warehousing Projects Labor Housing Project Serviced Lands Produce Market Bus Terminal (Smart) Business Park Gateway Expansion Exhibition Properties Lagoon and Saray Yemania/South Beach Club Aqaba Towers In the coming few months and in the course of next year, ADC aims to launch and develop an aggressive program of projects that aim to kick-start development in the zone; those are a variety of commercial, infrastructure and enabler projects. The next few slides go into more detail by each sector.

13 Source and Application of Funds
Local and International Investors Commercial Lending Institutions Bilateral Aid and Multi-lateral agencies Private Placement Funds Establishing Limited Partnerships Regional Arab Development Funds Joint Venture Capital Funding Turning certain business units into public company entities Existing operational funds

14 Implementation Next Steps
Project Execution Staff, Consultants & Outsourcing Resources South Port Area Plan & Tender Release Other Key Tenders Continued Recruitment Finalize/Agree with ASEZA on Master Plans Finalize Master Development Agreement Screen/Evaluate/Select Specific Proposals Refine Corporate Governance & Culture

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