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Workforce Opportunity Services An Overview 1 Dr Art Langer.

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1 Workforce Opportunity Services An Overview 1 Dr Art Langer

2 Who We Are Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) is a charitable entity with a social mission and a dedication to providing a responsible alternative to offshore IT outsourcing that benefits your organization and your community. 2

3 What We Do WOS provides education to young adults in under-served populations and promotes diversity in the workplace with a responsible local outsourcing alternative. 3

4 For Our Clients WOS provides highly skilled IT and operations resources trained and certified to client specifications. Offers an economically and geographically favorable alternative to off-shore outsourcing. Helps companies to diversify their outsourcing portfolios. 4

5 For Our Communities WOS provides education, employment and encouragement to young adults in under-served populations. Affords the opportunity for growth and independence through Ladders of Ascent. Enhances workforce diversity. 5

6 Why Work With WOS The WOS Difference WOS is unlike other outsource options: WOS trains students to meet specific company needs & requirements. WOS provides ongoing mentoring & stays with consultants on the job. WOS non-profit model and competitive pricing affords substantial cost savings. 6

7 How It Works Step 1 - Sponsorship WOS establishes relationships with corporations who have community- related initiatives. With corporate sponsorship in place, WOS defines roles & responsibilities. Works with company to target project needs and logistics. 7

8 How It Works Step 2 – Training & Mentoring WOS forms partnerships with local colleges, universities and not-for-profit organizations. Works with candidates and instructors to establish quality standards and ongoing communication. Implements specific training program. 8

9 Our Approach Recruit The Best Recruit The Best Train & Mentor Train & Mentor Employ & Manage Employ & Manage Deliver Value Deliver Value >Build Ladders of Ascent>> 9

10 A Quality Foundation Academic filtering during the first semester of the program. Client corporations evaluate students skill level and overall business acumen during initial three month period. Participants become WOS consultants and work through the remainder of the program with ongoing training and quarterly intervals. Candidates are carefully selected from established education institutions with proven track records. Selection Screening 10

11 Quality Shows In The Results 16-months of technical training in a university program. Understand clients business and project life cycles. Experienced working in real world scenarios at clients site. Met goals and completed client projects. Received ongoing evaluation, feedback and mentoring to improve skills. WOS Consultants 11

12 Timeline Phase I Pre-implementation phase Phase II Initiate projects with part-time resources Phase III Projects with full-time consulting resources Prepare all foundational aspects of project. Resource integration into corporate culture. Productive project teams providing value and achieving project deliverables. Initiate 60-90 days prior to Day 1 Day 1 WOS Student-Consultant Resources On-Site Initiate 90 days after Day 1 Throughout All Phases On-going communication Determination of ROI Leveraging resources based on skills Determination of next project based on skills; successes 12

13 Benefits To Your Organization Staff critical projects with competitively priced outsourced resources Expand your companys workforce diversity Fill IT resource pipelines / Put a succession plan in place Diversify your outsourcing portfolios with onshore capabilities Maintain price/quality ratios Ability to offer full-time employment to WOS consultants Augment your workforce with staff that is Supervised, managed and mentored by experienced senior IT professionals Fully acquainted with the existing corporate culture Representative of the community we work in Committed to continued improvement through education 13

14 The Value Proposition Find favorable competition to off-shore outsourcing. Help to employ young adults in underserved populations and provide opportunity through ladders of ascent. Maintain profitability while supporting an important social cause. 14

15 Criteria For Success Executive sponsorship Dedicated liaison between corporation and WOS On-going, bi-directional communication Projects that truly add value to the corporation Honest feedback to project teams 15

16 Get Involved Corporate Sponsorship Dollars Management Resources Projects Communication – spread the word! 16

17 Sample Service Offerings General IT Services Services to Enhance the Client Experience Software Engineering – Technical Specifications & Quality Assurance Application Service Provider (ASP) and Hosting Services Network Administration Interactive Video and Webcasting Database DesignE-Commerce Development Help-Desk ServicesContent Management Branding & Corporate Identity Services Web Strategy, Design & Development Project Management 17

18 Sample Curriculum 16-Month Certification Program Curriculum may be tailored to meet your specific needs or market changes. 18

19 Sample Curriculum Acquired Applied Skills Requirements analysis: how to create technical specifications & design applications. Web site design and HTML development: create interactive & e-commerce systems. Database Design: create advanced data storage systems that support applications. Java Development & XML Programming: learn advanced development techniques. Final Project: design and develop a working e- commerce application for a real client to earn certification. 19

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