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Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster - NPO IKEM Corp. (Business entity of EVIC) Changing the Government Agenda of EU's poorest countries using the power.

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1 Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster - NPO IKEM Corp. (Business entity of EVIC) Changing the Government Agenda of EU's poorest countries using the power of the clusters

2 About the cluster: EVIC was registered on 25.11.2009 as a private Non-profit organization EVIC is the only cluster-type organization in Bulgaria operating in the electric mobility industry; EVICs members are primarily companies, operating in the field of design and production of components, spare parts and services for conversion and production of electric vehicles; EVIC clusters together companies, organizations and experts, specialized in variety engineering, industrial and non-production sectors from different regions of the country (participating in different levels of the supply chain, related to the EV industry);

3 Main areas of activities: I. Development of the necessary legal framework and providing/securing the business environment: Developing legal incentives for adoption of electric mobility and proposing to local and state administrations Elaborating municipal and state strategies for development of the electric mobility sector and industry (for e.g. development of municipal legal framework for installation of charging infrastructure for EVs) Consultancy to local and state authorities regarding the electric mobility implementation Development of pilot projects in partnership with state authorities and municipalities for electric mobility in public transport systems logistics of goods and passengers, etc.

4 Main areas of activities: II. Promoting and enhancing the R&D activities Creating a platform for cooperation between business entities and research institutes; Elaboration and development of donor-funded projects for R&D; Promotion, marketing and development of mechanisms for implementation of innovative solutions, products and services; Development of project for establishing specialized facilities, laboratories, R&D centers, incubators and demonstration centers; Cooperation with organizations and private companies in partner projects for R&D and innovations

5 Main areas of activities: III. Capacity building and development of HR and specialized education Elaboration of donor-funded projects for analysis and strategic planning in the area of specialized education; Elaboration of policies and standards (in partnership with state authorities and educational institutions) in the specialized education for the EV industry and supplementary businesses; Elaboration of educational programs and plans (in partnership with representatives of the business and educational institutions);

6 Main areas of activities: IV. Enhancing Business to Business activities Establishing key contacts with companies, organizations, industrial partners from Bulgaria and other countries; Providing a platform for cooperation between companies for development of new products and providing new services to the local and international markets; Cooperation in marketing and PR activities; Joint participation in exhibitions; Joint development of projects, new products and services;

7 IKEM Corp. The business entity of the EVIC

8 IKEM Jsc. - established on 25.11.2011 by a decision of the shareholders – legal entities and private individuals as a Corporate department and business-oriented entity of the main shareholder non-profit organization (Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster- Bulgaria). The shareholders of the company are members of the Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster ( IKEM Corp. combines the expertise, know-how and experience of companies, organizations and individuals, convinced in the future of the Electric mobility on a global scale and the Bulgarian electric vehicles industry in particular. Environmental protection, utilization of renewable energy, innovations and know-how and latest scientific achievements are basic principles in the search for sustainable solutions for development of "green industry" and Electric Vehicles industry in Bulgaria. About the company

9 Main areas of activities Production and management of charging stations for Electric Vehicles; Trade representation of equipment, products and services, related to the sustainable energy technologies and EV technologies Consultancy services in the field of Electric mobility, EV infrastructure, development of business models, development of municipal strategies, etc. Trade representation of companies, members of the Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster Development of business projects for transport schemes (public and private) with focus on electric mobility Design, engineering and construction of prototypes for new products

10 Sustainability of the cluster EVIC is one of the most successful clusters in Bulgaria, which managed to attract a significant number of participants; The cluster has established good communication and cooperation with the state and local authorities, which a great contribution to the development of this new industry in Bulgaria; The cluster has managed to develop different mechanisms for financing its activities, including: membership fees, implementation of donor-funded projects, provision of consultancy services, business activities (trade and manufacturing of new products)

11 Sustainability of the cluster EVIC works in several main directions, which are important to the development of the sector; EVIC provides the necessary platform for cooperation and joint initiatives of all stakeholders; EVIC invests in new products development and R&D, which is of great importance to sustaining a competitive position on the local and global markets;

12 Thank you for your attention!

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