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Pakistan National Services Roadmap. Strategies for increasing Services Exports ~ August, 2007.

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1 Pakistan National Services Roadmap

2 Strategies for increasing Services Exports ~ August, 2007

3 What are Service Exports? Services are intangible They are a promise until they are delivered, so require trust to offset uncertainty and risk

4 Four Service Export Delivery Modes 1. Services Delivered without the Supplier or Buyer Leaving their Countries 2. Services Delivered to Foreigners Domestically 3. Services Delivered through a Branch Office in Another Country 4. Services Delivered by a Visit to Another Country

5 Service Types Environmental services Films & Audiovisual Financial services Health services Informational Technology Insurance Legal services Management consultancy Marketing Research Personnel Placement Printing and publishing Software Surveying and mapping Transportation Tourism Accounting Advertising Architecture Business services Communications Computer related services Construction Corporate real estate Courier services Cultural & sporting services Design services Distribution Education and training Engineering

6 Pakistan and Services Economic Establishments 3.2 million, 2/3 in services sector Contribution to GDP: 52.3% Construction 2.2% Retail & Wholesale 19.2 % Transport & Communication 10.5% Finance & Insurance 4.6% Other services 9.5% Economic Census Pakistan 2005

7 Roadmap Structure 1. Introduction 2. Mission for the Services Sector 3. Key Strategic Areas 4. Institutional Support 5. The Regulatory Environment 6. Infrastructure 7. Information

8 Sources of Data Interviews, questionnaires, reports, workshops and seminars in 2005/2006/2007 Services Capacity Report National Services Workshop Training for Government and Association Officials and Service Providers

9 The Current Situation Services are growing rapidly worldwide, with extraordinary growth in some sectors Now 86% of US GDP Employing 75% of Australians

10 The Potential Huge and growing global market - US$1.3 trillion (2/3 of world economic activity) Skilled Pakistani labour force Low Wage Costs Strong and Developing ITC Improving Infrastructure

11 Key Strategic Areas for Attention 1.Increase Institutional Support 2.Streamline the Regulatory Environment 3.Strengthen Service Infrastructure 4.Provide Improved Information

12 1. Increase Institutional Support Strengthen Associations Build Services Awareness and Capability in Government Improve Services Focus in Relevant Organizations Establish Special New Developmental Organizations

13 Initiate Marketing Support Export Awards Annual National Services Fair and Conference Membership of Chambers of Commerce Pakistan Services Export Directory Services Website Development Programme

14 Review the Domestic Regulatory Environment Improve Public-Private Consultation Integrate Private Sector Priorities into Multilateral Trade Negotiating Objectives 2. Streamline Regulations

15 Improve Public-Private Consultation Form a National Services Export Steering Committee Encourage Provincial Government Activity Develop Formal Consultation Processes Continue Informal Consultations

16 3. Strengthen Services Infrastructure Match Human Resource Supply with Demand Improve the Financial Lending Environment for Services Further Improve the Telecommunications Infrastructure Improve Utility Provision and Expand Transport

17 Improve Telecommunications Accelerate Broadband Installations Improve Flexibility of Technology Applications e.g. portability of cell phone numbers Support de-regulation and Monitor Service Levels

18 Improve Utilities and Transport End Cross-subsidization of electricity by industry Allow WAPDA to Invest in the Public Sector Improve Air Access to Target Markets Accede to International Conventions on Transport and become a Transit Hub Subsidize Power Supply

19 4. Provide Improved Information Classify Services Revenue as per the UN Framework Establish Physical and Online Resource Centers Create Greater National Awareness of Service Export Potential

20 Services Classifications Capture Data on All Export Modes Extend Coverage and Presentation of Services Sector statistics Collect Data Nationally and in the Provinces

21 Monitor Services Sectors Develop Evaluation Criteria Establish a Specialist Services Monitoring Cell in TDAP Rank / Endorse Service Providers Set National Priority Sectors for all Relevant Bodies Ensure Inclusive Practices so Smaller Firms are not Disadvantaged

22 Next Steps 1.Set Services Development as a Government Priority 2.Adopt the Recommendations of the Roadmap 3.Develop an Action Plan with Responsibilities and Timelines 4.Allocate adequate Funding over the next Five Years 5.Appoint a Government Implementation Task Force

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