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Microsoft Business Technology Center Microsoft Business-Technology Center Establishment of MSBTC and the Possibility.

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1 Microsoft Business Technology Center Microsoft Business-Technology Center Establishment of MSBTC and the Possibility of Clustering of Innovation and Technology Centers Tomislav Bronzin Microsoft Business-Technology Center, Varaždin, Croatia USAID RCI Technology Center Expert

2 Microsoft Business Technology Center Innovation/Technology Centres Initiative What: Offering a comprehensive set of programs and services to foster innovation and grow sustainable local software economies. Why: To connect people and organizations in the innovation ecosystem and give them access to resources, experts and facilities for collaboration and skills development. Who: Students, entrepreneurs, academics, professional software developers, start-ups, IT professionals, industry/international organizations and local governments. Outcome: Local centers around the world foster skills and intellectual capital, industry partnerships and innovation. 2

3 Microsoft Business Technology Center Phase 1: Establish MS Business-Tech. Center 3 Private-Public Partnership (USAID-Microsoft) Top-down approach - framework for industry development Leverage existing scenario in similar environment – MSBTC in Croatia Early measurable resultsPortal for presenting results and promotion

4 Microsoft Business Technology Center Phase 2: Involve other interested partners 4 Government on local and national levelProfessional Associations and Communities - like MASIT and User GroupsAcademic Institutions - Universities, Schools …Technology Parks / Science Parks / IncubatorsBusiness Development InstitutionsInvestment/Fund Raising Organizations - Donators, EU Funds, Venture Capital…Other vendors - like HP, CISCO, Telecom Companies …

5 Microsoft Business Technology Center Mission To provide the infrastructure and resources to help small and medium sized enterprises to: 5 Create innovative new products and services Bring those products and services to market Build well-managed competitive businesses

6 Microsoft Business Technology Center Expected results SME with formal training and technical assistance Assist to train new employees that will be hired by assisted companies Help start-up companies Establish help companies to develop and bring to market new products and solutions Develop 6

7 Microsoft Business Technology Center Education Center Lower cost of employee training Opportunity for companies to deliver training to others Promotion Center Opportunity to promote company or product MSBTC Innovative IT Product Logo Networking Center Partnering on projects with other companies Participating in partner programs by Microsoft and partners Information Center Business opportunities and tenders Information about possible investments Implementation through 4 pillars

8 Microsoft Business Technology Center What to measure? 8

9 Microsoft Business Technology Center Clustering of Innovation and Tech. Centers 9 Region Technology Industry

10 Microsoft Business Technology Center Regional component 70 Microsoft Innovation Centers around the world Two MIC in the region based on new model: Microsoft Business Technology Centers (Slovenia & Croatia) Possibilities: Know-how and Technology transfer Networking Partnerships Investments 10

11 Microsoft Business Technology Center Industry/Technology component With vendors like HP, CISCO, Dell With telecom providers Blended trainings Combination of hardware & software trainings – for example: Business Continuity using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and HP Blade Servers Interoperability between different technologies Software platform, legacy and new software … 11

12 Microsoft Business Technology Center Summary New model of Microsoft Innovation Center - Business Technology Center - has proven that is successful Slovenian example shows that above model can be replicated to other countries in the region 12

13 Microsoft Business Technology Center Summary Successful adoption of MSBTC model requires: Careful evaluation of local market needs (including Government and Professional Associations priorities) Dont start from scratch; Use the momentum and experiences from others (Croatian Working Model) Strengthen alliances with International Institutions/Organizations Facilitate Public-Private partnerships 13

14 Microsoft Business Technology Center Summary Microsoft Business-Technology / Innovation Centers can help to: Stimulate the development of Information Communication Technology industry across region Deliver knowledge transfer in both technology and business through classes, workshops, testing and demonstration Boost new initiatives through Centers (like building Industry/Technology clusters) 14

15 Microsoft Business Technology Center 15

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