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MDC Report NE Area 14-Apr-07 Prepared by Ed Perkins R6 MD Chair.

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1 MDC Report NE Area 14-Apr-07 Prepared by Ed Perkins R6 MD Chair

2 MDC Report u 2006 membership recovery (+2%); still overall decline (-1.1%) in US (-1.2% R6) u IEEE Member Recruitment Increased 20% u Major IEEE Focus is loss of members u IEEE Region Directors and IEEE-USA have made membership development a top priority in 2007. u For Region 6 the membership loss due to the arrears terminator was 19.7%. u Last year it was 20.1%. u For the total U.S., the number was 19.3%.

3 Dec 2006 – highest point in four years 2006 Terminator – lowest point in four years 2006 in Context Comeback…

4 2007 Terminator Results




8 Overall By Region and Grade *Includes Affiliates

9 Region Arrears by Years Member

10 NE Area Arrears (10-Apr) SectionAFAMSMSTotal* Boise171487221124 Eastern Idaho832121643 Utah46231752101306 Eastern Montana 331013 Montana53131827 Western Montana 5210719 * Total excludes AF, includes categories not shown

11 Membership Programs u Affiliate to Member Conversion  Affiliates can apply for IEEE membership via a secure conversion application form. Contact: Felicia Taylor, MD Manager. u Section Chair Request for Associate to Member Elevation  Recommends an Associate member for elevation to Member Grade using form to state member meets the criteria for Member grade (e.g. >10 yrs membership). Reviewed by the Chair of the Admission and Advancement Committee. (>8,200 Associates in R6) u Arrears Telemarketing Campaign  Telemarketing campaign conducted by the Member Services Department in Regions 1-7. In 2005, retained 2,914 IEEE and 2,632 Society members.

12 Membership Programs u Member-Get-A-Member (MGM) Program  1 September 2005 through the 2006 IEEE dues year (15 August 2006), the MGM Program will encourage members to recruit their colleagues to join IEEE. Members earn a US$5.00 credit voucher for each new member recruited for 2007 IEEE dues, IEEE Society fees or the purchase of IEEE products and services.  Similar Student-Get-A-Student program u Nominate a Senior Member Initiative  Awards rebates to Sections and Societies for nominating candidates for elevation to Senior Member grade. Sections and Societies who nominate at least five successful new Senior Members will be awarded US $10 for each Senior Member they nominate who is approved for elevation. Online applications process available.

13 Ideas For Sections u Participate in Senior Member Initiative u Order new MD brochures for use at meetings, conferences and local mail-outs. u Write a Membership column for the next newsletter. u Learn how to use SAMIEEE – see web u Schedule joint Section / Student Chapter meeting to discuss careers and importance to make IEEE a life long participation. u Find an MD Chair; update the Officer Confirmation Report. officer.html

14 Ideas For Sections u Make sure Section web pages identify the local MD Chair. Make it easy for Members to ask questions and get support. u Explore the on-line Membership URL's: (membership info) u Remind your Public Information Chair to send articles to local Media that promote the good work of the IEEE. Work with the PI Chair to build a MD exhibit for use at local community or trade show events, (You can usually get free booth space). u Challenge existing Members to find one new Member each in the next year (MGM). Wow, we could double the size of the IEEE in one year.

15 Membership Sales & Marketing u Lee Stogner, MD Chair for IEEE Region 3 is leading the Volunteer effort for the IEEE Membership Development Committee with the support of staff from IEEE Regional Activities. u Engage all parts of the IEEE into a total Membership Development program o Regions o Sections o Societies o Chapters o Student Branches o The Member u Grow the IEEE by 5% over the 2006 year end total of 374,767 (18,738)

16 The Sales Campaign To return to overall Membership growth, we must adapt a “Sales” approach that will reach out to lost Members and new Members at - The Section - The Chapter - The Student Branch - The IEEE event / conference - The cubicle next to yours

17 The Sales Plan u Build the Sales Team o Every Section and Student Branch will be encouraged to establish a local Membership Chair u Connect to the Sales Team o Email distribution lists o Virtual Community o Monthly conference calls u Train the Sales Team o Web cast kickoff o Sales / Marketing materials o Region MD Chairs will mentor the local MD Chairs u Support the Sales Team o IEEE Leadership will promote MD through direct contact with the Membership, (email, web, publications, conferences, one-on-one)

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