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Recognition Tips for IEEE Sections & Chapters April 2009.

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1 Recognition Tips for IEEE Sections & Chapters April 2009

2 Topics Awards & Recognition –Who should you recognize –How to do it –Options available –Fellows/Senior Members –MGA and IEEE level awards Job Descriptions

3 Who should you recognize? Officers of all units Conference organizers Committee chairs Newsletter editors/web masters SAMIeee database coordinator Newly elected Fellows & elevated Senior Members

4 But how? Newsletter article Web page Certificate Plaque Section or Chapter Chair pins

5 Automatic Recognition Past Officer Certificates –Section Chairs –Chapter Chairs –Sent in the Spring, directly to the officer Special request –Recognition coordinator request the certificate be sent to him or her for presentation at a Section Meeting

6 Ordering Recognition Products Form is on the web at, or contact Pay –deduction from Concentration Bank account (no need to write a check) or –from the annual Section rebate –Must be approved by either Section Chair or Treasurer

7 Fellows / Senior Members Fellows elected by IEEE Board of Directors –List available on the web: Senior Member elevations can be identified through SAMIeee:

8 MGA Awards Achievement Award GOLD Achievement Award Innovation Award Leadership Award Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award –Nomination Deadline - 15 October William W. Middleton Distinguished Service Award (awarded every three years)

9 MGA Awards, p.2 Friend of IEEE Member and Geographic Activities –Recognize support provided to the IEEE and its members in support of its goals by firms, divisions of firms or individuals –Nomination can be submitted at any time. MGA Outstanding Large/Small Section Award More info?

10 Institute-Level Awards Medals, Service Awards, Corporate Recognition, and Prize Papers –Nomination deadline: 1 July Technical Field awards –Nomination deadline: 31 January

11 Is that in my job description?

12 IEEE Ethics & Member Conduct IEEE Code of Ethics All items relevant, but remember to: –treat fairly all persons regardless of such factors as race, religion, gender, disability, age, or national origin; –avoid injuring others, their property, reputation, or employment by false or malicious action; –assist colleagues and co-workers in their professional development and to support them in following this code of ethics.

13 Im A Section Chair, I... Know about: IEEE Bylaws; IEEE Policies; MGA Operations Manual Chair meetings Work with ExCom, Committee, Chapter and Affinity Group Chairs to support activities Represent Section at Region meetings Am a signer on bank account

14 Im a Section Vice Chair, I... Chair meetings in absence of Chair Am familiar with the policies relating to the activity of the Section and subunits, including IEEE Bylaws, IEEE Policies, MGA Operations Manual Assume additional authority or activity as designated by Chair

15 Im a Section Treasurer, I... Prepare the annual budget Record all financial activity Reconcile bank statements/activity Report status of units finances to the Section ExCom on a regular basis Prepare and submit Annual Financial Report (L-50) Signer on bank account

16 Im A Section Secretary, I... Record minutes of ExCom and other Section meetings Handle correspondence Distribute meeting notices Maintain Section records Submit officer and meeting reporting, including officer changes during the year, to IEEE Operations Center

17 Im a Chapter Chair, I... Preside at Chapter ExCom and other meetings Work with other Chapter officers to determine program of activities for Chapter Represent Chapter at Section ExCom meetings and Society-sponsored meetings Am familiar with IEEE Bylaws, IEEE Policies, MGA Operations Manual, and any Society requirements for activity Submit or ensure submission of required reporting to Section and Society

18 Does your unit have a... Professional (Career) Activities Coordinator Student Activities Coordinator Educational Activities Coordinator Awards & Recognition Coordinator Membership Development Coordinator Historian Newsletter Editor Web master

19 Additional Information Volunteer Resources web page – IEEE Master Brand & Identity Standards – – The SCOOP Newsletter –Monthly via email (and on the web) to Sections Chairs & other interested volunteers –

20 Additional Resources, p.2 Chapter Chair Reference Guide –


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