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Achieving Success as President Club Leadership Training Session.

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1 Achieving Success as President Club Leadership Training Session

2 1 Standards for Success Help officers clearly understand their roles Provide a point of reference Aid members when evaluating candidates for office Facilitate communication when expectations differ

3 2 Outside the Club Meeting Develop and Improve Club Leadership Ensure club officers meet officer and meeting standards. Search for leaders. Ensure all club offices are filled for the succeeding term. Conduct timely elections. Prepare successor for office.

4 3 Outside the Club Meeting Club Administration Oversee the administrative operation of the club. Schedule and chair the monthly executive committee meetings.

5 4 Outside the Club Meeting Advance Club and Member Achievement Oversee the plan to achieve Distinguished Club Program goals. Ensure the club is Distinguished. Ensure an ongoing membership-building program. Promote CC, AC, CL, and AL awards.

6 5 Outside the Club Meeting Effective Interaction with Other Organization Levels Attend and vote the clubs proxy at district council meetings (Or authorize a club member to do so). Attend the International Convention and vote the clubs proxy (Or send the proxy to the district governor). Maintain relationships with the district and with World Headquarters.

7 6 At the Club Meeting Ensure the meeting starts and ends on time. Warmly and enthusiastically welcome guests. Speak with guests before and after the meeting. Read and display the club mission at every meeting. Discuss the Distinguished Club Program. Recognize member achievements. Report on the Moments of Truth the club is achieving.

8 7 Your Leadership Opportunity Set realistic and attainable goals. Plan how to accomplish the goals. Delegate tasks as needed. Monitor progress toward goals. Coach team members when necessary.

9 8 Your Leadership Opportunity 1.Understand what motivates each person. 2.Focus on the benefit to the individual. 3.Make expectations clear. 4.Recognize their work. 5.Be a leader. Motivation

10 9 Your Leadership Opportunity 1. Decide what to delegate 2. Decide who will do the task 3. Assign responsibility 4. Grant authority 5. Establish accountability Five Steps to Delegation

11 10 Your Leadership Opportunity Lack of confidence in others Fear of losing control Selfishness Insecurity Reluctance Barriers to Delegation

12 11 Your Leadership Opportunity 1.Agree that a problem exists. 2.Discuss solutions. 3.Agree on an action. 4.Follow up. Four Steps to Coaching

13 12 The Executive Committee Making the club enjoyable All club business All administrative issues Ensuring the club is in the DCP Every member is responsible for:

14 13 The Executive Committee Typical expenses: Preparation of the club newsletter Expense for a Web server Trophies, ribbons, and certificates Administrative supplies Promotional material Educational material Speech contest material Postage Special events Create a Club Budget

15 14 The Executive Committee Typical revenues: Member dues Donations Fundraising Create a Club Budget

16 15 The Executive Committee Complete a Club Success Plan

17 16 The Executive Committee Three steps: 1. State the purpose of the meeting. 2. Inform participants about the meeting. 3. Develop an agenda. Conduct Productive Committee Meetings

18 17 Communication and Leadership Development Purchase manual for display. Discuss evaluations. Educate mentors. Track progress. Include manual in sales pitch. Tips for Integrating CL Manual

19 18 Communication and Leadership Development 1.Assign CL evaluators at every meeting. 2.Requiring that members bring their CL manuals. 3.Display the CL manual at every meeting. 4.Recognize when members complete CL manual projects. 5.Work with the VPE to promote CL at each club meeting. 10 Tips for Using CL Manual

20 19 Communication and Leadership Development 6. Include accreditations for both tracks in all correspondences. 7. Post the CL Achievement Chart during meetings. 8. Ask members to perform and receive evaluations on at least three meeting roles for each speech presented. 9. Remind members to bring CL manuals on the club Web site and newsletter. 10.Ask each member who achieves the CL award to mentor a new member.

21 20 Role of the Area Governor Discuss the club mission. Discuss successful club characteristics. Ask the area governor how to meet the needs of members and how to measure results. Request that he or she perform a sample manual speech. Review the Toastmasters programs. Identify prospective district leaders in your club.

22 21 Closing A responsibility and a privilege

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