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IEEE Kerala Section Membership Development Strategy & Plan Shahim Baker Membership Development Chair Kerala Section photo.

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1 IEEE Kerala Section Membership Development Strategy & Plan Shahim Baker Membership Development Chair Kerala Section photo

2 IEEE MD Strategy Section Situation Section MD Plan Topics

3 IEEE MD Strategy

4 IEEE MD Support & Evolution 20052006200720082009 365,500 members BMS transition ‘Great Recession’ Optimizing the Campaigns > renewal recovery recruitment reinstatement benefits promotion 382,400 members (renewal alerts integrated into next-gen products) 367,400 members Integrated multimedia Putting a face on membership promotion Remaking the Collateral > Integrated MD strategy & plan Integrated MD reporting 397,000 members Synthesis & Engagement First-year member experience Message testing MD webcasts 374,800 members Building a Volunteer “Field Team” > MD KitsMD portal Membership presentation MD Manual MGM business cards MD virtual community On-demand Kit ordering

5 MD Strategy w/ Full Volunteer Integration MD Volunteer “Platform”

6 Membership Situation Kerala Section

7 Kerala Section Total Members Kerala Section Total Members Since Year 2000 Formation Date: 18 November 1983

8 IEEE Kerala Section Membership 31 December 2011

9 SWOT – Section’s Member Growth Program Strengths Strong section leadership & well organized structure 2 Subsections- Kochi & Malabar, ensuring geographical outreach & local initiatives Increasing number of IEEE activities Fast-growing student member and Student Branch counts Increasing number requests from Engineering colleges to get IEEE partnership for conferences Weaknesses The ratio of Industry Members to Academia Members is low Most of the Professional Members from academia join IEEE, to get IEEE Explore Digital Library Access. They don’t renew when they find they can’t download papers as they expected. Contact details of many members are not updated in IEEE databases, hence they don’t get information about section events. Some find the online joining/ renewal process a bit confusing Opportunities Most of the Faculty of Technical Colleges are non Members More students joining for Post Graduation/ Research in Technical fields The number of engineering colleges is increasing in Kerala Growing number of Entrepreneurs Threats A large number of Student members from Kerala are moving to other sections after graduation for job. Low cost of membership among other professional societies. Competition from other international societies such as ACM

10 Section MD Plan

11 Membership Year Begins Full-year dues enacted Renewal opens Key month for launching new or upgraded benefits From Sep thru Dec, revenue deferred to next year Membership Mid-Year ½-Year Dues-Cycle Begins Arrears-Recovery Begins Key month for launching new or upgraded benefits Membership Year Concludes Member retention rates determined Business fiscal performance determined ½-year dues cycle concludes Calendar Year Concludes Year-end membership statistics determined Active-Status Terminator Past-due members placed into arrears Timing is Everything – Know the Membership Calendar

12 Constituencies Technical Development Professional Development Community Development Cost Savings / Discounts Existing Members Prospective Members Differentiate Audiences – Different Expectations … their needs change throughout a career … they are everywhere. When we do recruit them, 50%+ attrition rate (first-year member strategy)

13 IEEE Entity CommunicationsEventsRecognition Evaluation Considerations Kerala Section Traditional Mail communication requesting to update contact details in IEEE Profile Social Media - Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter Membership benefit related mails to members “Call for volunteers” mails for all major IEEE events in the section Renewal Recovery Mails Arrear Recovery Mails Continuing Education Congress Technical Workshops by various society chapters Teacher in Service Programme Monthly workshops at Student Branches Group Projects at SBs Section level and subsection level student technical symposiums. Internship opportunities for students. SIGHT projects including professionals and students STEP Workshop Placement Training for students Professional Development Workshop Member Grade Elevation Life Member Affinity Groups Higher Level Volunteering opportunities in India council, R10, MGA SBs having higher retention rate will be considered for Section Outstanding Student Branch Awards Student Project funding Event Participation Volunteer Recruitment Student Branch Vitality Member Retention Opportunities for Engaging Existing Members

14 IEEE Entity CommunicationsEventsRecognition Evaluation Considerations IEEE Kerala Section Media Coverage for events Social Media - Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter E-mail invitations to attendees (non members) of past events Membership desk at every IEEE event Conference Membership Recruitment Campaign at Every Conference Half Year Membership Opportunity mails Membership offer mails Full year membership mails Entrepreneurship Special Interest Group Events Free Software Special Interest Group Events Professional Guidance Panel Networking Dinner with Corporate Heads IEEE Awareness events at various organizations Industry Academia confluence event oriented at college faculty A number of Conferences including INDICON 2012 Online training about membership benefits Social & Humanitarian Activities Awards for Outstanding Professional contributions in the areas of IEEE Diversity and frequency of opportunities for member recruitment Follow-up with interested individuals First-year member engagement Opportunities for Engaging Prospective Members

15 Membership Development Plan Engagement Venues & Frequency 1Q (Jan – Mar) 2Q (Apr – Jun) 3Q (Jul – Sep) 4Q (Oct – Dec) Communications Social Media Publicity Weekly publicity MD Mails Renewal Reminders Half Year Membership Invitation, Arrear Recovery Mails New member invitation Mails, Membership reinstatement mails Renewal Reminders Events MD Events- IEEE Awareness Campaigns 1 event2 events4 events2 events Workshops 3 workshops 2 workshops Social Humanitarian Activities 10 Events including SB events Recognition Senior Member Elevation 5555

16 Status Update Engagement Venues & Frequency Goals & Progress Communications Social Media Publicity A team to be formed for active use of social media publicity MD mails Arrear Recovery mails sent. Invitations sent to several non members to join IEEE Newsletter Print Newsletter already existing Events Membership Development Campaigns Conducted 2 events till May end Workshops & Seminars Multiple Events conducted till May end Social/Humanitarian Activities Affinity Groups, SBs and various other IEEE entities within section planning various SIGHT projects and other social activities Recognition Senior Member Elevation Decided to Appoint a volunteer to take care of Membership Elevations Student Project Funding ComSoc & PES Society Chapters decided to fund selected student Projects

17 Section’s Membership Situation, As on 2012 April End –Senior Member + Life Seniors: 63 –Members:396 –Affinity Members: 19 –GSM: 347 –Student Members:3107 –Total : 3932 Section MD Plan –Increasing Sustainability by providing more membership benefits –Special Events to attract members from industry & faculty members of colleges/universities –Increasing Visibility of IEEE by using variety of media & events –At least 1-2 events per SB per year, providing volunteering opportunities In Summary…

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