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Service Unit Meeting January 2013.

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1 Service Unit Meeting January 2013

2 Featured Resource of the Month
Colorado Reads and Girl Scouts of Colorado ask for your help to increase early childhood literacy rates in Colorado through take action projects. In January through April, we challenge you to see how many books you can collect and deliver to those in need for a chance to get a patch and meet the Lieutenant Governor. If you are working on a literacy project or would like to learn about some other ideas and badge opportunities, please contact Cortney Healy at

3 Cookies Now! 2013: New this year!! Service Units have the opportunity to earn GSCO property credit to be used towards a Service Unit Event at any GSCO property! Increase the number of selling girls in your Service Unit by 5% over 2012 and earn a $200 property credit. Increase the number of selling girls in your Service Unit by 10% over 2012 and earn an additional $200 property credit (total credits earned for reaching 10% is $400). Property must be booked and credit applied to balance prior to December 15, 2014.

4 Cookies Now! 2013 : continues Troops, we didn’t forget you!!
In addition to the Troop Profit of $0.60 per package the troops can earn even more. Troops who have 1 additional selling girl over 2012 will earn an extra $0.005 (half penny) per package. Troops who have 2 or more additional selling girls over 2012 will earn an extra $0.01 (penny) per package. ($0.01 per package is total additional amount earned. Not cumulative with add 1 girl recognition.) Add 3 more selling girls over last year and the troop will get a $50 GSCO gift card in addition to the extra $0.01. Just a reminder to make sure your banking information is in eBudde and correct. The test debit will take place on 1/9/13 for $ A current signed ACH Authorization form must be on file with your Regional Product Sales Manager. If you have not already, please return them to your Regional Product Sales Manager as quickly as possible to prevent delays in delivery of your troop’s Starting Inventory Order.

5 Cookies Now! 2013: continues
Don’t forget to check out the VIP eTraining site for the “Just-in-Time” trainings. As the sale progresses, valuable information can be found under the “Council” tab to assist you. (Ex. “How to Train Your Troop”, “How to Reserve Booth Sales”, ”Troop Inventory Management”, etc.) Signup today and get started! What if I am a new troop? New troops with 12 or more selling girls will also get a $50 GSCO gift card. New troops and new girls can be added at into Ebudde at any time!! Once you have registered with your Membership Manager, you should contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager for a one-on-one training , a materials packet, and access to the eBudde system. Check out the Product Sales Facebook page for the latest in Cookie News!

6 Questions? Cookies Now! 2013: continues
The GS Cookie Program: Through Girl Scouting, girls become leaders in their daily life and prepare for their bright future! The Girl Scout Cookie Program provides an important ingredient for leadership by helping girls develop five key skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics. Use one of the program plans, Smart Cookies or It’s Your Business Run, It!  Need help setting cookie goals? Check out the Annual Program Guide Book: The books are available for free at Council shops, programs and Service Unit meetings. Download the book at:  Questions?

7 New Recognition Booklet is available on GSOC website under Volunteer Awards along with new forms.  GSCO Communications: On the GSCO website, check out the new regional webpages to find out more about what’s going on in your corner of the state. Sign up today on your regional page of the GSCO website so you won’t miss the next issue of your regional e-newsletter. Information about events and activities in your area will be delivered directly to your inbox. 2013 Heart-to-Heart Valentine Service Project for Brownie Troops Once again we are planning to send Valentine cards to our donors and friends to thank them for their ongoing, generous support. Brownie troops are asked to make these cards and send them to the nearest service center. Deadline: Feb 4th 2013 Questions? Contact or

8 Featured Council Sponsored Events & Travel in 2013:
World Thinking Day: hosting 3 council sponsored World Thinking Day events, located at Sky High, Magic Sky, and in Grand Junction. Focus on the millennium development goals, Meeting and working with Peace Corps volunteers, Doing some global action activities, Thinking and learning more about our sister Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world. Contact Cortney Live Healthy, Lead Healthy Challenge Party: Successful completers of the Live Healthy, Lead Healthy Challenge are invited to attend a party that incorporates fun activities and healthy recipes challenges in the summer 2013. July 10, 2013 in Denver and July 24, 2013 in Grand Junction STEM Squad is back! Join the Society of Women Engineers and GSCO and explore all of the fun and exciting opportunities available to you in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The first meeting: February 9th at the Colorado School of Mines. Subsequent meetings will take place on the first Saturday of the month in March, April and May and will feature hands-on activities and mentoring with female role models. Questions?

9 Colorado Reads and Girl Scout Challenge 2013
Mall Lock In, February From relationships to technology to the outdoors, Join Girl Scouts 6th grade+ as you learn to survive in the 21st century! Enjoy a variety of activities including shopping, program stations, movies and games. Volunteers and Program Aides are still needed! Registration is open:   Colorado Reads and Girl Scout Challenge 2013 From Jan- April GSCO and Colorado Reads challenge you and your troop to run a book drive in your area and find a partner to donate the books to for a chance to meet with the Lieutenant Governor and earn a badge. Winter Adventure at Meadow Mountain Ranch -- March 15-17, nights, Experience beautiful Rocky Mtn National Park the way it was meant to be experience. Adventures include – snowshoeing, hiking, leadership building activities with the Women’s Wilderness Institute Apply: Girls Unite*Dream*Act*Change* at Disney World -- May 24-31, nights Meet, learn, and grow with Girl Scouts from around the country during this celebration of acting on your dreams and making a big change in the world. Disney Youth Education Adventures Enjoy a Sing-a-long Dinner and a Sweets and SWAPS Social to celebrate the spirit of scouting Canyon Skies – Four Corners Region -- June 17-25, nights Warm yourself by a campfire as you visualize ancient tales recounted by a Navajo storyteller Enjoy a true escape as you raft the San Juan River with Global Explorers Explore hidden and mysterious cliff dwellings

10 What Do Troop Volunteers Want: A Quick Start! –Toolkit of resources
“The Ten Essential Elements for Troops” Now, you can send volunteers in service to Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors directly to the online Quick Start. making quality troop experiences happen in the shorter time bursts that today’s busy families and volunteers need (think winter troops!); and, Nationally consistent approach to troop Once there, volunteers can see what the 10 Elements are, plus get specific resources—including excerpts from the adult guides to Leadership Journeys— to execute each of the 10 Elements. Quick Start is a giant step toward: 1) making quality troop experiences happen in the shorter time bursts that today’s busy families and volunteers need (think winter troops!); and, 2) a nationally consistent approach to troops—which helps us all lift up our leadership brand!

11 A single login for families
A single login for families for GSCO membership, program & training registration An exciting upgrade is coming to online registration, but we need your help! The new upgrade will allow for a single login for families for GSCO membership, program, and training registration. It recognizes the family based on who in your daughter’s online profile is listed as a guardian 1.  Parents, please make sure you log into your daughter’s account and make sure they have a guardian 1.  Also make sure this guardian 1 has an address. This guardian 1 will ultimately be the one that will have the ability to manage family registrations online come summer of 2013.  Questions, customer support at or call at Click here to login and update your information now.

12 SHOP UPDATES: Denver Service Center Colorado Springs Service Center SERVICE CENTER: Mon - Fri, 8 - 5pm HOURS: Tue - Fri 10-5pm (or by appointment) HOURS: Shop Closed Mondays SHOP HOURS: Shop Closed Mondays Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 5pm Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 5pm Saturdays, 10am - 2pm 1st & 3rd Saturdays, 10am - 2pm Fort Collins Service Center Grand Junction Service Center HOURS: Tue - Fri 10-5pm HOURS: Tue - Thu, pm (or by appointment) (or by appointment) HOURS: Shop Closed Mon & Fri HOURS: Shop Closed Mondays & Fridays Tuesday - Thursday, 10am - 5pm Tuesday - Thursday, 10am - 5pm 1st & 3rd Saturdays, 10am - 2pm Pueblo Service Center: Pueblo Service Center will no longer be a stand-alone Council Shop Location. Colorado Springs shop will bring a mobile shop to the Pueblo Service Center: First Friday of each month 10am-2pm Special Orders & Requests, please contact Colorado Springs Council Shop “Cookie Season is here and Girl Scouts of Colorado Council Shops have got all your essentials.  Financial Literacy badges, fun patches, cookie displays, yard signs, table clothes and more!  Stop in soon and take the Cookie Activity to the next level with these great items for your Girls.”

13 Questions?

14 Special Topic of the Month
CAMP, CAMP, CAMP! GSCO Properties and Camp news: Watch for more details about all of GSCO’s summer camp opportunities in the Summer Program Guide, coming out in February, Send additional questions to Basic Program Aide and Camp Specialty Super Training:  Check out our Basic Program Aide and Camp Specialty Super Training December 7-9 at Tomahawk Ranch.  Not only will you receive your Basic and Camp training to get you well on your way to earning your PA award, you will also get to participate in all kinds of winter activities ranging from crafts and games to holiday treats and snow adventures (weather depending).  Girls must be in 7th grade or older and have earned or in the process of earning their Leader in Action award.  For more information, contact We offer year round horseback riding at Tomahawk Ranch near Bailey!  Attention all Girl Scouts, come ride at Tomahawk.  Whether you want to spend time in the arena learning valuable riding skills, or on the trail experiencing the beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, we have a program for you! Riding is dependent on availability and weather permitting. Please contact Julie Fischer at for more information and details.

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