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The worlds largest FREE online college fair!

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1 The worlds largest FREE online college fair!

2 For high school students, the college search process is: -Time consumingIt takes so much time to do college research and Im already so busy with my own classes and school activities -ExpensiveIts going to cost a lot of money to travel to all schools Im interested in. And my parents are trying to cut back Theres a new way to learn about colleges and universities! The college admissions process

3 Introducing CollegeWeekLive A virtual online college fair. What does that mean? Colleges and Universities come to CollegeWeekLive to share information about their school in a booth style setting. Just like the traditional in person college fair or school visit! We dont re-invent the process, we just bring it into the 21 st century. A reputable source to find college admissions information: CollegeWeekLive partners with big organizations that you may already work with: U.S Department of Education

4 How do I get into the fair? How to register for FREE: 1) Get out your laptop and sign onto: 2) Go to the Register Tab and create a Login Name! 3) Fill out the required registration fields and you will be immediately brought into the event space! ENJOY!

5 What Can Students Do at CollegeWeekLive? Visit with hundreds of colleges from around the country - live, online Interact directly with admissions representatives Ask the burning questions you have been wondering, but may have been too nervous to ask in person! Interact directly with current students: Find out the best dorm to live on campus, the diversity amounts on campus, the best food in the Caf! Live video presentations on key topics (admissions, financial aid, etc.): Presentations made by professionals in the college admissions field. Some key topics such as: – Eating healthy as a Freshman – Writing the perfect admissions essay – Dealing with your first roommate

6 Upcoming CollegeWeekLive Events Page 6 Here is our upcoming event calander: For a Full List of Schools see: DateEventDescription December 15, 2011Faith-Based Colleges Day For students looking to study at religiously affiliated colleges. January 12, 2012Paying for College Partnered with the US Department of Education, FAFSA, and others – come learn about ways to pay for education February 9, 2012Test Prep Come learn best practices for ACT / SAT testing from the experts! February 14, 2012Florida Day Featuring only colleges in Florida, this event is for students looking to study in the Sunshine state. February 22, 2012International Day Partnered with EducationUSA and 80 colleges. Event focuses on students looking to student outside of their country March 21 & 22, 2012CollegeWeekLive SPRING Over 350 colleges and 60,000 students. Geared towards high school sophomores and juniors.

7 CollegeWeekLive Contact Information Melanie Hill – – (617) 938-6056 Customer Support – Other Information: –

8 THANK YOU! Dont forget – We have SCHOLARSHIP contests nearly every event so dont forget to participate!

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