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1 Welcome to Mary Kay & to the Bennett Unit Women of VISION.

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1 1 Welcome to Mary Kay & to the Bennett Unit Women of VISION

2 New Consultant Orientation Session

3 Let’s get to know each other Tell me a little more about your personal/family circumstances... How did you first hear about Mary Kay? How did you feel? Why did you join Mary Kay? What are you planning to do with your first $500 profit? If you could change one thing in your life...what would you change? In your wildest dreams what do you dream for yourself/ your family/ your future? Know your WHY!


5 What picture represents YOUR Why?

6 Your Job Description 1.Love the products 2.Share the products with others 3.Find others to share the products too

7 Getting Started 1. Let’s look at the Education & Tools in your showcase 2. Organize your showcase for selling appointments 3. Have you registered for online ordering ? 4. How do you get trained? - Weekly online meetings 1 hour each week - ESRS - Periodic Workshops/special events/Seminar/Career Conference - Other communication tools – Applause, Newsletters, Facebook

8 Getting Started 5. How do you get paid? - Sales Commissions - Love& share the product - Team Building Commissions – Find others to share the product too 6. Earn, Learn & Build – Know your dates & what’s in it for you

9 Earn it FREE!

10 Getting Started 8. Your Weekly Plan 7. p.15 Consultant Guide - What would you like your Mary Kay business to help you achieve in your first 6 months as a consultant?

11 Getting Started

12 9. Contact List Did you know that by the time you are 18, the average person knows over 1000 people? FRANK’s List F Friends R Relatives A Acquaintances N Neighbours K Kid’s Parents Potential Team Members My first hostesses

13 10. Set two dates for your Starter Parties

14 11. Booking Script “Hello _____________________. This is ______________________, do you have a minute? I am so excited. I have just started a new business with Mary Kay Cosmetics I want to invite your to a party at my place. I really would value your opinion of the products and I will make sure we have some fun. It’s on Thursday night at 7pm is there any reason why you couldn’t come along and give me your honest opinion? If she can’t, say this... No problem I have actually booked another one in for Saturday 2pm. I’d love you to come to that one. I will cater for you so maybe’s don’t count, can I count on you? Getting Started

15 12. Your Challenge Script: Karen! This is Ree. I wanted to call you because I am so excited about my new business. How would you like to help me start my new business by hosting a party for me? I promise I will never ask you to host another one party ever again. If you want to host one it will be because you had too much fun and your friends loved it! I’m allowed to lavish you with some gorgeous hostess rewards and I bet it’s been ages since you and the girls got together for some girlfriend time and a glass of wine. I promise it will be so much fun and it would really help me out. I have Friday or Saturday evening available this week, which suits you best? Once you have the date immediately coach her by helping her create her own FRANK’s List. Encourage her to invite people from each category that way if they have fun they will have other friends they can share a party with themselves. It really helps to encourage bookings.

16 Doing this business is way more FUN with a friend! Make up 3 recruiting gift packets A gift wrapped present – eg a Black Mascara $24 (Cost to you $12) or a beautifully wrapped TW Hand & Decollete Creme (Mini Packet of 6 for $7 on Section 2 or a retail product $22 cost to you $11) A handwritten greeting card An invitation to Wednesday night’s CnC – invite her to your home to enjoy some chocolate with you and you all jump on from there. * A motivational bookmark or quote eg: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Chinese Proverb Use these words: You know Sally, you are a really special person that I value you dearly (if she’s a friend) and I would love to give you a little gift and invite you to a very special event. The invitation is inside. I will call you tomorrow and we can pop it in your diary. (Smile and nod while you are speaking to her.)

17 You CAN do it! “You begin that journey toward success by following two rules: 1.Get Started & 2.Don’t’ quit.” Mary Kay Ash

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