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Four ways to give electronically 1. Making it easy for givers to give! 2.

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1 Four ways to give electronically 1

2 Making it easy for givers to give! 2

3 The financial technology company chosen to provide Electronic Giving for UCC Churches 3

4 Online Giving Why UCC e-giving ® Partner Vanco Services ® ? Experience – Over 20 years experience with electronic giving Know-how + church friendly – Vanco serves over 10,000 churches nationwide Affordable for smaller churches Technology/Security – State of the art equipment and processes Meets the highest security standards/PCI compliant 4

5 Online Giving Why UCC e-giving ® Partner Vanco Services ® ? Trust – Unwavering commitment to confidentiality Excellent Customer Service (more help, less wait) – Experienced Client Services staff and marketing reps Online Service Center – Manage all accounts 24/7 Easy to Get Started – Call 800-774-9355 for a UCC e-giving ® start up packet 5

6 Benefits Givers Can give to God first Helps make and fulfill commitments No worries about catching up Can give when away Convenient and free Benefits Churches 6 Promotes consistent giving Evens cash flow Lessens need to dip into reserves Simplifies record keeping / saves time Secure & affordable

7 Direct Debit (ACH) (Electronic Funds Transfer) Credit/Debit Card Online Texting 4 ways to e-give 7

8 Direct Debit Transfers from givers checking or savings Transfers to churchs bank account Transfers on dates(s) offered by the church and selected by givers Giver completes an authorization form Ideal for recurring gifts Automatic until giver cancels Allows multiple funds 8 Direct Debit Direct Debit (ACH)

9 Direct Debit Vanco customizes authorization forms to suit you! 9 Or offer several: Offer one fund: Some frequency options: Add whatever you wish:

10 Direct Debit Why Direct Debit ? (Electronic Funds Transfer) Designed for churches Training, support & confidentiality Secure & affordable (no cost to givers) 50¢ one-time fee to enter each new giver 25¢ per transaction No monthly service fee or minimum 10

11 11

12 12

13 Credit/Debit Card Convenient for givers Perfect even for churches with only a handful of transactions No equipment or software needed No monthly minimums No monthly fees No long-term contract No cancellation fee 13 Credit/Debit Card

14 The Credit/Debit Card Process (Merchant Services) Authorize – givers authorize on paper form (or online) Enter – church enters via Vancos online Service Center Process – Vanco processes on the scheduled date Cost to church (no cost to givers) $25 one-time registration fee 50¢ one-time fee per giver to enter each new giver 45¢ per transaction % card discount rate (3.5% Am Ex / 2.75% others) Credit/Debit Card 14

15 15 * After $25 one-time Registration Fee

16 Online Giving Givers click on a link from your website to Vancos secure site Secure webpage matches your site Easy for the church – just create a link Shifts risk of handling sensitive data Suits givers who prefer giving online Givers manage info 24/7 16 Online Giving

17 Besides giving, use for Event registrations, special memorials, and more No web design for church No ongoing maintenance No security worries Available within hours, not weeks Use with either Direct Debit or Credit/Debit Cards… or offer both! 17 Online Giving : some added benefits

18 Online Giving Online Giving – How It Works Giver clicks on link from your website Giver makes gift using method offered by church: Direct Debit &/or Credit/Debit Card One-time gift: simply enter info into fields Recurring gift: create password-protected profile Vanco processes – giver receives confirmation Church views/downloads or imports report Cost: Setup – no charge. $25/mo. Web hosting fee + normal fees for Direct Debit or Credit/Debit Card 18

19 Texting Cell phones abound – give any time, anywhere Givers complete a one-time online profile Text keyword Give + $ amount + 4-digit PIN Donations processed per method in profile Vanco securely transfers donations to church account Each a one-time gift 19 Texting

20 order $3.50/50 20 Promotion Resources Church GuideGivers GuideGiving Cards downloaddownload or order $3/50

21 Info Flyer, 21 Promotion Resources Download more resources at… Mini-Poster,two unique Bulletin Inserts

22 Making it easy for givers to give! 22 State of the heart giving for the 21 st century

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