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REGISTRAR ORIENTATION GSGLA 2012 Service Unit Kickoff Meeting & Service Team Orientations.

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1 REGISTRAR ORIENTATION GSGLA 2012 Service Unit Kickoff Meeting & Service Team Orientations

2 Objectives Understand role and expectations Review 6 Steps for Online Membership Renewal. Assist parents and leaders with Online Membership Registration processes Review compliance checkpoints for new leader

3 3 Agenda I.Registrars Role and Responsibilities Fully understand role and council expectations Partnership between Registrar and Mission Delivery Specialist II.Online Membership Registration/Renewal Getting Started-activating an eBiz account! Accessing registration page Individual registration Troop registration The Troop Management Hub for Leaders III.On-boarding checkpoints for new leaders IV.Support and resources For Registrar and Service Team Members and Leaders V.Q & A

4 We are going paperless!

5 Role and Responsibilities

6 What can you do ……..

7 Online Membership Renewal Review

8 Definitions 8 Online Renewal – Current Members An online membership renewal option available through eBiz. This is the council preferred method to renew annual membership (regular Lifetime) Offline Renewal A membership renewal option available using paper registration forms. Should be reserved for those without credit or debit cards or for payment via Financial Aid. Includes Lifetime Membership for graduating seniors. New Members- ( insert process)

9 On Line Membership Registrations Online Renewal Parent/Adult member renews online using eBiz No transferring of forms or fees to leader. Payment by credit or debit card Troop will earn OMR incentives even if a few members need financial aid) Leader may renew troop online (collects forms/fees by cash & check) using Troop Debit Card or 2012 GSGLA “eBiz” Cookie Gift Card Troop who do not register by 9/30/2012 will be considered lapsed New troops Parents/Adult registers via paper registration forms. Forms and fees turned into leader. Payment by cash, check or financial aid (Paper forms required for financial aid) Leader collects forms, deposits money into troop account, completes submission packet and pays via Troop Check or Financial Aid. 9

10 10 Online Benefits It’s Green! It is fast, easy and convenient Accurate spelling & contact information in the database in minutes It is 24/7 access It is safe, secure and confidential It generates a troop roster instantly It generates membership cards (available Oct. 1 st ) It is accurate, real time membership data for service units It is cost and time effective It provides parents/leaders access to online registration for programs and trainings.

11 11 Let’s take it step by step… Activating your eBiz account Step 1-Create User Name/Password Step 2-Log In to Renew Online Begin renewal online Step 3-Follow prompts and fill in all pertinent information in open fields Step 4-Make a Family Partnership Donation Step 5-Pay membership fee and donation Step 6-Print your order summary Logout!

12 12 Family Partnership Campaign Our “$100 in the 100 th ” Family Partnership Campaign is a way for Girl Scout families to invest in girls’ futures through local programs, camp improvements, scholarships, volunteer support and other critical services. Funds raised through our annual Family Partnership Campaign help provide quality services to over 41,000 girls and 23,000 volunteers in our communities. Every dollar is vital to helping our girls and your tax- deductible gift will make a significant impact. We ask that each family consider a gift of $100 for the 100th year of Girl Scouting. All families who give a gift of $25 or more will receive a collectible centennial Family Partnership Patch. All families who give $100 for the 100 th Anniversary will receive the patch, a unique collectible $100 for 100 th Pin, and will be entered into a drawing for a four-pack of tickets to Disneyland. They will also be recognized in the GSGLA Annual Report.

13 Troop Management Hub

14 14 Troop Management Hub Troop Leaders can use Troop Management to:  Manage your troop members' contact information  Communicate with troop members using email  Print membership cards for troop members for the current year  Create and print a troop roster anytime  Renew troop members online  Register new adults and girls to your troop  Reminder: tutorial is on our website

15 Offline Membership Renewal

16 Offline Renewal-Leader 16 1:Distribute GSUSA 2012-13 PAPER registration forms, Health History and Product Sales forms; download directly from our website. 2:Parents fill out completely then give to leader, with their $12 membership fee (checks made payable to GSGLA) per girl/adult. Leaders should verify the form is filled out completely and it is signed. 3:Leader deposits all monies into the troop bank account immediately. 4:Leader completes an updated 2012-2013 “Ladybug” Summary Form in full. This worksheet is available from the SU Registrar. 5.Leader attaches 1 Troop Check for the total amount of fees and donations listed on the Ladybug Summary form. DO NOT SUBMIT INDIVIDUAL CHECKS OR CASH!! 6.Leader submits registration forms, Lady Bug Summary to SU Registrar, within 1 week of bank deposits. Leader keeps Health History, Product Sales Permission Forms.

17 Offline Registration- Registrar Role 17 7:Registrar reviews the paper packet. Incomplete packets are to be returned to the Leader. PLEASE DON’T ACCEPT INDIVIDUAL CHECKS/CASH! 8.If complete, the SU Registrar fills out submission form, sends to council (mail or drop off/log in at local service center). 9.Registration stations are encouraged to help leaders fill out paperwork properly and to ensure timely submissions.

18 18 Pathways Girl email or phone Same as girl Choose not to share at this time Opt out of emails/texts Media permission Opt Out Signature required

19 19 Lifetime Membership for graduating seniors Family Partnership Donation! Optional employer information 5 position codes to choose from Media permission Opt out Re-configured Added birthday section: great way to recognize our volunteers’ birthdays!


21 On-boarding checkpoints for new leaders 21

22 On-Boarding Checkpoints Streamlined process to include compliance checkpoints for new leaders:  Welcome Session  GSGLA eBiz account set up  GSUSA Member Registration (online)  Volunteer application and CBC completed (online submission)  GS 101 video (prerequisite for Council Orientation  Council Orientation (delivered at each service center by staff/at the SU by volunteers) 

23 On-Boarding Checkpoints  Updates in volunteer record; clearance given/appointment letter issued by council along with instructions on obtaining a troop number and banking information  Troop number issued by GSGLA Membership Registration Hub once leader clearance  SUM and registrar notified of clearance and work with new leader on girl placement  2012-13 new troop member guideline: K-5 troops/10 girls 23

24 Financials 24

25 Disband Process 25

26 Support plan for volunteers Support for registrars-  Baseline roster of all troops March 15  Flash drive with all materials and training power point  “Quick Start” Guide with written instructions  Virtual library of all forms  Membership Team to assist with leader training  GSGLA Registrar Taskforce members to provide guidance and help Support for Leaders-  Tutorial Demos available on website  Comprehensive FAQs on website  “Quick Start” Leader Checklist with Leader instructions  Ideas List to help promote Online Renewal with parents 26

27 Service Unit Best Practices  Encourage leaders to access renewal demos on website  Distribute the “Quick Start” guide via email prior to the SU to new leaders.  Have experienced troop leaders support the new leaders sister to sister!  Utilize all SU communications to support leaders.  Create a “OMR” culture 27

28 Ideas to celebrate Online Membership Renewal-Service Unit Best Practices  Celebrate and acknowledge all troops that had 100% OMR  Encourage adults to have older girls assist in the online renewal process (STEM focus)  Promote the Troop Management Hub for leaders 28

29 Thank you!


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