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WELCOME TO AVON! As your Upline Leader I would like to Welcome you to Avon. Being an Avon Representative is truly rewarding. This presentation has been.

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1 WELCOME TO AVON! As your Upline Leader I would like to Welcome you to Avon. Being an Avon Representative is truly rewarding. This presentation has been put together in order to guide you through getting started with Avon. Good Luck!

2 After your information is entered into Avon's system you will get a Welcome to Avon email from Avon. It should look something like this: Welcome to Avon! We are delighted that you've joined a sales force of more than half-a- million U.S. Avon Representatives of the world's leading direct seller of beauty and related products. Your account is now active so you can begin to build your Avon business right away! Important Information Your District number: 1449 Your account number: Your personal account number will go here Mail Plan: Your mailing plan will let you know when to expect your products each campaign RPS: The RPS code will go here, it will let you know when your campaigns begin and end. Please go to and register today so that you can access the following tools and information: · Ordering Online ·Beauty of Knowledge Training ·Becoming an eRepresentative ·Special incentive programs ·Processing and Ordering Schedules ·Resource Library

3 Once you go to you will be asked for your district number, account number (which were both included in the Welcome to Avon email) and you will be prompted to create a password. Just a little note: is the sign-on site for Avon Representatives. is considered each Avon Representatives personal online office.

4 Finally, you can log in to Avon gives you the option of being an eRepresentative. As an eRepresentative you will have the power and the tools to reach customers way beyond your neighborhood and family. You will have a personalized online store in which customers that you give your web address to can shop in and have their products directly delivered to their home. For example, if you have a friend that lives in Texas or someone you met online lives in New York and you can't deliver their products, they can go to your Avon website and purchase products that will be sent to them directly from Avon. You do nothing with those items and you get a commission off of what they purchase Avon charges a fee of $7.50 per campaign if you choose to enroll as an eRepresentative but right now Avon is waiving this fee if one of your customers places an order through your website each campaign! To sign up to be an eRepresentative you need to click the Earning Opportunities tab then click eRepresentative. **Note: your personalized website address will be appointed by Avon and will look something like this

5 TRAINING The very first thing I recommend you do is click on the Training tab then click the Exploring the Beauty of Knowledge Training. Finally click the tab Training Courses Training is absolutely Free to you provided by Avon. Training is not required but is a vital part to your success with Avon. On the Next page I have listed a few training courses you should take as soon as possible in order to be able to effectively run your Avon business.

6 SUGGESTED TRAINING: 1. Getting started with 2. eRepresentative Web Office Tour 3. Online Orders 4. Launching your Business 5. Your Customers Avon 6. eRepresentative Order Management 7. Managing your order Completing these courses will give you all of the information you will need to run your business day to day.

7 ADDING CUSTOMERS & CONTACTS After all of the important tasks are completed and you have taken a few training courses the next step is to add customers and contacts to your Web Office. Click on Web Office Hover over Address Book Click on Add New Customers and start inserting names and email addresses

8 GRAND OPENING After adding your customers & contacts you will want to let everyone know that you are Open for Business. Avon provides their eRepresentatives with forwardable emails that are personalized for your business. To send a forwardable email go to Communication/Calendar Manager. Wait for the drop down menu and then click email options. Select the email that says Grand Opening send it to everyone in your address book.

9 The biggest question that I am asked is, how do people know where my online store is? The answer is simple. You tell them. Order business cards with your web address on them. Make flyers or print off the printable flyers in with your web address on them. Put the link to your website on your,,or any online profile you have. You might also want to put it on your email signature. These are just a few suggestions.

10 When Your Order Arrives Unpack the stapled papers, this is your invoice Review your invoice to make sure all of the products that are on the invoice are in your box. Once you determine that all of your products are in the box you should seperate your orders and put each individual order in separate Avon bags. Place your Avon & Mark. Brochures in each bag You may also place samples in the bags if you wish

11 Contact Information: Should you need help at any time please contact the following in this order. 1.) Avon Customer Service: 513-551-2866 2.) Your Upline Leader District 1449 Office 3.) District 1449 Assistant- Amanda Mullins 336-923-2501 4.) District Sales Manager-Claudia Brawley 336-923-2501 Office Hours are Mon-Fri 9am – 6pm Messages/emails left when the office is closed will be answered the next business day.

12 "The effects of the choices that we make today will be felt tomorrow. Reach inside and see the potential that sits in your hand. The power that you see is all within you And the courage to deal with the effects of your decisions Lies in the beating of your heart." - Zach Bradley

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