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INDIE WEEK 2011 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY. The Music Industry Renewed Partnership  In 2010, Jack Daniel’s participated in the celebration of the spirit.

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2 The Music Industry Renewed Partnership  In 2010, Jack Daniel’s participated in the celebration of the spirit of independent music that takes place annually at clubs across Toronto featuring over 600 artists, performing in16 venues, over 5 days… “Indie Week”.  2011 presents an opportunity to further integrate Jack Daniel’s brand activation and the JD experience into the various events throughout Indie Week  As Indie Week continues to evolve, we continue to work with our partners to better serve their business objectives and provide added value for our audience.  We look forward to Jack Daniel’s being a part of Indie Week 2011.

3 The Music Industry Brand Activation  JD’s on-site brand activation last year was highly visible at the licensees for attendees at the events  Event signage, merchandise and experiential activities generated brand awareness with the event to a highly targeted audience  Given a longer lead time this year, we are in a good position to plan ahead to optimize JD marketing initiatives with Indie Week promotional campaigns at licensees, LCBO, media, social, interactive and experiential to escalate brand involvement and create an immersive brand experience  The following recaps some of the on-site exploitation last year and provides a base on which to build a new fully integrated plan for this years’ Indie Week festival

4 Demographics + Stats 4,000+ Attendees 658 Performers 163 Acts 12,000+ Website Hits in the month of October 19,956 online friends through Facebook, Twitter, Myspace 163,000+ Online reach through bands, fans, friends 109 Music Industry Judges 21 – 45 age demographic 79 Media Attendees 50+ Volunteers 40 Shows 5 Days 16 Venues 9 Countries Represented

5 Jack Daniel’s presenting sponsor INDIE WEEK 2010


7 Brand Activation @ INDIE WEEK 2010 Indie Week Performer / VIP / Media Passes Venue Banners Indie Week Sponsor Banners Program Cover Ad Media Wall Festival Feature Drink 16 venues Indie Week Finals VIP sponsors Indie Week Wristbands VIP Bags Tent Cards

8 Marketing Samples Street / Venue Posters / Flyers NOW MAGAZINE Full Page Ad Program Ad – Full Page Tent Cards VIP / Performer / Media Passes

9 Indie Week Online Facebook – Live uploads during eventBlogs ( / Music Sites – 12,800+ visitors in 1 month. Twitter #1 on Google

10 Participating Countries Canada Greece US Australia Poland Ireland Sweden Switzerland Japan

11 Media Outlets Breakfast TV Canada AM Much Music CHOQ FM CIUT Radio XM Radio NOW Magazine – Alan Cross Canadian Musician Magazine IndieCan Podcast / XM Radio Humber College Ryerson Press Travis Magazine IndieCan Podcast / XM Radio Humber College Ryerson Press

12 Press Links These Electric Lives Win Indie Week 2010 on mi2n These Electric Lives on Electric-Lives/60440.html INDIE WEEK 2010 on Much Music Static in The Stars @ Indie Week on Much Music Jay Millette (Darlings of Chelsea – Indie Week Winners 2009) on Music Vice Music Vice Reviews Indie Week 2010 Wed Oct 13 Music Vice Reviews Indie Week 2010 Thurs Oct 14 Music Vice Reviews Indie Week 2010 Fri Oct 15 Music Vice Reviews Indie Week 2010 Fri Oct 15 – Part 2 Music Vice Photos Indie Week Sat Oct 16 Music Vice Review Indie Week 2010 FINALS Sun Oct 17 Explore Music with Alan Cross Indie Week in Toronto: An Update – toronto-an-update/ Mikey Riot Photography Indie Solo I The Rock and Roll Report Oh Indie Week, How I Love your Music and Wrestling – week-how-i-love-your-music-and-wrestling/ Toronto’s Indie Week 2010 Delivers Ups and Downs – indie-week-2010-delivers-ups-and-downs/ Making All-Important Festival Choices Easier: A Look Ahead – indie-week-2010-october-13-17/ indie-week-2010-october-13-17/ The Indie Machine These Electric Lives – episode-31-indie-week/ L.Stadt – Dinosaur Dinosaur – episode-29-indie-music-week/ episode-29-indie-music-week/ Live in Limbo – Indie Week 2010 Part 1 – 2010-part-one&catid=50:music&Itemid=59 Part 2 – The Finals – week-2010-part-two-the-finals&catid=50%3Amusic&Itemid=59 week-2010-part-two-the-finals&catid=50%3Amusic&Itemid=59 Run With The Kittens in The Canadian Music Scene GSM Beats covers Indie Week 2010 Gwen Bryson’s Photoblog – love the pic of all of the photographers CHARTattack gives a shout out to These Electric Lives Steve Denyer (Indie Week Judge) Starting Industry Showcases on–wading-in-to-burlington-s- talent-pool–wading-in-to-burlington-s- talent-pool Alt affordable.html affordable.html Audio Lust - And The Winner Is… Audio Lust – Indie Week 2010 Launch at The Hideout part 1 – part 2 – part 3 at The Bovine – part 4 – Audio Lust – Indie Week: Night 1 part 1 – part 2 – Audio Lust – Indie Week Continues… Night 2 part 1 – part 2 – Audio Lust - Indie Week: Night 3 At the Bovine – Japan Showcase – Choq-FM 105.1 – Indie Week de Toronto Live Music Toronto – Indie Week 2010 Roundup Venus Zine Brides_honeymoon_with_receptive_North_American_audiences Brides_honeymoon_with_receptive_North_American_audiences Travis Magazine Freeze Frame

13 What People are Saying “As an unsigned band we hoped that Indie Week would help get us more exposure and it delivered that in spades!” – These Electric Lives “This was by far the most memorable and most fun Toronto music fest I’ve been to in a while.” – The Rock and Roll Report “We highly recommend this festival and it’s only going to keep getting bigger and better.” – Static in the Stars “I fully plan on going back to this event next year to experience what REAL new music has to offer, thanks to all of you who planned this event. ” – “For a music junkie like myself, something like Indie Week doesn’t come along very often – and when it does, I inherit total kid-in-a-candy-store syndrome.” – Much Music Blog “Sponsors Jack Daniel's and Pabst Blue Ribbon also added fun to the festival, along with scores of media and industry hobnobbing with artists and fans.” – SNAP ( “Although the scope of artists is vast, and the oodles of brew (oops we mean Jack) is a nice addition, one of the main attractions for bands continues to be the battle..” – “HUGE exposure for our band. Dramatic increase in website hits.” – The Adult Film Industry

14 Event Outcomes 2010 was the festival’s biggest year to date Attendance grew by 100% Higher profile music industry participants : EMI publishing, Universal publishing, Sony A&R, Universal A&R, Death Row Records, Last Gang Records, etc….in total over 120 participants Multiple venues at capacity crowds Jack Daniel’s brand associated with a cool indie festival increasing awareness of the brand amongst indie music hipsters and trend setters Record bar sales nights for some venues (Underground Garage $12,000 on Sat Oct 16) 757 paying attendees not including registration and wristbands, passed through the Hideout (capacity 250) in 4 days Recognized by City Hall as an event of municipal significance Multiple venues with 4a.m. late liquor license Introduced more “events within an event” : Australian Showcase, Japan Showcase, East Coast Showcase making for higher profile and additional exclusive promotion opportunities Established new media, industry and sponsorship connections for 2011

15 Indie Week 2010 Top Act These Electric Lives INDIE WEEK is different from other festivals by having industry judges at artist showcases. As a result 1 band is selected as top act and INDIE WEEK brings them to Ireland to headline INDIE WEEK IRELAND. This is a huge opportunity for a band to be exposed to international markets as well as having increased exposure through media. For acts that are not selected – this also gives an opportunity to perform in front of industry and possibly build career-changing relationships as their judges may be an A & R rep from a record label, a Juno-award winning producer, and a top-40 songwriter..

16 Goals for 2011 Increased media exposure Integrated marketing, promotional and advertising campaign Increase attendance by 25% National marketing outreach Partner with additional International music festivals Increase star status with a headlining act Add more music industry specific events Pre-festival events

17 Next Steps for 2011 Renewed partnership – Jack Daniel’s Title Sponsor of Indie Week 2011 Brand Marketing & Advertising Planning Licensee / Venue Planning Media Planning Activation Plan Event


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