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STUDENT ORGANIZATION 101 Fall 2013 Navigating the Year.

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1 STUDENT ORGANIZATION 101 Fall 2013 Navigating the Year

2 Student Activities Resources & Support Starting the Year Off on the Right Foot Student Organization Timeline Finance 101 Policies OVERVIEW


4 STUDENT ACTIVITIES RESOURCES & SUPPORT Ad-hoc Advising Event planning, new organizations, etc. Contract Advising Risk & Liability Management Financial Policies & Procedures Hosting a Late Night PCard usage Travel & Rental Reservations Advisor Matching Student Organization Success Series Tailored Workshops


6 ADMINISTRATIVE CHECKLIST 1.Update your organization profile on The Bridge All first year students loaded in All Student Government & Student Activities communications 2.Space Access If you have space in UC 3 rd Fl, UC LL, MM, or East Campus Garage – Space Access Request Forms housed in organization profile on The Bridge Space Access Administrators (up to 2) determined by Organization and responsible for approving forms To change who receives notifications on Space Access Request submissions go to Forms>Manage Forms>Space Access Request Form>Properties (upper right corner)

7 ADMINISTRATIVE CHECKLIST 3. UC Mailbox To verify listing of organizations mailboxes, please view document in the Student Activities Bridge page To request a mailbox, please fill out a form in the form section in the Student Activities Bridge page Combinations can be received in the Office of Student Activities 4.UC 3 rd Floor Copier To verify if your organization has a code to utilize the 3 rd Floor Copier, then please email or stop by the To request a copier code, please fill out a form in the form section in the Student Activities Bridge page Copies are $.05 and billed to the organizations account

8 ADMINISTRATIVE CHECKLIST 5. CMU Website / Email Computing services is moving away from hosting websites for student organizations Requesting @andrew for your organization Dlists ( groups/dlists/index.html ) or BBs ( 6. Room Reservations for meetings & events UC 306 & 318G – Student organization meeting conference rooms 25 Live ( o Can reserve a year in advance o UC questions are pointed by ucres@andrew o Academic Spaces are pointed by the Hub at esrooms@



11 FINANCE 101

12 1-2 authorized signers per organization All financial transactions must be signed-off by the authorized signer Should be keeping a detailed record of all expenditures and income Should be reviewing account statements monthly in The Bridge Student Organization Authorized Signers Training Wed, Aug 28 | 5-7pm | UC- Peter Wright McKenna Thurs, Aug 29 | 5-7pm | UC- Peter Wright McKenna Thurs, Sept 5 | 6-8pm | UC- Peter Wright McKenna Fri, Sept 6 | 4-6pm | UC- Connan Please Register by visiting Forms on the Student Activities Bridge profile Authorized Trainings will learn the University policies and processes needed in order to process payments, reimbursements, etc. There are nuisances to some purchases that Authorized Signers will learn to navigate. AUTHORIZED SIGNERS

13 STUDENT ACTIVITIES ACCOUNTS Available to any Student Government-recognized organization Two accounts per organization Org Account: general account for day-to-day expenses, JFC allocation lives here Gift Account: all donation monies deposited here, gift account money CANNOT be transferred to your org account

14 Goods= physical/tangible items(s) Services= someone providing skills, support, or labor (i.e. Equipment rental, facility rental, DJ, recording studio, lecturer, catering) Contract required for all purchases of any kind of service (unless campus vendor) CANNOT reimburse for services GOODS VS SERVICES

15 AUTHORIZED SIGNERS & YOUR ORG Work with your Authorized Signer(s) when… Making purchasing decisions Requesting funding on/off-campus Arranging for services Renting equipment Running fundraisers Committing your organization to traveling for an event or conference Members of the organization you are equally responsible for the fiscal well- being of the organization

16 PCards Student organizations can apply for a Pcard to purchase university-related expenses specific to the needs of their student organization. Applications are available on The Bridge in the forms section of the Student Activities profile and are due by 6 p.m. on 9/13/13. If you have any questions regarding the student organization Pcard program, please see Rita Ciccariello in the Office of Student Activities. LINK (Please note that this link must be copy and pasted into your browser in order to work). Organizations also have the ability to make an appointment (24 business hours in advance) to utilize a staff members PCard for organization purchases that can be made online or over the phone.


18 Graffiti & Poster ( Postering Designated Bulletin Boards in Academic spaces or Public BBs Provide UC 3 fliers to hang on their designated boards Maximum of one (1) active poster per event, per bulletin board location Do not exceed 11X17 in size Name & contact information should be on flier Funded by your Activities Fee or in part Violations o 1 st : Warning; o 2 nd : $5 fine per poster Chalking Chalking is permitted on sidewalks Chalking is not permitted in areas that are not directly exposed to rainfall, including covered sidewalks and vertical portions of outdoor stairs Allowed to use traditional chalk. NOT permitted to use spray chalk or semi-permanent products

19 POLICIES Doherty Banners ( Banners need to be approved at the Office of Student Activities FMS Work Order to hang and one to take down ($350 for one) Banner can be picked up in Student Activities, UC 103 Outside Displays ( Stake sign publicity, installations, art projects, etc. Application describing timeframe, project, materials, location, etc. (need to include design and map) Signatures of key staff (EHS, FMS, Risk Management, and Dean of Student Affairs) for approval Think ahead!

20 POLICIES Noise ( Activity occurring on Carnegie Mellon-owned or managed property that disrupts the normal course of business or is otherwise disruptive to the university or surrounding communities is restricted during the following hours: Monday - Thursday: before 4:30 p.m. and after 6:30 p.m. Friday: before 4:30 p.m. and after 10:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday: before 7:00 a.m. and after 10:00 p.m.

21 POLICIES Trademark ( The university's trademarks include, but are not limited to: the words "Carnegie Mellon," "Carnegie Institute of Technology," "Carnegie Tech," "(The) Tartan(s)"; the Carnegie Mellon, Carnegie Mellon University and CMU wordmarks; the official seals of Carnegie Mellon The University's brand guidelines can be found at Any merchandise that contains the official Carnegie Mellon wordmark needs to be approved by Jay Marano from the Trademark Licensing Office at x8-3904. Organizations must use a licensed supplier

22 POLICIES Showing a film on campus: The need for a license ( Neither the rental nor the purchase of a video carries with it the right to show the tape outside the home. non-classroom use at schools and universities is an example of situations where a public performance license must be obtained. This legal requirement applies regardless of whether an admission fee is charged, whether the institution or organization is commercial or non-profit, or whether a federal or state agency is involved.


24 WORKING WITH STUGOV Your main contacts: Corrine Rockoff (SBVPO@), Student Body Vice President for Organizations Jalen Poteat (SBVPF@), Student Body Vice President for Finance What is the VPOs role? Chairs CoSO (new and re-recognition) Chairs UCAB (university center allocations board) – supporting student organization space on campus Advocates for and represents student organizations on campus What is the VPFs role? Chairs JFC Committee (funding process) Oversees organizations on probation (for financial matters) Facilitates the rollover/debt forgiveness process (June) Works with Student Activities to facilitate the fiscal close process for JFC funded groups.

25 WORKING WITH STUGOV Each year, all student government recognized organizations are required to complete the re-recognition process. The goal of the process is to ensure that organizations are still functioning effectively and fulfilling their designated mission, as well as to identify issues that organizations are having functioning in the University environment - i.e., membership concerns, concerns about finances, administrative questions, etc. Young organizations (those which have existed for six years or less) are required to submit a detailed re-recognition application every year in the fall. Mature organizations (those which have existed for more than six years) are required to submit a re-recognition application every year in the spring. Mature organizations generally submit a simpler application than young organizations. Every three years, mature organizations are required to submit a detailed re- recognition application. Re-recognition is handled through The Bridge. Organizations will be notified of their status each year and will be directed to apply online for re-recognition at the appropriate time.

26 BRIDGE TRAININGS Want to learn how to more effectively utilize The Bridge to manage your organizations business, ensure better tracking of your finances, recruit new members and publicize your events more effectively? Sessions will be 30 minutes and will dive more deeply into The Bridges functionality on the specific topic. Lunch will be provided at all sessions. All trainings will be held from 12-12:30pm in UC 318G. Organization Management: Monday, Sept 16 Organization Management: Tuesday, Sept 17 Finance: Wednesday, Sept 18 Finance: Thursday, Sept 18 Events and Recruitment: Friday, Sept 20 To register to attend one of the Bridge Training sessions, please complete the registration form located on the Office of Student Activities page on The Bridge and access the forms section on the left side menu. You can also access by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser:

27 Questions, Comments, Feedback

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