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1. What is it Advantages Process Instructions General Roster Advisor Constitution Interests Categories Photo Profile Navigation News/Events Roster Photos.

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2 What is it Advantages Process Instructions General Roster Advisor Constitution Interests Categories Photo Profile Navigation News/Events Roster Photos Documents Forms Service Hours Elections Manage Appearance 2

3 Social network platform designed by Collegiate Link exclusive only to Utica College Allows management of co- curricular activities such as student organizations and events Promotes student involvement early on, with potential to get students involved even before they come to campus 3

4 Advertisement of events, meetings, and initiatives Private messaging to members Information becomes readily available to all Utica College students Keep an accurate member list and calendar Invite new members and reach new students online 4

5 HAVE READY: A current electronic copy of your organizations constitution- you will be asked to upload a copy and the Chief Justice of Student Senate DOES look at the constitutions. It can be Word or PDF. If you dont have this (look first to see if its in your Documents section on Pioneer Place), contact to get a copy. A faculty or staff member who has agreed to be your advisor- you will need to put in their information, and then get a physical signature from them and hand it in to Senate. A club or personalized photo- pages get more visitation if you have a photo of members or a logo to represent your organization in the org list. Something else??? 5

6 Go to and create your own personal profile by using your banner username and password (all information kept internally by Utica College) Click on [Organizations] in the blue menu Click [Register a New Organization] on the bottom of the left- hand column Follow instructions 6

7 7

8 READ THESE! Make sure youre doing the correct organization registration 8

9 Under [Description] add your mission statement or goals Under [URL] put your org name. This will identify your Pioneer Place website 9

10 In order to move forward, all 5 positions must be filled, but you can go into [Manage Positions] later on and change the titles of these positions, if the titles listed do not match titles specific to your org. 10

11 Fill in the advisor contract, THEN PRESS THE PRINT SCREEN BUTTON ON YOUR KEYBOARD. Past into Word and print. Have your advisor sign the sheet and turn it in to Student Senate. 11

12 Under [Constitution and Bylaws] attach a document (Word, PDF, etc.) of your constitution. Make sure it is the most updated version. If you dont have one, refer to slide 6. 12

13 Students add interests to their personal profiles so that they will be matched up with orgs that meet their interests. Choose any interests you want your org to be associated with. You may choose multiple. 13

14 This is the category for your org. Find the most appropriate label for the mission you have. Categories are used to easily find orgs in the org listing without knowing a specific org name. 14

15 Profiles with photos are more recognized. Add your logo or a member photo. 15

16 16 Your completed submission will be reviewed by Student Senate and Student Activities. Senate will contact the org, set up a presentation date, and the recognition process will continue from there. If and when your org is approved, you will be notified in an e-mail to your Utica account.

17 These are pages to navigate your organization profile. The following slides explain what each of these can do. 17

18 NEWS is for ongoing initiatives that your org is working on, things you offer, etc. It appears in the News Ticker on the home page and on your orgs profile page. 18 EVENTS are for programs that occur on a designated date and time. Event fliers appear on the home page and a list of events is updated in your calendar and on the profiles Event list. You can post a JPEG or a PDF file on both news and events. If you dont post a flier in your event form, it will not appear on the home pages corkboard.

19 To manage update the roster click [Roster] and then [Manage Roster] to change the names of titles and positions to best suit the needs of your org To add a position, click [Manage Positions] under [Roster] menu and click [Create New Position] 19

20 This area is to add photos of members, events, services, etc. You can make albums and add as many pictures or videos as you have. This is great to keep historical records of attendance, set-up, and specifics for traditional events. 20

21 You can attach documents that your org needs to keep track of, like your constitution, yearly awards, treasury reports, meeting minutes, etc. Also a great feature for record keeping from year to year. Helps with transitioning e-board positions in the Spring. 21

22 Under [Forms] in the left-hand column, click [Manage Forms] You can create electronic forms for easy online submission out of any paper form your org might use This allows easy access to any forms, and you can export into excel or print a PDF instantly 22

23 Service hours can be added easily to track your orgs involvement. All hours are tracked by member, not as an org. Service hours must be approved by a designated org member. They can be added to a members co- curricular transcript. 23

24 You can create an Election and Ballots within the election that can be assigned to different voting bodies. If Certain people can vote and others cant that would need a new Ballot. Each page inside the ballot can be for a different election position. 24

25 Interests- Change or add new organization interests so you reach new students with the same interests and you can boost your membership. Styles- Choose your profiles text fonts and colors, as well as background and navigation bar colors. Personalize what your orgs profile page looks like in order to be unique and represent your mission. Header Images- upload an image so that your org profile page is personalized and looks like a professional website. 25

26 Bethany Piraino Assistant Director of Student Activities (315) 792-3037 26

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