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University Support Programs Click mouse or use right arrow to advance slide. University Enterprises, Inc. Sponsored Programs Administration.

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1 University Support Programs Click mouse or use right arrow to advance slide. University Enterprises, Inc. Sponsored Programs Administration

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS University and Auxiliary Funds Overview UEI Funds Managed by Sponsored Programs Administration UEI University Support Program Funds Request to Establish Account Form Account Considerations Approvals Account Usage and Maintenance

3 “California State University, Sacramento (University) funds come from a variety of sources and are accounted for separately. Among the major sources are: state funds, student fees, trust and self-supporting funds (Continuing Education, Parking Services, Student Housing, Student Health Center etc.), gifts, grants and contracts, commercial operations, and state and non-state capital outlay funds. University and Auxiliary Funds

4 Funds from gifts, commercial operations, and most grants and contracts are deposited with the University Foundation at Sacramento State (Foundation), University Enterprises, Inc., Associated Students, Inc., Capital Public Radio, and the University Union and are managed there per operating agreements with the University. As official Auxiliary Organizations they each have their own financial and business operations, with policies and procedures that control the expenditure of funds for which they are responsible.” Procedures for Delegated Fiscal Authority and Responsibility, Policy ADM-0162, University Funds Overview, Updated July 2013

5 Funds managed by Sponsored Programs Administration include:  Sponsored Activity – Grants, Contracts, and Other Awards  University Support Programs (USP)- Campus Activities, Campus Grant Program, Faculty Grant Program, Residual Funds, Board Allocated Funds, and Self-Support Center and Institute Operating Accounts  University Foundation At Sacramento State (UFSS)– UEI is contracted by UFSS to manage and administer gifts, donations, and grants. University Enterprises Inc. (UEI)

6 UNIVERSITY SUPPORT PROGRAMS USP accounts are non-restricted, discretionary funds established for programs benefiting specific University academic and administrative units and other campus organizations. Activities include University-related conferences, workshops, travel programs, and educational supplies and materials. Requests for accounts are submitted on the Request to Establish Account form for University Support Programs. Accounts are subject to relevant UEI and University policies and procedures and are managed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Request to Establish Account form.

7 REQUEST TO ESTABLISH ACCOUNT FORM (See next slide for form completion information.)

8 FORM COMPLETION 1.Complete top section of form with requested information. 2.A 7.5% indirect cost rate is applied on expenditures. 3.Complete middle section of form by checking all boxes that apply. 4.Requester signs form and routes to his/her Dean or VP for approval. A requester is limited to a campus administrator or faculty member. 5.Form is reviewed by Sponsored Programs Administration for completeness, appropriateness, and approval.

9 ACCOUNT CONSIDERATIONS 1.Conflict of interest for requester 2.Relation of activity to university and its mission 3.Use of university space and equipment. Reimbursement to university as appropriate. 4.Compliance – Human or Animal Subjects; Michelle Montoya Act (interaction with underage children or disabled adults) 5.International issues including foreign nationals, foreign travel, exports, etc. (Continued on next slide)

10 ACCOUNT CONSIDERATIONS, cont’d 6.Personnel - additional employment for university faculty and staff; volunteers 7.Risk management – biohazards, hazardous waste or chemicals, or radioactive materials 8.Sales of goods or services 9.Patents, copyrights, or proprietary information

11 ACCOUNT APPROVALS Requests for accounts must be agreed upon and approved by a campus authority such as a Dean or Vice President. Requests are reviewed and approved by the Director, Sponsored Programs Administration in consultation with the University Financial Services AVP or designee.

12 ACCOUNT USAGE AND MAINTENANCE A signature authorization form must be completed to designate the campus entities authorized to approve transactions on the account. An authorized signer may not approve payments to him- or herself. Payments to signers should be approved at a “one-up” level. For faculty, the approval would be a Department Chair or Dean. Expenditures will be in accordance with the purpose of the Request to Establish Account form. (Continued on next slide)

13 ACCOUNT USAGE AND MAINTENANCE, cont’d Deposits to a USP account must be from an allowable revenue source as outlined on the Request to Establish Account form. USP accounts cannot operate in a deficit without prior approval by UEI and may not close the fiscal year in a deficit. Sponsored Programs Administration must be informed in a timely manner when an account is no longer needed. If any funds remain, consideration will be given to the continued use of remaining funds in a separate UEI account.

14 CONTACT US Sponsored Programs Administration 6000 J Street Bookstore Building, Suite 3400 Sacrament, CA 95819-6111 (916) 278-7565 Please contact our office for further information regarding University Support Programs. Thank you.

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