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KFS Brown Bag: Labor Distribution and KFS Salary Expense Transfer Wednesday – October 02, 2013 12:00 – 1:00 pm McKeldin Library 6137.

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1 KFS Brown Bag: Labor Distribution and KFS Salary Expense Transfer Wednesday – October 02, 2013 12:00 – 1:00 pm McKeldin Library 6137

2 Welcome and Introductions Please welcome some of our KFS LD Team Members- Helena Moynahan Assistant Director, OCGA, UMCP Janice Oakley Manager, OCGA, UMCP Kathy Moody Accountant, General Accounting, UMCP Kim Williams Accountant, Payroll, UMCP Jeff Kirby Manager, PHR, UMCP John Farley Analyst, VPAF-Computer Systems Develop, UMCP Marcelo Casella Labor Distribution Lead, Navigator Management Muddu Salem Analyst, VPAF-Computer Systems Develop, UMCP Carrie Bredenkamp Asst Director, IT-ESE-Business & Financial Systems, UMCP Kevin Prachachalerm Labor Distribution BA, Navigator Management Partners 2

3 Objectives We have two main objectives for today: 1.Present an overview of Salary Expense Transfer process within the Labor Distribution (LD) module of KFS 2.Demo of KFS Salary Expense Transfer 3 Contact us at

4 KFS LABOR DISTRIBUTION Contact us at kfs@umd.edu4

5 Labor Distribution is a module of the Kuali Financial System (KFS) that will go live on January 6, 2014 We will manage accounting for Compensation-Related Expenses (ie. Salary and Fringe Benefits) within the Labor Distribution module The LD module features: –Transfer of Salary Expense Automatically Calculate and Generate Fringe Entry Automatically Route to Appropriate Party for Approval –Transfer of Benefit Expense Contact us at kfs@umd.edu5 KFS Labor Distribution

6 Key Change Impacts 1.ELF (Electronic Forms) will be retired for payroll transfers. 2.Payroll transfers will be performed in KFS using the Salary Expense Transfer (ST) document. 3.Manual calculation and entry of fringe benefits will no longer be required of the Unit performing the payroll transfer  (the ST document will automatically calculate fringe based on the total transfer amount for an employee for a select pay period) 4.New routing and approval process for the General Accounting (GA) and the Office of Contract and Grant Accounting (OCGA) Contact us at kfs@umd.edu6

7 FRS/ELF to KFS Crosswalk 7 Contact us at Payroll Transfer (PT) KFS FRS/ELF Two-sided Payroll Transfer Salary Expense Transfer (ST) Inter-campus Payroll Transfer

8 8 Contact us at

9 Salary Expense Transfer – Main Menu

10 * = Required information to complete 1.Description – up to 40 Characters, Sample Description : PP01 John Doe from 2933380 to 1100540 2.Explanation – similar to Payroll Transfer Elf Explanation 3.Fiscal Year & Employee UID Click on search

11 4. Select Pay period that you are transferring 5. Click on - return selected

12 6. Click on copy

13 7. Enter Account number (1100540) transferring “To” 8. Click on save

14 Contact us at kfs@umd.edu14 9. Click on submit

15 Account Responsibility 15 Contact us at KFS Accounts are assigned individual roles that define account responsibility. These roles guide routing in workflow. RoleDescription Fiscal Officer Responsible for the fiscal management of the account and ensures financial transactions are compliant with university policies and procedures. Will approve most account transactions for the selection of e-docs that route to the fiscal officer for approval. Account approvals can be delegated to staff. Delegation can set up by type of transaction and dollar amount. Account Supervisor Oversees the management of the account at a higher-level than the Fiscal Officer, but rarely receives any direct requests for approval. The Account Supervisor cannot be the same as the Fiscal Officer or the Account Manager. There is no workflow responsibility assigned to this role in KFS. Account Manager Responsible for ensuring that funds are spent and managed according to the goals, objectives and mission of the organization, that the funds are spent according to a budgeted plan and that the allocation of expenditures is appropriate to the function identified for the account. The Account Manager and Fiscal Officer can be the same person.

16 16 Contact us at

17 July 17 th, 2013 – KFS Reporting July 31st, 2013 – KFS Reporting August 14 th, 2013 – KFS – What about Training? August 28th, 2013 – KFS Internal Billing September 4 th, 2013 – What is KFS and why are we doing it now? September 18 th, 2013 - KFS Requisitions October 2nd, 2013 – Labor Distribution and Preparation of Salary Transfers October 16 th, 2013 – KFS – What about Training? 17 Contact us at Brown Bag Series Dates * As dates, locations and topics may change, please check the website for the latest information The Kuali Financial System (KFS) will replace FRS in 2014. If you are a current user of FRS and would like to know more about how KFS will change financial processing for the university, join us for the KFS Brown Bag Series. These informal one-hour sessions will be held every other Wednesday and will feature knowledgeable VPAF representatives talking about key features of KFS. All meetings are scheduled from 12–1:00 pm and, if not otherwise noted, will be held in 6137 McKeldin Library*

18 We are working on a KFS website. In the meantime … 18 Contact us at … Check out updates to the VPAF KFS page and previous Brown Bag Series presentations and videos… Brown Bag Series Dates

19 For additional information regarding this presentation, please contact:  Helena Moynahan  (301) – 405-2615  19 Contact us at Contact Us  KFS  301-405-3020 

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