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SGA Funding 101 Session Presented by: Sandra Rojas Vice President of Business & Finance.

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1 SGA Funding 101 Session Presented by: Sandra Rojas Vice President of Business & Finance

2 Student Activities Fund Each year, the Vice President of Student Affairs and Campus Life for Ithaca College allocates funds for student organization initiatives This money is reserved for the exclusive use of student organizations and is allocated by the Student Government Association To be eligible for SGA funding, a student organization must complete the registration process and have an Ithaca College account through the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs

3 The Funding Process Six steps to receive funds from SGA: Become a registered student organization through OSEMA Attend or watch a Funding 101 Session on the Business & Finance portion of the SGA website Prepare a Budget Proposal Submit a Funding Request Submit an Advisor Approval Attend an Appropriations Committee meeting

4 Recognized Organizations Recognized Period –August 27, 2014-March 6, 2015 Complete the following steps –Complete the recognition via OrgSync –Have ten members listed on OrgSync –Secure an Advisor and complete the Advisor Agreement –Complete a valid constitution –Complete the officer requirements (officer/treasurer training ) Contact: Theresa Radley, OSEMA ition

5 Funding 101 Session All treasurers must receive credit for obtaining the knowledge presented in this session Two ways to receive full credit –Attend this session –Look at the Funding 101 PowerPoint via the Business and Finance Section of the SGA website Complete and pass a subsequent quiz

6 Preparing a Budget Proposal Itemized spreadsheet outlining –Operating costs (in other words, materials that need to be purchased in order for your organization to operate effectively. Materials should be listed item by item) –Programs –Travel event –Fundraiser Considered a loan that must be returned in full Educational Fundraisers Proposal templates are located in the Business & Finance Section of the SGA website

7 Operational Budget Proposals Purpose –To enable student organizations to operate on a regular schedule and/or to work toward their organizational mission(s) What’s Funded –Advertising materials –Food for up to two meetings per semester –Items that are integral to the mission and success of the organization What’s NOT Funded –Membership Fees –Items for personal usage

8 Programming Budget Proposals Purpose –To enable student organizations to host or sponsor events What’s Funded –Advertising materials –Audio & Visual –Food/On-campus catering –Speaker fees What’s NOT Funded –Prizes, Gifts, Give-Aways –Selective events

9 Travel Budget Proposals Purpose –To enable student organization to attend events that they wouldn’t normally be able to attend due to location What’s Funded –Fuel/Airfare (Gas Fuel Equation on the Business & Finance portion of the SGA website) –Lodging What’s NOT Funded –Selective events (Eboard retreats) –Registration fees –Parking fees –Food $3,000 cap/year

10 Fundraising Loan Proposals Purpose –To make student organizations more self-sufficient –Make SGA into a resource rather than a necessity What is and isn’t Funded –Identical to the Programming Budget Proposal Return of Funds –Ithaca College policy: this is a LOAN –Original loan amount (the principal) must be returned to the Student Activities Fund –Any funds raised in excess of the principal may be kept within the account of the organization

11 Educational Fundraisers Because some fundraisers are educational in nature, they may be eligible to receive partial funding without repaying funds In order to qualify for this exception, OSEMA must classify this event as an Educational Fundraiser To qualify, students must submit an Educational Fundraiser Application on OrgSync (on the student organization portal)

12 Submit a Funding Request Online form that must be completed in order to be considered to receive funds –Provide general organizational information –Provide rationale as to why your organization is requesting the funds in question –Upload your Budget Proposal –Schedule (or defer) an appointment with the Appropriations Committee – ml

13 Submit an Advisor Approval Comprehensive compilation of a Funding Request –Organization Name –Number of Budget Proposals –Amount of funds requested for each Budget Proposal –A copy of each Budget Proposal Generated and emailed to advisor automatically after a Funding Request is submitted Organization treasurer is automatically notified once an advisor submits their Advisor Approval online

14 Appropriations Committee Information –Dates: Every Wednesday evening (unless noted otherwise) –Time: 7:15 PM-11:00 PM –Location: Cayuga Lake Meeting Room Organizations may opt-out –Allocation will be decided upon Funding Request info –May only be Operational <$250, Program <$150 Common Questions –, – Benefits to organization and the mission thereof Benefits to the Ithaca College community

15 After a Meeting The Appropriations Committee will deliberate and decide upon an allocation Organization Treasurers will be emailed (Advisors and Mary Holland will be CCed) an allocation letter including: –Amount requested –Amount received –Return date –Stipulations –Comments Allow for one business day of processing time

16 Utilizing Funds OrgSync –Credit Card Request Form Needs to be submitted well in advance –Personal Funds Reimbursement Utilize only if no credit card is available via OSEMA Tax Exemption –All purchases must be tax-exempt Unused Funds –Reference your allocation letter for the specified due date –All unused funds are automatically returned to the Student Activities Fund

17 Allocation Handbook The official policies and procedures of the Appropriations Committee Contains in-depth information regarding –What can and can’t be funded –The appeals process –Miscellaneous procedures All Treasurers are strongly encouraged to read all materials within the Handbook If there are absolutely any questions regarding anything in the Handbook, please reach out to me!

18 New Handbook Policies Will only allocate food for two meetings/semester Programming budgets MUST be submitted at least two weeks prior or it will not be accepted Rogan’s Corner -> Mark’s Pizzeria SGA logo is no longer mandatory Cut programs by 1/3 of the quantity No more financial statements: Mary will handle this New method of dividing the Student Activities Fund Travel budgets will be discussed on a case-by- case basis

19 Calendars Outline of deadlines for the Fall 2014, Spring 2015, as well as the Fall 2015 Funding Process Will list the days where the committee will either 1) not meet, or 2) be meeting in a different room/day Can be found on the SGA website the Financial Resources Folder

20 Review Six steps in the SGA Funding Process –Become a recognized student organization through OSEMA –Attend or look at the Funding 101 PowerPoint –Prepare a Budget Proposal –Submit a Funding Request –Submit an Advisor Approval –Attend an Appropriations Committee meeting Appropriations Committee meetings –Wednesday nights, 7:15 PM, Cayuga Lake Meeting Room (unless noted otherwise) Funding Requests? –Must be complete by the Sunday night before a meeting

21 Contact Information SGA Office –Student Activities Center, Campus Center- Third Floor Email – Web – Office Hours –TBA –Office hours are also on the SGA website on the SGA door in the SAC –I’m always available by appointment, too!

22 Questions, Comments, Concerns?

23 Thank You for Coming! Thank You for Coming!

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