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Welcome! William Mitchell College of Law Student Bar Association Clubs and Orgs Meeting.

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2 Welcome! William Mitchell College of Law Student Bar Association Clubs and Orgs Meeting

3 Tonight’s Presentation Sign In Goals of the Budget Committee Expectations for the Year Budget Process and Allocations Reimbursement Guidelines Questions

4 Goals of the Budget Committee Ensure the Effective and Efficient use of student funds Deliberative, Fair, and Timely process Ongoing Evaluations and Recommendations –SBA Board of Governors –Student Clubs and Orgs

5 Expectations for the Year Manage student club or org funds in a manner consistent with: –William Mitchell Student Handbook –SBA Budget Policy –SBA Constitution and By-Laws Benefit as many students as possible Communication with SBA Treasurer Early planning and adherence to your budget

6 Budget Process and Allocations Finance provides budget for FY12 –Projected student fee dollars for funds $25 per student per semester Estimated amount is $48,275 (graduating and incoming students for spring semester will affect number slightly) –Expected SBA used bookstore salaries Only students with approved work study funds eligible SBA pays 50% of salaries Federal government pays 50% of salaries 50% payment through monthly reimbursement credit processed by finance $6373 (expense), $3,187 (credit), $3,186(difference)

7 Budget Process continued Projected FY12 Budget –$48,275 SBA-$20,696 (e.g., stipends, senior gift, social committee, bookstore salaries, dish network, meetings, discretionary fund, travel fund, supplies) $3,187 Credit for bookstore salaries Students Organizations-$30,766 –$26,151 allocated for fall –Grant Request Fund Hold Back-15% ($4614.9) »$3,076.60-10% hold back for spring »$1,538.30-5% hold back for appeals

8 Projected FY12 Budget continued –Allocation to Student Clubs and Orgs (from budget policy) Organization of information presented Level of detail of information presented The overall number of students that could attend/benefit from the event Accessibility by both full-time and part-time students Historical performance of the organization (if any) Current financial status of organization including deposited amounts carried over from last year (if any), or held in accounts in the student club or org’s name or one of its officers for the benefit of the club or org All accounts zero out at the end of the fiscal year (June 30th) Unused allocated money does not carry over to individual groups from year to year

9 Budget continued –Travel Request Fund Students may apply for up to 2/3 of their expenses, but no more than $500 Apart from the purely financial aspects of travel expense requests, the budget committee will also look at how the information gained from the conference or event will benefit students at Mitchell and whether your attendance gives the school greater national visibility Qualifying Expenses –Conference registration and fees, airfare, mileage reimbursement, hotel, ground transportation, meals, parking

10 Reimbursement Guidelines Reimbursement Requests –Submit reimbursement requests within 30 days of bill (notify treasurer in advance if there will be a problem) –Checks are processed the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month –Reimbursement requests are due in the treasurer’s mailbox no later than the 9 am on the 1 st and 3 rd Wednesday of the month (any requests submitted afterwards are not guaranteed to be processed for that check run) –Staple receipts to the back of reimbursement request form

11 Reimbursement continued –Issues Affecting Reimbursements Incomplete check requests Political activity or campaign efforts Job fairs Donations or other charitable contributions Un-itemized food receipts Receipts over 30 days old Just credit card receipts without itemization Request in excess of amounts for gifts and honoraria Any request in conflict with the school or budget policy

12 Reimbursement continued –Signature Requirements You cannot sign your own reimbursement request Any reimbursement request for an officer of any student organization requires two signatures of student organization officers If there are multiple officers who will seek reimbursement for a future event, you must notify the SBA treasurer beforehand –via email or personally

13 Closing Items Important Dates –Signed budget requests must be submitted by 10 pm September 8th by email –Allocation hearings before entire SBA Budget Committee will be held September 10 th and 11 th –SBA Board of Governors will approve budget requests on September 18th –Groups notified of initial allocation by 7pm September 19th –Appeals must be submitted by September 26th Questions

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