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PLEASE PICK UP FORMS AND SIGN IN – THANK YOU!.  Mariah Fiorillo  Chief Financial Officer, Student Organizations  Chair, Appropriations Committee 

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2  Mariah Fiorillo  Chief Financial Officer, Student Organizations  Chair, Appropriations Committee  Appropriations Committee Members

3  Fully Registered and Recognized Organization  Attend a Student Senate Budget Workshop  CPO Registered  1. A registration card must be turned into CPO each year.  2. A current membership roster much be submitted to CPO each semester  3. A current constitution and by-laws must be submitted to CPO every two years

4  What is a budget?  Example Budget Review


6  Submitting a Budget  Use Budget Forms found on the Web   E-Mail completed budget to by: ▪ 11:59 PM – Wednesday, September 8th, 2010  LATE BUDGETS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

7  General Budget Limits  $800 Limit for Each Piece of Equipment ▪ Equipment and supply purchases above $250.00 must include a detailed explanation in the supplies & equipment page of the proposed budget.  $800 Limit for Each Program  $800 Limit for Each Piece of Supplies  $800 Limit for Each Travelled Trip  $200 Limit for All PR Material *Percentage groups are not restricted to the guidelines above*

8  Programs  Food  Equipment  Supplies  T-shirts  PR  Co-Sponsorships  Exceed Funding Limits  Travel

9  Food  Food and Beverages may be funded if and only if it can proven that: ▪ 1.) Items are a Critical Part of a Cultural or Educational Program ▪ 2.) Items are Part of a Contracted Obligation for Performances or Professional Services Required for the Presentation of a Program. ▪ 3.) Items, in General, Enhance the Overall Event or Supports the Participants/Guests  Food will NOT be Funded to Generate Attendance  Meals will NOT be Funded during Events/Trips

10  Equipment  Must Support the Mission of the Organization  Must not be Available on Campus  Must be Permanently Stored on College Property  T-Shirts  Only Costs Associated with the Printing of Shirts Will be Funded (i.e. Printing Costs, Design Fees) ▪ College Housing or Vehicles Is Not Allowed

11  PR  $200.00 limit for ALL organizations  Will not fund off-campus PR  All PR items must have a *brief* explanation as to how the PR will be spent

12  Co-Sponsorship  Two or more organizations may partner together to fund a single program/event:  Cannot be used to purchase equipment  Each organization requesting funding for the program/event must include the co-sponsorship form in their proposed budget ▪ All co-sponsorship forms must be signed by the President and Treasurer of each organization  Each organization still has the individual $800.00 funding limit ▪ Example: 3 organizations co-sponsoring= maximum funding of $2400.00

13  General Exclusions  Salaries/Wages/Honoraria  Anything Giving Academic Credit  Awards/Trophies – Except Paper Certificates  Non-Campus PR – Except Paper Fliers  Any Item(s) for Pledging/Ritual Events  Inter/National Dues  Luxury Items or Gifts  Phone Expenses  Alcohol or Alcohol Related Material(s)  Donations

14  Travel  Flying ▪ Flight Itinerary showing Amount  Rail ▪ Rail Itinerary showing Amount  Vehicles ▪ Personal Vehicle: $0.50 per mile ▪ College Vans: $0.55 per mile ▪ Use College Credit Card when Purchasing Fuel

15  President and Treasurer will Receive an E-Mail with Attached Approved Budget  Appeals are Heard within 72 Hours of the Budgets being Released  More information is provided in the SAF guidelines posted on the Appropriations website  Funds are NOT Transferred Semester to Semester

16  Requesting a Check  Accepting check requests: September 21st  Must Use Proper Forms found on Website or Located Outside the Senate Office  STAPLE Receipts/Invoices to the Check Request  Only the President or Treasurer may Sign Check Requests  TURN IN ALL REQUESTS TO THE FOLDER LOCATED OUTSIDE THE SENATE OFFICE (4 th Floor KC)  PLAN AHEAD: Checks Can Take 4-7 Days  All Requests Due: 11:59 PM – November 29 th, 2010

17  Receipts/Invoices/Contracts  Proof of Purchase is Required in Order for Checks to be Written to Individuals ▪ Proof of purchase constitutes a receipt, bill or invoice or equivalent document stating a total amount paid/due  Requests with Invoices or Contracts may have the Check Written Directly to the Vendor ▪ Preferred Method  Fuel Compensation (Personal or College)  Must Use Mileage Check Request Form  A Map Showing Exact Mileage Must Be STAPLED to the Request Form  If Using College Van(s) Use the Provided Credit Card to Purchase Fuel  Attaching Gas Receipts are NOT Allowed

18  Denied Check Requests  E-Mail(s) will be Sent Regarding the Nature of the Denial  Picking Up Checks  CPO Distributes E-Mails Stating Checks may be Picked-Up at the CPO Office ▪ Only Those On the Signature Card May Redeem Checks  Checks Expire 60 Days from the Date the Check is Written

19  Line-Item Changes  Money Left From Funded Lines may be Moved to EXISTING Lines if Approved  Line-Item Change Request Forms are Located on the Website or Outside the Senate Office  Organizations will be E-Mailed the Decision of the Committee  All Requests Due: 11:59 PM – Tuesday, April 27th  PLAN AHEAD: REQUESTS CAN TAKE 4-7 DAYS, if not longer

20  If your organization experiences an event where Immediate funding is needed and it can be shown that:  1.) The Item/Event could not be budgeted for during the Regular Budgeting Process  2.) The Item/Event Meets all SAF Guidelines  E-Mail the CFO to begin this process  Organizations may only apply for emergency funding ONCE per semester  All Requests Due: 11:59 PM – Tuesday, April 27th

21   Items located on the Student Senate website:  All budget forms ▪ Cover page ▪ Program request ▪ Supply & equipment forms ▪ Co-sponsorship forms  SAF guidelines  Budget PowerPoint  Check request document  Mileage check request document  Line item change document  Request for Variance to SAF guidelines

22  Budget help:  September 8 th : 8pm to 12am  Budget Proposals Due:  11:59 PM – Wednesday, September 8th  Final Check Requests Due:  11:59 PM – November 29th  Emergency Funding Requests-11:59 PM November 22nd  E-Mail 

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