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Mandatory Meeting Spring 2013. the basics Getting Started.

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1 Mandatory Meeting Spring 2013

2 the basics Getting Started

3 Constitution  Submit a constitution to SGA.  Once SGA has approved, the organization will be added to Collegiate Link.

4 Basic Requirements  All clubs and organizations must have 4 active members.  All clubs and organizations must be registered on Collegiate Link by February 22, 2013  All Clubs and Organizations must have an update constitution on file with SGA and uploaded on Collegiate Link  All clubs and organizations must have at least one Longwood advisor.  If no advisor is listed in Collegiate Link by February 22, 2013 your organization will not be recognized for the Fall semester.

5 fully recognized clubs and organizations receive all the benefits Post Flyers on Campus Reserve space on campus Request funds from SGA Use the Longwood Name Post information on LancerAds Advertise your events on the Weekly Email and Table Tents Recognition

6 Collegiate Link  The recognition process begins here. https://www.longwood.e du/studentorgs https://  Log in using Longwood username and password.  Become a member of your organization.  Update the organization’s contact info.

7 Registration  Register the group.  Registration is not complete with out the following.  All questions have been answered.  Picture updated.  Advisor information listed.  Officer Information updated  Constitution updated.  Policy assessment completed  A list of registered organizations will be sent to SGA on February 22, 2013. This WILL effect funding, posting ability, and ability to reserve space on campus.

8 Service Hours  Service hours will now be entered using the function on Collegiate Link.

9 Online Training  You must complete Student Organization Policy Training via Collegiate Link.  The link to the assessment is posted to Collegiate Link  This must also be completed by February 22, 2013.

10 money matters Funding

11 If you are requesting funds from SGA for 2013-2014 then you need to submit your budget packet by 2/28/13. Information can be found at http://longwoodsga.weebly.c om/ SGA Budget Packets

12 Senate Finance Committee  To receive SGA funding, you must submit a request to the Senate Finance Committee,, by Wednesday at 11:59pm.  SFC meetings are Thursdays at 6:00pm in the Amelia room. At least one member should attend.  Bring 11 copies of your budget to the SFC meeting. Be prepared to justify your request.

13 Campus Account  Clubs and Organizations receiving funding from SGA will be given an on campus account.  If your organization is doing any fundraising or collecting dues, we strongly encourage you to get a campus Agency Account.  Contact Dawn Schwartz for an Agency Account  Funds acquired through fundraising should be deposited immediately!

14 Fundraising  As funding across campus is limited, fundraising is highly encouraged.  Think outside the box. Everyone does penny wars and t-shirt sales.  Be sure to fill out the appropriate forms.appropriate forms  If you are having a bake sale, be sure to adhere to ALL policies.  Registration for tables in the Dining Hall lobby are now online! Go to

15 whew, time for some fun Events

16 Reservations  Reservations for Lankford can be made by going to entunion and clicking on Reserve a Room entunion  Reservations for other spaces on campus can be made by going to the Conferences and Scheduling website, eduling. eduling

17 Reserving a Room  Assume all spaces are completely empty.  Request all tables and chairs needed for the event.  Be detailed in your set up descriptions.  Carefully read the entire form to be sure you are asking for everything you may need to make your event successful.  If you want to make a change/addition to your request, send an email including the reference number provided on your confirmation.

18 Campus Resources  For events having food, you must contact Christy Plank with Aramark plank- christy@aramark.complank-  AT LEAST 14 business days prior to the event.  If your event will have more than 100 attendees, security may need to be contracted. Contact Campus Police to arrange this.  If your event will have technical or sound needs outside of the Student Union, contact William Lynn,

19 Marketing  Weekly Emails,  Table Tents,  Flyers  You must adhere to the Posting Policy.Posting Policy  All flyers must be stamped for approval, AND event flyers must include the accessibility stamp.  Lancer Ads-  Be creative. Social media, events on Brock Commons, and student buzz are all better sources of advertisement than a flyer.

20 Policies  You are responsible for all policies and procedures located here: on/organization_policies.pdf on/organization_policies.pdf  All scavenger hunts must be registered with the Student Union PRIOR to the event taking place. Scavenger hunts must comply with ALL campus policies.

21 What do I need to do again? Next Steps

22 Things to do BEFORE February 22, 2013!  Register in Collegiate Link  Will not be complete unless :  All questions have been answered.  Picture updated.  Advisor information listed.  Constitution updated.  Attend a mandatory meeting  If you are the President or Treasurer of your organization, you already have this completed!  Complete online policy training.  This MUST be the president listed in Collegiate Link.

23 places you need to be Important Dates

24  VERY LAST DAY TO RECEIVE RECOGNITION FOR FALL SEMSTER: February 22. 2013.  Asheville Zoo: March 16  for tickets beginning February 11, 2013

25 Questions or Concerns?  Please contact us at  Visit our website at  Check Collegiate Link  Contact Susan Sullivan,

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