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Eclipse Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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1 Eclipse Systems Pvt. Ltd.

2 DCMS DCMS is a premiere Warehouse Management System (WMS).
Designed to automate various DC Inbound, Outbound and Inventory management processes. Grow with your business and will not hold you back. Successfully running for over 12 years at the warehouse site of World’s leading apparel manufacturers. International Standard WMS designed to cater Indian market scenario.

3 WHY DCMS? Access to Inventory Information High Inventory Visibility
Quick & easy tracking Quickly pick, pack and ship products Smooth Communication between WMS & Other Software Real time operations Eliminate data entry errors Reduce safety stock Maintain FIFO according to your business needs Prevent Mis -shipments & error penalties reduces Improve customer service Enhance work environment

4 DCMS Process Flow Diagram

5 Warehouse/ DC Structure
Broadly every Warehouse/ Distribution Center (DC) is divided into three major process flows. INBOUND Receiving QC Returns Putaway Cross Docking INVENTORY MANAGEMENT PI/Cycle Count Kitting 3rd Party Billing Labels & Documents Reports OUTFLOW Order Processing Picking/ Packing Validation Shipping


7 RECEIVING ASN Receiving Non ASN or unplanned/ Blind Receiving
SKU/ Carton Receiving Under and Over Receiving Vendor Profiles are retained for instant access and comparison System directed routing to QC/ Cross Dock Area/ Putaway area. Capture Receiving Date for FIFO and other tracking purpose.

8 SKU Receiving

9 QUALITY ASSURANCE Checks the accuracy of quantity and quality of goods received. VERIFICATION - Easy & quick checks on all cartons SPOT CHECKING - Detailed checks on a sample basis. Sampling can be done on Vendor/ SKU/ Customer basis. Routing provision to Scrap/ Putaway/ Repacking section Vendor record maintained Hold code on damaged inventory with reason code

10 Verification

11 CUSTOMER RETURNS Planned/ Unplanned Returns
Unlimited Return Reason codes maintained Inventory redirected to appropriate location – Putaway/ Damage/ Repacking section Reports for future reference & Vendor Tracking

12 Customer Returns

13 CROSS DOCKING Top most priority goods at receiving dock sent directly to fill an active order waiting to be shipped. Bypass in between process to ensures quick order processing. Special alert when expected goods are arrived at receiving dock which are planned to be cross docked.

14 PUTAWAY Moving Pallets/ goods from receiving dock to appropriate storage location Random Putaway (to any location) Directed Putaway (to numbered location) Location record maintained by scanning item, location & Pallet while storing goods for easy retrieval as & when required.

15 Putaway


17 ORDER PROCESSING Orders Downloaded (ERP) Sorting/ Filtering/ Selection
Wave Creation Inventory Allocation Replenishment Generation Releasing Pick Tickets Batch Orders downloaded from Host ERP system. Manual Order entry Order Filtering, Prioritization & Selection Order Wave Creation using any combination of orders Inventory Allocation/ Replenishment request Advance Order Wave creation for future dates. Order Wave Released and Pick Tickets are generated

18 Order Processing

System updated later Custom Labeling. Tagging after picking i.e. at checking station No Alert on mistake Separate Packing & Checking Module Best Pick Sequence RF BASED PICKING RF guides Picking Real time Inventory update Custom labeling, Tagging on shippable cartons before picking Audible tones for correct and incorrect scan Pick, Pack & Check together/ separately also Best Pick Sequence

20 CHECKING Crosschecking the SKU / carton picked against the pickslip
Packing the SKU picked in right quantity in right box against the customer order and specifications. Value Added Services supported like Customer Specific Labeling, Special Packaging, UPC Tagging, Price Labeling, min/ max pieces per box, etc. Automatic printing of shipping documents and customer specific labels and reports without user intervention. Managing shipping carton weight, accuracy, etc.

21 Checking

22 VALIDATION Last and final check of the boxes before they are forwarded to the Shipping Dock. Trap any fault/mistake which might have occurred during the various processes gone through by the box. The validation through the fixed scanner and In-Line Scale. Ensures accurate shipments such that the customers get the product they have asked for and fulfilling special conditions, if any. G

23 Validation

24 SHIPPING Select, sort and palletize cartons meant for common DC
Small & LTL Shipments. Dock door verification ensures the correct material is loaded onto the correct dock door. Print all necessary shipping documents like BOL (Bill of Lading), Challan, export invoice, manifest report, etc. Captures Carrier, Shipment weight, Destination address, freight charges, mode of payment, shipping/ arrival date, etc. Shipping details are uploaded to the host system thru EDI.

25 Shipping


27 INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Graphic Location Management of SKU’s
User defined rules Dynamic and fixed assignment to locations as per the order waves created. Min/ Max inventory level maintained. Barcode verification on each step of material movement Inventory Adjustment, Stock Transfer, Audit, Write off, Reservation

28 Graphic View of Locations

PHYSICAL INVENTORY Complete count of entire inventory in the warehouse. Once/ twice a year Performed during non operating hours/ shutdown period CYCLE COUNT Incremental approach to counting and inventory maintenance Cycle Count by individual Location. No DC Shut down Quarter vs. Annual Continuous Inventory adjustments

30 REPLENISHMENT Replenishment option (if maintaining forward pick) always ensures that picking location is never empty. Restock Alert is generated whenever the picking location reaches its minimum level of inventory requirement. Inventory is pulled out from Inventory Reserve Area and Picking locations are filled in again. This saves Picker’s time who otherwise has to wait till the inventory arrives in picking area.

31 KITTING Taking Qty of 2 or more SKU Packing them together
New SKU is created and put away is generated Stock is made available for Picking

32 THIRD PARTY BILLING Specific Data is captured like no. of Pallets moved, shipped, duration in warehouse storage, etc Data captured is reported to billing software with associated dollar/ rupee value.

Automatic Printing of Carton Labels, Shipping Labels, Packing Slips, Master Packing Slips, BOL, MBOL and other document. Predefined user format as per customer specification. Follow Manufacturing and Shipping Standards – UPC/ EAN, FedEx, etc.

34 WEB BASED REPORTS Quick information access on warehouse based activities. Login and function security based on operator. Productivity reports and graphs to compare operator performance. Helps management to take important Sales and Purchase decision. Approx. 150 different types of report

35 ERP INTERFACE Corporate Host ERP System ASN Receiving ASN Discrepancy
Outbound Order ASN Discrepancy Shipment Details

36 HARDWARE SUPPORT Barcode Readers/ Printers
RF (Radio Frequency) Devices Sortation Conveyor Parcel Manifest Systems Pick-to-Light Flow Rack Systems Fixed Scanner and Inline weighing scale

Works on Windows 2000/ NT Platform Oracle Database Server Rich GUI Easy Interface with ERP or any other host application Supports latest Barcode equipments like serial scanners, mobile scanners and most of other brands

VICS - Voluntary Inter-industry Commerce Standard BOL – Bill of Lading Manifest Reports EAN UCC Standards GTIN - Global Trade Identification Number Dynamic/ Static Routing WHAT NEXT RFID - Radio Frequency Identification

39 Comparison Analysis # CAPABILITY DCMS 1 24X7 Local Support  2
Unlimited User License 3 Built In Security 4 Real Time update (using RF) 5 RFID Planned 6 GTIN 7 Voice Picking X 8 Multi Platform Support 9 Multi Language 10 Material Handling Equipment 11 Industry Standard Document Printing

40 WMS Comparison Analysis
# CAPABILITY DCMS 12 Third Party Shipping Software (FED Ex, etc) 13 Web Based Server Client 14 Web Based Reports 15 ERP Interface 16 Cross Docking 17 Task Management 18 Task Interleaving Planned 19 Value Added Services 20 Labor Productivity Tracking 21 Lot/ Serial No. Tracking 22 3PL Specific Features

41 ABOUT ECLIPSE Established in 1990 ISO 9001 certified
Total solutions provider including software, consultation, and support. Customized Software Development & Services Domain expertise in Logistics, Supply Chain, Accounting/ Finance, Multimedia Application, e-commerce, etc. Headed by a strong top Management Team


43 Taurus Engg. Group, Belgium
OUR CLIENTELE California Engineering Group Inc. , USA Intermedia Inc. , USA Taurus Engg. Group, Belgium

44 Client Testimonial Jerry Wallace
Director Logistics, Bayonne, NJ Phone No: (001) (201) x2430 “The relationship between Eclipse Pt. Ltd. and Maidenform has now exceeded eight years and has a very positive one. During this period eclipse has developed an information system package called Distribution center management system, which automates the operation of our Distribution center in Fayetteville. Recently we have requested that Eclipse developed an upgraded version of DCMS software with the name RingScanner, which will soon be implemented at our distribution center all the programs are running without any problem and have amazing features, which are very beneficial to the end-users. Eclipse is an extremely customer centric organization & we are pleased to associated with them for so many years”. Jim Lunney VP Logistics, Fayetteville, NC Phone No: (910) x200 “I will be happy to be a reference for the DCMS system. I am very satisfied with the product, service and reliability”.                            

45 Guess Vision-DCMS install a success
Client Testimonial Guess Vision-DCMS install a success David Lombardi Customer Support Analyst I must say the users are extremely satisfied with the new DCMS system. The transition stage went smooth with very little interruption to production and the users adopted the product quite quickly. The warehouse managers have a view into the state of their processes like never before and the scanners enjoy the new features and data they now have available to them. The significant performance improvements we made on vision's interface along with the performance of DCMS's import/export process, users are now able to transfer pick-slips from one system to another with much more ease, facility & very little wait. Overall the project was a success. Finally, I would like to thank Param and the whole Eclipse support team whose hard work, dedication and professionalism is reflected in the success of the implementation and is reflected in the quality of the product.  A big Thank You. And one final thank you to the Guess users who were always very patient and understanding and made our jobs easier.             

46 Eclipse Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Contact us Eclipse Systems Pvt. Ltd. Ms Pooja Verma Manager Business Development 207/IV, Software Technology Park of India, Sector-29, Noida (U.P.) , INDIA Tel: / Fax: Website:

47 We look forward to working with you and your organization. Thank you

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