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Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship

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1 Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship
A ‘SLAM DUNK’ FOR PARTS SUPPLIERS! Improve Inventory Accuracy, Shipping Accuracy and Warehouse Efficiencies! Judi Curlee CISTECH Sr. Technical Consultant

2 Today’s Agenda Product Overview
XA COM PPS Process vs CISTECH PPPS Process Paperless PPS Demonstration Implementation review Q & A

3 PPPS - A Slam Dunk for Parts Suppliers!
Parts Suppliers typically have the following characteristics: Dedicated warehouse with location control More than 3 pickers in warehouse High volume of orders Multi-line pick lists High volume of parcel shipments

4 PPPS - A Slam Dunk for Parts Suppliers!
For ‘capital goods’ manufacturers spare part sales can be profitable Warehouse operations can be cumbersome and inefficient with ‘vanilla’ MAPICS MAPICS inefficiencies can cut into operating profit and hamper customer service Inefficient picking processes Inventory lags Missed Shipments Erroneous Shipments OPTIMIZE MAPICS COM WITH PPPS!

5 PPPS Success

6 PPPS Product Overview Use RF Handheld devices to pick and stage customer orders for shipment! Picking Pick list electronically delivered to wireless handheld Item Number can be entered/scanned by Item, Turnaround or UPC numbers Transfers the inventory immediately from the stock location to a staging location Full Inquiry capabilities from the RF device including: Pick Lists Items Locations, Batch/Lot and Quantity on hand Includes ‘Kit Items’, Serialization, Lot Control and Containerization! Can pick using either single order or consolidated pick lists Multiple employees can pick the same order at the same time (different items) Option to print Pack List and Shipping Labels when order is staged

7 PPPS Product Overview Parcel Shipping
If the Carrier is UPS, Fed Ex or DHL no further actions are required, programs will ship the order, add tracking info and, if applicable, add shipping charges Full Truckload / LTL Shipping Streamlined shipping screens to ship LTL and Truckload orders Uses XA Offline Shipping to create COM shipment Optional creation of Bill of Lading and/or Invoice when order is shipped

8 PPPS Product Overview Additional Features
Full set of User Exits and API’s to allow for customization without modification Supervisor functions to: Assign & re-assign pick lists to specific pickers/employees View status of orders being picked View status of shipped and staged orders Add Freight Charges Add Carrier Information Office Functions can be performed in either Green Screen or PowerLink (R7)

9 Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship

10 What happens when an item is picked?
Inventory in the shelf/stocking location is lower (via an Inter Warehouse Transfer [TW] transaction) Item is moved to a staging location and reserved for that Customer Order

11 Can multiple Employees pick the same order?
YES, multiple Employees can sign on to the same pick list to pick/stage the order However, there cannot be multiple Employees working on the same item on the same pick list

12 How does the employee know what item to pick?
It depends on how you’ve configured the PPS system (through Control File settings): Guided Picking: RF gun shows next item on the pick list to be picked Non-Guided Picking: Employee uses printed Pick List or RF Gun inquiry to see next item to be picked

13 What if an item has batch/lot or serial number?
If an item is flagged (in the Item Master/Revision record) for Batch/Lot control then both the location and the Batch/Lot number must be scanned/entered with the location If an item is flagged (in the Item Master/Revision record) for Serial Number then, depending on the Control File, a serial number for each item pick can be entered RF PPS will check to verify that this serial number for this item has never been shipped before

14 What if the item is a Kit? XA will create 2 pick lists: one for the Kit Item and a second one for the components of the kit RF PPS will see the item on the first pick list is a kit, retrieve the second pick list to allow the employee to pick the Kit Components and then return to the original Pick List

15 How do I ship the order? If using the UPS/Fed Ex/DHL interfaces, after the order is staged, a PPS program will send the pick to the XA Offline Ship files to be shipped If not using interfaces, new PPS Office screen is used to ship picked orders sending the shipment to XA Offline Ship files Why Offline Ship? Because Mapics XA programs are being used to update the database and create the invoices

16 How is the licensing for this product structured?
Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship is licensed by the total number of pickers using the solution Less than 3 pickers - $16, % annual support 3 to 10 pickers - $26, % annual support 10+ pickers - $39, % annual support

17 Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship
Solution Benefits

18 What benefits are realized through RF PPS?
Accurate inventory in the stock location 30 – 50% time improvement in picking/staging Customer Orders Takes the number of steps to pick an order from 23 to 9 Improved accuracy of items shipped to customers Reduced data entry for order shipments

19 Improved efficiencies AND inventory accuracy leads to quick and easy returns! PPPS STREAMLINED PICKING AND SHIPPING FOR XA

20 PPPS: Streamlined pick/ship
-XA- Process -PPPS- Create Pick Lists Release Pick Lists Release Pick Lists Print Pick Lists Sort Paper Pick Lists Electronically distribute pick lists Distribute Paper Pick List

21 PPPS: Streamlined pick/ship
-XA- Process -PPPS- Pick Orders Retrieve Paper Pick Lists Go to Location, Scan to confirm* Go to location Write Quantity Write batch/lot Key Qty into terminal *Batch/lot automatic* **XA Inventory is updated** Walk to terminal for inquiry Retrieve add’l pick list

22 PPPS: Streamlined pick/ship
-XA- Process -PPPS- Prepare for Parcel Shipping Weigh parcel at shipping station Weigh parcel at shipping station **Cost and tracking info sent to XA, order is shipped** Write freight charge on pick list **For Parcel shipping XA work is done** Write tracking number on pick list

23 PPPS: Streamlined pick/ship
-XA- Process -PPPS- Office Administration Select pick list for shipping (all shipments) Select order for shipping (non-ground only) Select items to ship Key Quantities/location Key Serial Number Key Freight Charges Key Carrier/tracking info (non-ground only) Key Carrier/tracking info Confirm Shipment Confirm Shipment **XA Inventory is updated**

24 PPPS: Streamlined pick/ship
-XA- Process -PPPS- Warehouse Management Walk floor to answer customer svc questions Walk floor to manage picking process Redistribute Pick Lists to balance workload Electronically monitor, re-assign, distribute pick lists Print ‘hot order’ pick list and distribute

25 PPPS Summary: 23 steps or 9?

26 Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship


28 Implementation PPPS Software Installation, 1-3 days
Setup and Configuration Webex Training Optional on site assistance

29 PPPS Summary: 23 steps or 9?

30 Paperless Pick/Pack/Ship
THANK YOU! Ben McCormick

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