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1/23/2014 Transportation Software At Its Best! Aljex Logistics.

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1 1/23/2014 Transportation Software At Its Best! Aljex Logistics

2 1/23/2014 Logistics TMS Modules Tracking and TracingQuoting and Shipment Execution Tendering, Acceptance and Dispatch Freight audit, Payment and Billing Meaningful Measurements (KPIs) Contract management Buy/Sell Rates ALJEX Logistics Modules

3 1/23/2014 3 ALJEX Logistics TMS Tools Event Management Load Tendering Tracking Alerts Rating and Routing Freight audit/payment Routing Guide Carrier Selection Automated BOL Key Performance indicators Dashboard Modeling

4 1/23/2014 We are dedicated to serving the logistics needs of the mid-sized 3PL market. Staffed by professionals familiar with all aspects of logistics. Our team has served as executives at mid to large sized manufacturing businesses, transportation carriers, and 3PL firms. We are familiar with the demands in each of these types of firms, and have been responsible for delivering bottom line results. Additional Services Offerings Include: Consulting Services Supply Chain Modeling Carrier Management / Rate Negotiation Assistance Rate Benchmarking RFP Development Logistics management Proposal development System Analysis / Design Operational Training & Support Process flow Analysis /Design Customized Reports ALJEX Logistics Additional Services

5 1/23/2014 Features include: LTL, Parcel and TL quoting Least Cost Carrier Selection Shipment Execution Bill of Lading Load Tendering Contract Management of Buy/Sell and Benchmark Rates Freight Bill Audit and Payment And More! Key System Features

6 1/23/2014 Rating and Routing Easy to use comprehensive rate maintenance screens Multiple customer/profile capabilities add, copy, map rates in minutes direct/indirect indicator and more!

7 1/23/2014 Carrier Selection

8 1/23/2014 Quoting and Carrier Selection

9 1/23/2014 BOL Web Portal Outbound from plants Manual entry for out of system BOL entry Customized G/L account coding Inbound From Vendors Web Portal for manual entry of inbound vendor program Select Carriers by Cost or Transit time Reduce Entry time and G/L coding errors

10 1/23/2014 Bill of Lading - Entry Web based application for centralized control Stores repetitive shipment data for reduced entry Selects least cost carrier automatically Automatically dispatches load to 3PL provider

11 1/23/2014 Bill of Lading – Print Customized format or standard format Stored as PDF E-mail or fax to customers or carriers

12 1/23/2014 Bill of Lading – Shipping Label

13 1/23/2014 Bill of Lading – Lading Panel Centrally Manage updates and changes Reopen/cancel loads Print/Edit BOL Moved to Event Management for EDI 214 Updated for pick up and delivery information from carriers Late Pick up and Delivery alerts Loads by day by location

14 1/23/2014 Load Tender Notification and Acceptance Automated to EDI or E – mail of shipment notification to carrier Carrier Accepts/Declines via EDI confirmation or Link to e-mail Automated Expiration on predetermined timelines Link to accept or decline

15 1/23/2014 Pre Tendered - Status Updates Accepted Updates sent to both carriers and Shippers Via Master setup Declined Expired EDI or Email of status updates

16 1/23/2014 Tracking and Tracing Panel View and manage all shipments by status Allows carriers to manually update loads if needed

17 1/23/2014 Tracking and Tracing Details

18 1/23/2014 Information Management Master data warehouse for custom: Report Writing Drill downs Dashboards

19 1/23/2014 Compliance Reporting

20 1/23/2014 Web Demo

21 1/23/2014 Transportation Software At Its Best!

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