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2 The user will operate a Radio Frequency (RF) scanner to
use ACCU-DART. The benefit of using scanning in the pick process is to ensure accuracy.

3 The operator begins by accessing the ACCU-DART
log-in screen on the scanner to enter their credentials.

4 The operator enters “1” as the Login ID Number.
This enables you to track the activity of each employee.

5 Once logged in, the operator sees the tasks they can
choose from the list. There is one screen for all activities.

6 The operator enters “1” to Ship a Sales Order
from Sage 300 ERP.

7 ACCU-DART allows your to enter quantities, or assume
each scan is one unit. It allows flexibility for data entry.

8 The operator enters or scans “ORD001” as the
sales order number.

9 This is an invalid sales order number, so ACCU-DART
gives an error message letting them know. Guarantees the accuracy of the picking process.

10 A new sales order number, ORD008, is
entered or scanned.

11 This is a valid order, therefore ACCU-DART asks the user
to verify it is the correct order. Again, another validation point in the picking process.

12 For each line item in the order, the individual
quantities are input or scanned.

13 Once the carton is filled, ACCU-DART asks if there are
any more containers to be packed.

14 The user scans Item Number “A1-100/0”, but that item is
not on that Sales Order, so ACCU-DART provides another error message. This again guarantees the accuracy of the pick.

15 After the correct product is selected, the Serial Number
can be scanned, if appropriate, providing proper inventory control.

16 If appropriate, lot information can be captured and validated
too, providing an accurate audit trail for lot number tracking.

17 This review shows details of what is being shipped and
what is open. Allowing for accurate back-order processing.

18 Accu-Dart summarizes the contents of each carton.

19 Once the user is ready to ship, they enter
“P” to post the information.

20 Illustration Only – Not needed in the shipping process
Sage 300 ERP imports the data from Accu-Dart and posts it into Shipment Entry. This is an illustration of the real-time data transfer from Accu-Dart to Sage 300.

21 Simply scan the transaction ID that is barcoded
Screen used at the shipping station. Sage 300 ERP is not required in the warehouse with SmartLinc. Simply scan the transaction ID that is barcoded on the pick ticket.

22 The shipping software is automatically filled in. The first
package is weighed and shipped.

23 The second package is weighed and shipped.

24 The two shipping labels are automatically printed.

25 Sage 300 ERP is updated in real-time with the cost of
the shipment.

26 The master tracking number is stored in the Customer tab.

27 In the new Package tab created by SmartLinc, the shipment
details of the first package are displayed, including what items were packed in the box.

28 The shipment details of the second package, along with the
Lot and Serial Numbers are displayed. The order is now ready for instant invoicing.

29 To Learn more, contact… 888-324-7877 or 414-298-9999
SmartLinc, Inc. Your Sage 300 ERP Reseller


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