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Automated Warehouse Planning System AutoScheduler Copyright © 2002

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1 Automated Warehouse Planning System AutoScheduler Copyright © 2002

2 2 AutoScheduler Plans all Activities in a Warehouse or Campus of Facilities AutoScheduler Is a WMS add-on AutoScheduler Uses expert rule-driven planning engine to: Set inventory levels Schedule picking, inbound and outbound shipments Assign trailers, and dock doors

3 3 AutoSchedulers Goals: Meet Customer Requirements + High productivity AutoScheduler efficiently uses constrained resources: People (Pickers, loaders, etc) Lift trucks Dock doors Staging space Results: lower cost, better customer service

4 4 AutoScheduler Coordinates ALL Activities Receiving Where? When? What inventory level? Case Picking Replenish inventory? Loading Time? People etc? But it all ties back: you cant load material that has not been picked! Which receipts? From Where?

5 5 AutoScheduler Coordinates Activities AutoScheduler reduces complexity and management effort in large, complicated operations. It would be easy if there were one product and one customer

6 6 …but Complexity Makes it Hard Manufacturing takes over warehouse space So outside warehouses are added

7 7 … The Right Product is Never in the Right Place So product is moved out...and then it is moved back to get the right mix

8 8 Coordinating Activities LoadingUnloading Production Cross Docking Direct line loading

9 9..and There are Never Enough Resources This much Work But never enough of forklifts, people, dock doors or inventory

10 10 …worse, Many Resources are Competed for Storage/Retrieval Loading Unloading Line take away

11 11 Planning all the Activities is a Challenge

12 12 …but the AutoScheduler Software Coordinates Everything A genius in a PC….

13 13 …but the AutoScheduler Software Coordinates Everything AutoScheduler checks every function: e.g. shipping early to use available loader time Are there enough people? Dock doors? Will it hurt another customer? Trailers? Inventory? Lift trucks?

14 14 AutoScheduler Minimizes Unproductive Activities –Administration –Storage and retrieval –Unnecessary movements –Travel –Idle time (Waiting for work or inventory) While meeting customer needs within constrained resources

15 15 Unproductive Activities Example: Storage and Retrieval of Production

16 16 Example: If it can, AutoScheduler changes Loading Times to Coincide with Production

17 17 AutoScheduler Checks all Available Information When Making a Decision Project inventory for each item in each location. Test various shipping sequences which meet customer load-times. Select best feasible shipment plan WARNING: Any Unresolvable problem !

18 18 AutoScheduler Creates Productive Use of Labor and Resources Requested shipping time Yes! Can this be moved without causing inventory shortages? congesting the dock? violating labor constraints?

19 19...and Report Usage of Resources

20 20 Major Benefits Substantially reduces planning time and effort: Plans are available very quickly AutoScheduler considers a large number of problems and mitigates them Reduces total planning effort Total loading/unloading effort is reduced: More efficient use of staff More single-move operations (dual-tasking and cross-docking) Higher peak capacity - prepares early when peak is coming

21 21 Contact Us for More Information Warehouse Optimization, LLC Phone (615) 791-8000 Email:

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