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Junior Baseball Organization (JBO)

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1 Junior Baseball Organization (JBO)
Please make sure you have: filled out an interest form picked up a season timeline a presentation packet Sponsorship brochure Filled out a volunteer application, if you are interested in coaching

2 Junior Baseball Organization (JBO)
Corvallis Association administered by the Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis Includes both CHS & CVHS

3 What is JBO? Junior Baseball Organization, Inc. is a volunteer organization providing one of the most unique frameworks in America allowing our youth to play baseball, the way it was meant to be played. In differing from traditional youth baseball leagues, JBO's rules allow the player to develop their baseball skills by playing with High School rules, namely leading off and stealing bases. There are other minor modifications to each age-division. JBO allows the player to grow with the field, as each age division plays on a field designed in size that is appropriate for his / her age. Our local sanctioned youth baseball associations throughout Oregon and southwest Washington hold "skill evaluations" and separate the players into 3 distinct age divisions, and then again into 3 distinct levels of play according to ability and experience. The player plays on a team in his local association during the regular season. Regardless of age or skill division, each player has the opportunity to advance at season's end to his / her JBO Championship Tournament with the same team he or she has played with throughout the season. This eliminates the practice of selecting all-star teams and leaving the majority of players out of post-season play. Tournament play for all ages/levels is encouraged.

4 History of JBO in Corvallis
JBO in Corvallis has been around since 1984 Affiliation with JBO in the Valley District is based on HS boundaries JBO outside of Corvallis has a stronghold in almost every community in the Valley and includes ages 9-14 The Corvallis Association will only offer the Senior Level (13-14 year olds) for 2013 season

JBO, INC. VALLEY DISTRICT Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis Administration of both programs Brian Mills - AD CVHS Coordinator Wade Perkins Senior Level Federal American National CHS Coordinator Jason Farrimond Junior & Midget (11-12) (9-10) Not offered in 2013 JBO ORGANIZATIONAL CHART We will field a minimum of one team at each of the American & National levels as registration numbers and skill levels allow. Teams can always decide to play up in the matrix that is set by JBO and determined by the number of teams in each association.

6 Age Divisions - Levels Seniors (13-14) Age as of Aug 1, 2013
Midgets (9-10) Age as of Aug 1, 2013 (Not offered in 2013) Juniors (11-12) Age as of Aug 1, 2013 (Not offered in 2013) Seniors (13-14) Age as of Aug 1, 2013 LEVELS OF PLAY Federal – Advanced – 90’ Diamond American – Intermediate – 90’ Diamond National – Competitive – 80’ Diamond Every level has a championship tournament. Corvallis has been awarded the Senior National Championship Tournament for the 4th straight year! (July 11-14th)

7 Leagues for most levels are divided into regional divisions.
Who do we play & where ? 2012 Association members: Albany, Cascade, Central, Central Linn, Corvallis, Dallas, Keizer, Lebanon, McKay, Mill City, Monroe, Philomath, Scio, South Salem, Stayton, Sweet Home, West Salem Leagues for most levels are divided into regional divisions. Home games are played at Williams Field and in some cases at the high schools. We have two full sized fields, one that is lighted and have complete control of scheduling.

8 2012 Valley District JBO Divisions
Senior Federal Junior American Junior National North Junior National South Midget American Midget National North Midget National East Midget National West Senior American North Senior American South Junior National East Junior National West Senior National North Senior National East Senior National West 16 Divisions – 110 Teams in 2012

9 Williams Field Complex
Ownership (We do not share space) Maintenance (BGCC & Volunteers) Use/Scheduling (BGCC has full access) Yearly Cost – 20K per year Equipment – up to date, most new last 3 years Lights – play more games, benefit of JBO Design – can accommodate various levels Concessions – Permanent onsite Selected to host multiple Championship tournaments (2013 Sr. National has been awarded)

10 Differences in rules/field design
JBO rules are based on NHSF (High School) Each age division will have modified rules according to skill level Playing under these rules, best prepares the player for the next level. Leading off, stealing and pitchers having to learn to hold runners, is essential to having success at higher levels. Fields in JBO are designed to grow with the player’s age/ability Midget level plays on a 60ft diamond with 45ft pitching Junior level plays on a 70ft diamond with 50ft pitching Senior level plays on a 90ft /60’6” diamond at Federal & American level and 80ft/55ft at the National level. This format allows the player to gradually adjust as they get older, rather than trying to make a jump from 60’ to 90’ diamonds in less than a year.

11 Pitching / Batting regulations
Pitching regulations vary by Age/Division Innings are based on seven consecutive days The district monitors the innings pitched Scores and innings pitched are published on the online scheduling site JBO has an all players bat policy Minimum play time is 6 defensive outs for all levels.

12 Tournaments Invitational Tournaments Offered throughout the season
Corvallis will usually host 1-2 a year Fees are extra Williams field has been the host for the Championship tournament for the year old for the last 4 years.

13 League Format/Post Season
Leagues are formed by region within the Valley District Most age divisions are in a North/South alignment The Valley District holds “playoff” tournaments to determine who will represent the Valley District at the Championship tournament The league schedule is important, as every team has the opportunity to win a division, play in the district tournament and advance to the Championship tournament by winning at those levels The focus of JBO is on the Team – you start on a team and you finish on the same team To be eligible for any post season, players must be legally on the roster and play in 50% of league games.

14 What’s new for 2013? CHS & CV will be their own associations
Each group will have a coordinator to train and oversee coaches so that all players, regardless of skill, will benefit with involvement from the HS programs All teams will have similar uniforms with variations of colors, if necessary Programs will practice together as a group to maximize exposure to coaches and to effectively use resources such as cages and fields. All teams will play the majority of their home games and practice at Williams Field

15 Season Time Frame Workouts for Senior Level will start week of March 4
Teams will be formed the week April 1st Parent info meeting April 3rd Field Work day April 13th Uniform distribution, 2nd field workday Pictures, MLB Pitch, Hit, Run April 27th Games can start as early as May 6th Memorial Day Tournament May 25-27th Schools out for summer tournament June 22-23 Regular Season ends early/mid July, post season tournaments can be held as late as July 21st

16 Team Formation Senior Level
All players will report to workouts starting the week of March 4th. Player will be assigned to either the CVHS or CHS camp according to their HS boundaries. All players will continue to workout as a group until April, at which time rosters will be formed. The HS coordinators and AD will make the determination as to where teams will be placed according to the skill level of each team. If an association decides to field a Federal Level Team, additional fees will be charged to cover the cost of tournaments and HS association umpires. This fee is determined by the team. The BGCC athletic department reserves the right to modify, add or move players or teams at any time to align with our goal of creating safe, fun and quality programs.

17 Senior Team Formation according to JBO Matrix
Number of teams fielded by association Federal American National 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

18 Coaching requirements
All coaches and assistants are required to submit to a background check Coaches are required to provide practice plans Communication is of high importance from the Club – Coach – Parent – Player Training opportunities are offered throughout the season Coaches will be guided and mentored by HS coordinators

19 Coaching and Volunteer Opportunities
These are the minimum position team requirements from families involved in the JBO program. 1 -Manager (Head Coach) 1 or more Assistant coaches 1-Uniform Coordinator 1-Communications Coordinator 1-2 Head Score Keepers/Stat keeper 1-2 Home scoreboard operator 2-6 Field prep/shutdown 1-5 Concessions help

20 Sponsorship Opportunities
We need sponsors to help offset the cost of running our baseball program. Baseball Team sponsorship is $500 (This includes, name/logo on Jersey, Name on League wide scheduling site. New all weather sign hung on field for entire season, thank you plaque with team photo. Mention in the quarterly Gazette Times BGCC insert) Field Sponsorship $1000 per year (one available) Dugout Sponsors $200 per year with a 3 year commitment

21 Can a player play both Little League and JBO?
NO – The 2013 season will not have an overlap with any age group. Any player who is on a Little League roster will not be allowed to play on a JBO team. The focus of each of the associations is to provide a high quality , comprehensive youth baseball program, with an obligation to field teams to participate the Valley League. We want players and teams 100% committed to our program, as we promote a “team” first participation policy. We operate under a framework that works in every other community that we compete against. We will not customize our program for individual players.

22 Costs Senior level - $165 base price, there are additional fees for the Federal level (determined by team) Club membership is no longer required Fees for all levels include full uniforms, umpires, administration costs, field maintenance, utilities and supplies. This fee does not cover the “actual” cost associated with baseball. Hosted tournaments are run to help offset costs, teams will be required to help with tournaments Scholarships are available to families Finances will not prohibit a player from participating

23 Equipment Batting cage on site, pitching machines, tees, screen are available The BGCC will provide teams with: Bats, practice balls, catchers equipment, helmets, gear bags, scorebooks, lineup boards, med kits Bats: The 2013 season will require all game bats to be either BBCOR or BPF 1.15 certified. Older bats can still be used in practice. Helmets: We encourage all players to purchase their own helmet, for sanitary reasons. Players will need to provide: Gloves, practice pants, cleats (metal can be used in all levels of the senior division)

24 Field Use & Access Players will be required to manicure fields after use. This cuts down on labor and material costs and prepares them for what is expected at the HS level. The fields that they play on, are for them, so routine maintenance is expected from everyone that uses them. Parents are welcome to help with this, but it shouldn’t be the norm.

25 How do I sign up for JBO? You may register starting January 30th online, or in person during business hours. Players registered on time will be placed on a team, regardless of skill. It is extremely important that all players are registered on time, as it helps us to determine coaching needs as well as facility usage

26 Summary Players will be assigned to one of two associations, based on where they live (HS boundaries) Players will work out as a group and then be put on teams according to skill level Fields grow with age skill Traditional baseball rules Program is designed to prepare players for the next level Majority of season is in better weather Start with team finish with team Tournaments are encouraged Play against kids with similar skill from the entire Valley Williams Field – Lighted, well maintained Program and team philosophy of each HS

27 Questions? Resources:
Brian W. Mills – Athletic Director, Jason Farrimond – CHS coordinator, Wade Perkins – CVHS coordinator,

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