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2 MAJORS League All teams play in the MAJORs

3 Main Differences between Leagues
MAJORS League W.S.Y.B.L. Age Based (cut off date May 1st) Grade Based – Newly Changed No Residency Restriction Community Based U9/U10 46’ Mound & 65’ Bases 3rd Grade 46’ Mound & 60’ Bases A/B/C/D Divisions “A”, “B” Divisions at U-10 Leadoff and Stealing U-11 Lead-off and stealing U-10 16-18 Regular season games 22-24 Regular season Games 3-4 Tournaments 4-5 Tournaments

4 Pumas Team Goals and Focus
U Play .500 Baseball or Better U Play .500 Baseball or Better U Win League Championship U Continue to narrow the gap U Continue to narrow the gap U Have our boys ready for High School Pumas Organization will field 6 Teams for 2014 U-9 thru U-14

5 Player Fees $275 Team Membership fee Uniform - $125
$20 Hegan’s Indoor Batting Practice Golf Cards – 3 per player or $30 buyout Helfaer Field Game - $40 (TBD) Additional Tournaments (TBD) Likely another $50 per player

6 Player Fees Comparison
BOSS - $600 (cost listed as not less than $600 with uniform)  Martin Luther Jr Spartans - $550  Waukesha Blazers - $450  Waukesha Braves - $450  Kettle Moraine - $300  New Berlin Heat - $275 New Berlin Magic - $200 Muskego Warriors - $200

7 Uniforms Hat Jersey Belt Pants Socks Black Tee

8 Fundraising Pumas Open Golf Outing Golf Cards
Each team is responsible for 7 foursomes $85/golfer Over $3k in raffle/silent auction items Golf Cards 3 cards per player or $30 buyout

9 Parent’s Responsibility
Work with your boys outside of practice Show up on time Talk with your coach for what this means Sit in the stands and cheer your son Communicate with your coach Volunteer

10 Parents Volunteers Volunteers needed Uniform/Spiritwear – 2 per team
Assist with ordering/fulfilling Pumas Open Need volunteers to organize and run the day Need volunteers to get raffle items Organize baskets from each team (booze is always king!)

11 Player’s Responsibility
Have Fun Sportsmanship Team work Attitude Discipline Fun – Our primary goal is to have fun, while trying our best at all times. Although we all want to win, we will not sacrifice our primary goal. Baseball is a fun sport with lasting memories and friendships. Sportsmanship - We will exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. Whether winning or losing, whether performing well or struggling and regardless of how our competitors treat us, we will ALWAYS exhibit good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship requires respect toward teammates, coaches, competitors and umpires at all times. Attitude – Attitude is a decision and attitude is contagious. Each player is expected to strive for the best, most positive attitude at all times. Each player is expected to act as a positive role model for their teammates. Positive attitudes lead to more fun and more winning. Teamwork - Baseball is a team sport with individual contributions. In order to succeed, we must approach the game with hard work and respect. If a teammate is having a tough day or struggling in the field or at the plate, it is our responsibility as a good teammate to do our best to make them feel better. If a teammate does well, it is our responsibility to recognize his achievements. Treat each other as close friends at all times. Discipline – Each player is expected to approach each practice and each game with a serious, hard-working approach. Although having fun is our primary goal, we must pay attention at all times, listen to each coach, hustle at all times (in practice, during pre-game drills, when winning and when losing). Although each player posses different skill levels, the coaches expect EVERY player to approach this season with a high level of discipline and respect.

12 2013 Accomplishments U9’s U10’s U12 U13 2013 Yellow Jackets Champions
New Berlin Heat Home Run Derby Champion – Alex “AK” Korom U10’s 2013 Yellow Jackets Second Place 2013 MAJORs Second Place for Season and Playoffs 2013 New Berlin Heat Consolation Runner Up U12 2013 New Berlin Heat Consolation Champions U13 2013 BOSS Highlander Battle 3rd Place 2013 MAJOR’s Champions

13 2013 Accomplishments Website for all teams

14 2013 Accomplishments Second annual Pumas Open 31 foursomes

15 2013 Accomplishments Added U13 Team to the Organization

16 2013 Accomplishments Trademark of the Pumas Logo Filed for 501c3
Allows a write off on donations Increase credibility Scoreboard Park and Recreation Commission Approval

17 2013 Accomplishments Dugouts Dugout refresh Bat Holders

18 2013 Accomplishments Partner with Hegan’s
Three – one hour batting cage sessions a week $20 per player additional fee

19 2014 Goals Sell out the Pumas Open Organization sponsored U12 Trip
Battle of Omaha Louisville Tournament U8 Team 2014 Tournament Requires all in the org to help

20 2014 Goals Batting Cages High school Baseball Boosters
All proceeds from golf cards going for cages High school Baseball Boosters Ike interested in feeder system and support

21 Tryouts Standard Tryouts Standard Scorecards Top 8 automatically in
Multi Team assessments Sunday After Heat and Magic Tryouts

22 Budget Each team has a budget $3540 Collected with Hegan’s fee
$3380 Expenses $1200 allocated for tournaments $160 reserve All teams play in playoffs – need some cushion for those game Indoor Practice covered by Organization $600 per team

23 Concussion Concussion Info on Website Link to Online form
Flyer for parent/player/coach Link to Online form All players/parents need to complete prior to indoor

24 Special Announcement $1,000 Donation to build batting cage at Buena Park

25 Questions


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