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March 10, 2011.  Interest and Abilities  Equipment and Supplies  Scheduling  Facilities  Coaching  Publicity  Medical and Training Services.

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1 March 10, 2011

2  Interest and Abilities  Equipment and Supplies  Scheduling  Facilities  Coaching  Publicity  Medical and Training Services

3 PopulationParticipation Boys - 200750% 55% Girls- 200750% 45% Boys – 201054% 58% Girls- 201046% 42%

4 BoysGirls Enrollment779664 Participation729531 % Participating 93.6%80.0% Number of Sports 12 12 Number of Teams 31 29

5  MIHS ◦ Based on a new interest survey add additional girls teams or sports to meet the need. ◦ Improve the program to attract and retain girls in the sports program.  IMS ◦ The middle school sports program should attract and retain girls in sports when they transition to High School. ◦ Conduct an interest survey at IMS. ◦ Add more organized sports at IMS.

6 Conducted a High School Interest Survey Added a 2 nd girls soccer C team (one year) Added a 2 nd girls volleyball C team Identified Badminton and Bowling as areas of interest Other areas of possible interest: o Slow-pitch Softball o Competitive Stunt o Cheer

7 Community Sports Program at the Middle School Interscholastic Sports at the Middle School Cross Country – Girls 45 Boys 55 Volleyball – Girls 45 Wrestling – Boys 45 Track and Field – Girls 35 Boys 45 IMS does not cut in any of these sports Other IMS sports programs Running club for all students (winter) Summer volleyball clinic for girls Promote participation thru assemblies/announcement s

8  Provide Title IX training for coaches and administrators to ensure everyone understands the requirements and the process for obtaining needed equipment and supplies.  Review equipment and supplies inventories to ensure equity in what is supplied by the district in terms of uniforms and safety gear.

9 We eliminated the disparity between boys and girls by: Providing uniforms for girls’ volleyball Providing uniforms for girls’ basketball Moving boys’ and girls’ golf to an identical process for purchasing uniforms Providing personal safety gear for the girls’ softball team (helmets, face guards, catchers gear)

10  Move volleyball matches to a more optimal time of the week.  Play double-header basketball games like 4A

11 Prime time scheduling for girls’ volleyball was resolved by alternating prime time playing from year to year. Play Friday night basketball games as double- headers

12  Provide facilities for girls that are equitable to those provided for boys.  Improve girls facilities to enable access during inclement weather.

13 Mercer Island School District and the City of Mercer Island entered an inter-local agreement to improve the girls’ softball facility with: Covered Batting Cage Covered Dug-Out Scoreboard Outfield Fencing Warning Track Concessions Replaced the field turf in the High School Stadium and added girls’ lacrosse lines Redesigned High School Gym basketball hoops to remove interference with girls’ volleyball

14  Work with band directors to ensure that all sports are attended equally.  Create an organized MIHS Pep Club to help cheerleaders with signs, goody bags, posters, and attendance at girls’ sports.  Add Sports Information Director position to leadership team to make sure that communication for all sports is addressed.  Show Video Clips on morning announcements for all sports to help promote attendance

15 Band directors have divided band members to cover regular season sports equally. Cheerleaders are scheduled for varsity girls’ events. Cheerleaders ensure signs, goody bags, and posters are equitable. Ryan Roulliard fulfilled the role of Sports Information Director position. When possible, video clips are shown on morning announcements for all sports

16  District support is needed to hire and/or recruit volunteer coaches for some girls sports.  Create a formula for a required number of team coaches.  The district should create common standards and hiring policies for boys’ and girls’ coaches (paid and volunteer coaches).

17 Coaches Added for Girls Sports Gymnastics – Added additional coach Golf - Added a junior varsity team with an additional golf coach, 3 volunteers Volleyball - Added an additional team and coach, if turnout is sufficient and added 2 volunteers Basketball – Added 2 paid coaches and one volunteer coach Softball – Added one paid coach and one part-time coach Swimming – Added 2 coaches Tennis – Added 1 coach All coaching positions (paid and volunteer) must be approved by the district

18 The district eliminated the disparity created by the Trainer attending the boys’ basketball winter break tournament. The trainer no longer attends. Trainer went with girls basketball team to Phoenix in December and to Marysville for State in March.

19  New Sports Badminton Bowling Slow-pitch Softball Competitive Stunt Cheer Additional Volleyball Team Others  Recruitment for Current Sports Islander Middle School Mercer Island High School  Other

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