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Burnsville Athletic Club In-House Baseball Coaches Meeting March 13, 2013.

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1 Burnsville Athletic Club In-House Baseball Coaches Meeting March 13, 2013

2 Team Structure Head Coach Assistant Coach Team Manager Players Parents

3 Rookie Coach 1988

4 Head Coach Commits to the Team Ensure availability for most practices and games Sets practice schedule/structure Instills philosophy of game to coaches/players Communicates to parents Background checks/Concussion testing

5 Coaching Tree

6 Assistant Coaches Commits to the Team Coordinate with other assistants so that Head Coach always has help at practices Commits to being at most games/practices Has an understanding of the game and can teach young ballplayers the fundamentals with patience.

7 Team Manager Calling Tree/E-mail List Picture Day Treat List Relays information from Coach to parents Team party or other fun events

8 Players Have fun Learn the game Learn sportsmanship, work ethic, and teamwork

9 All Levels - Parents Communicate more, not less Plan a start of the season meeting where you: – Hand out contact info for coaches/players – Agree on method of communication – Request parents contact coach for missed practices and games. Repeated missed practices can result in limited playing time(contact league director) – Players need to have a fun, positive experience. 75% of players will not be playing after age 13, and we want to encourage players to come back

10 Parents – During the Season Address discipline with players privately, involving parents where need be Head Coach is responsible for the Parents! Individual parent complaints – address as quickly as possible, in private. If you feel a situation is developing, do not hesitate contacting the League Director.

11 Practices Minimum one practice per week, practice prior to a game does not count. Start of practice talk – what will we do today Team run or warm up drill Break up into stations, keep kids moving Work on one skill in each station per day-rotate End of practice talk; what did we learn today Drills

12 Mites Position in the field – Infield/outfield, BAC allows an extra outfielder. Proper location for each position Throwing the ball – Proper mechanics/form and proper grip on the ball Hitting the ball – proper mechanics/form, stance is important at this level Fielding the ball – ready position, proper form Running – Which base to run to, when you can run, and base coach responsibilities.

13 Game Time!

14 Game Structure Line-up and Fielding Order – Done before game time, ensure rotation is followed with infield/outfield and sitting time – Fielding Safety – 1 st base and pitching, two positions where players are likely to get hard hit and thrown balls. – Batting Order – rotating order or continuous from game to game

15 Game Structure - Coaches Base Coaches – Know the rules for advancing runners Bench Coach – Keep batting order, ensure players are ready to hit(on deck), keep order on the bench Pitching Coach – Make sure they can throw strikes Head Coach -Keep the game moving by having players(defense, catcher) ready. Keep your cool, set an example.

16 Game Structure - Mites Liberal player rotation Resist temptation to allow better players to play only premium positions Safety of players at pitch and first positions Mites play 4 players in the outfield Pre K/K gets 5 pitches and then an option to hit from the tee.

17 Squirts Keeping Score – 8 runs per inning maximum – Can stop game after 5 innings, coaches should meet to agree on score in case both coaches agree to play the 6 th inning – Report scores ASAP – Player Pitch 2 nd half of season

18 Squirts -Rotation in the Field Players must play 4 innings, 1 in the infield, and catcher does not count Squirts is a developmental league, it is important that players are given the opportunity to play all positions. Try not to hide kids or keep better players at the better positions Pitch, 1 st – Safety of fielders

19 Add PDF for player rotation

20 Squirts – Base Running Players cant leadoff until ball is hit Base coaches must be aware of advancement rules Try NOT to run kids in situations that take advantage of weaker fielders/throwers No runners allowed to advance once ball is in control of the infielder and in the base lines

21 Squirts - Coach Pitch Distance is 35 and should be measured prior to game and a line drawn. Exception for kids who have a hard time hitting the ball, discussed in the pregame meeting with the other coach Batters encouraged to be aggressive Coach/Pitcher must be able to throw strikes consistently. No coaching of batters while ball is on the way.

22 Rain Out Procedure -All Age Levels Rain Out Procedure – Head coach responsible for checking field – Contact visiting coach to discuss field conditions – Voicemail/e-mail is not considered good contact for postponement of games – Reschedule game as soon as possible, this is the responsibility of the home team. Contact the league director if you are the visiting coach and are having trouble getting a game rescheduled

23 Squirts - Umpires Umpires at this level are 1 st year umps Allow the umps to make the calls Try to discuss calls between innings No intimidating umpires, in a couple of years this may be your child wearing the blue shirt!

24 Coaching - Conclusion HAVE FUN Be a Mentor – the kids will remember you for years to come, and the positive lessons you teach them go well beyond winning and losing. Teach sportsmanship in losing and humility in winning Your job is to create ballplayers and memories

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