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6 th Annual Winter Meeting. 3 2 1 Introductions 2010.............The Year in Review 2011…………The Season Ahead.

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1 6 th Annual Winter Meeting

2 3 2 1 Introductions 2010.............The Year in Review 2011…………The Season Ahead

3 Introductions 6 th Annual Baseball Winter Meeting Previous meetings provided….. –Facility improvement input –Branding initiatives Clothing, concessions, atmosphere –Rule changes –Improved communication –Fundraising –Growth Your input, hard work and willingness to change

4 Introductions Important Data –Participant Growth 40%....since 2005 –Park Improvements All fields renovated since 2005 Only 50/70 program in county Only roofed/lighted batting cage in county Best concessions in ENC –Baseball Destination Recreation Ball All Star Tournaments Travel Ball

5 2010….The Year In Review Participation –503 kids participated in spring baseball –171 participate in fall baseball –5 fields prepared for 890 games and practices Hosted 2 all star tournaments and 8 travel tournaments……338 games!!! –Over 200 volunteer coaches. –Almost $50,000 in gross concession stand sales for 4 years straight!

6 Regular Season 75% of participants signed up online! Parity reigns in Winterville –Only 1 team didn’t win a game out of 25 (7-12yrs old) teams. Everyone else at least won 2 games. –No team went undefeated and 11 teams won 10+ games Great Crowds! Family Atmosphere Weekend Baseball Continues to be a Success More Games = More Fun! Coaching Certification Compliant 50/70 baseball continues to be a huge success THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE DURING CONSTRUCTION!!!

7 2010 All Star Highlights 8u Rookie All Star Team –Finished 2 nd District 5 –2nd at ENC State Tournament –Earned trip to Regional's in Winterville. –Finished in the top 4!! –Best Finish Ever at a Regional! 9u All Stars –Won District 5 –Competitive at ENC State Tournament

8 2010 All Star Highlights 10u All Stars –Won District 5 –2nd at ENC State –Invited to Regional and finished 4 th 11u All Stars –Finished 2 nd at ENC State 12u All Stars –Finished 3rd at ENC State

9 All Star Team Accomplishments 10 District 5 Titles in 5 years 4 ENC State Runner ups 3 teams earning berths to SE Regional's 3 teams invited to Regional's

10 Winterville….an All Star Destination Hosted 6 District 5 Tournaments in 5 years. 6 ENC State Tournaments in 5 years! 3 Southeast Regional's in 6 years. Great Crowds & Lots of Fun for all in attendance. Huge Fundraiser for the Department.

11 Final All Star Comment Over 294 kids eligible for All Stars in 2010 –Of that 73 made 1 of the 6 teams That’s means 76% of the kids in our league don’t make All Stars! Growth Equals Challenges –Making a postseason team becomes harder, it should not equate to unhappiness in ones experience. –Without volunteers, these tournaments would not be successful!

12 2011 Projection 100 Players 9 teams Unchanged 6 coaching vacancies 2011 Projection 120 players 9 teams Unchanged 5 coaching vacancies 2011 Projection 100 Players 10 teams Unchanged 2011 Projection 72 Players 6 teams Unchanged 5 coaching vacancies Pee WeeMajor Rookie Minor 2011…..The Season Ahead

13 Important Topics –Online Registration (see demo) –Pitt Community College Softball Team –Field Space should not be as big an issue as in the past –Coaching Certifications Required for manager and assistants –Background Checks You MUST apply to be a coach! $10 charge this year for the background check.

14 2011…..The Season Ahead Important Topics –Grounds keeping Fields, Cages, Litter –Press Box Issues Scorekeepers –Travel Baseball Tournaments Not official, however looks like 8 this year. –Sammy Harrel Youth Baseball Scholarship Awarded to 1-2 youth annually each spring

15 Online Registration

16 2011…..The Season Ahead Rule Changes Being Considered –Less leniency for poor coaching and parenting behavior –Date of Pitching Machine Speed Change (8u) –Rookie league extra base rule –All Star Playing Time Rule….thoughts

17 2011 Important Dates Online Registration Begins Jan 18, 2011 Player Evaluations Feb 4-6 at Winterville Rec Park –Yes that’s outside! Drafts: 8u (Feb 15), 10u (Feb 16), 12u (Feb 17). Practice officially begins Feb 22 2nd. Pre-season Tournament –March 18-21 / If No Travel Ball Tournament Opening Day Ceremonies: March 25 End of Season Tourneys June 1-5 All Star Vote…..June 5 All Star Practices open June 7

18 2011 Tournament Dates District Tournament Locations –8u …………....TBA –9u…………….TBA –10u …………..TBA –11u 46/60….…TBA –12u 46/60…….TBA –No District for 11/12 50/70 teams –My guess is all districts will begin week of July 4 th. ENC State Tournaments –Winterville hosting 8u –Dates are TBA but expect it to be 1 st week of July.

19 Comment Period Email all comments no later than January 1, 2011! Rules will be published January 14, 2011


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