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WAHC12U 2012-2013 12 U Informational Meeting Tuesday, October 16, 7:30 pm.

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1 WAHC12U U Informational Meeting Tuesday, October 16, 7:30 pm

2 WAHC12U Agenda 1.Club Philosophy/Vision 2.Player/Teams Update 3.Coaching Update 4.This Season 5.Administrative Information 6.Discussion and Questions

3 WAHC12U The WAHC Mission Statement The Woodbury Area Hockey Club aims to provide the most gratifying and rewarding youth hockey experience for players, parents and coaches seeking either the best competitive or recreational athletic experience in a positive, developmental environment at a reasonable expense.

4 WAHC12U Club Philosophy / Vision

5 WAHC12U Furthermore…

6 WAHC12U Club Philosophy / Vision

7 WAHC12U Player/Teams Update Registered Players 40 Skaters 3 Goalies 3 Teams 12 A 12B Black 12B Royal

8 WAHC12U Coaching Selection Process Solicit applications/resumes – began in June Determine interview team Determine decision criteria and weighting of importance Score resume criteria Determine candidates to interview Conduct interviews Score interview results Rank candidates based on total score of resume and interview Communicate to club Notify top candidate that they will coach a team (team level TBD) Communicate to other candidates

9 WAHC12U Coaching Selection Criteria Selection was based on several factors (Resume and Interview): Hockey Coaching Experience Certification Playing Experience Other coaching experience Head coach experience Experience coaching at the 12U level Female non-parent coach experience Leadership Organization Hockey Coaching Skills

10 WAHC12U Coaching Update Interviews concluded and candidates ranked. The number one ranked candidate for the 12U group has been identified and notified as: Mike Johnson Tryouts will determine the placement of Mike and the rest of the coaches based on the rankings and daughter placements.

11 WAHC12U This Season Pre-Season Camps (coming to an end) Tryouts Tournaments Ice Hours and Arenas

12 WAHC12U Pre-season Camps Ends October 17 Off-ice + On-ice = Prepared players for the season

13 WAHC12U Tryouts Will Donovan Girls Tryout Director

14 WAHC12U Tryout Dates 10/17 7:20 PM GOALIE ONLY (PW, 10U, 12U, 14U) 10/27 08:05 PM (75 min) 10/28 12:35 PM (75 min) Cut to 20 skaters and 2 goalies; 12A coach announced 10/30 05:20 PM to 06:20 PM (60 min) 12A coach part of the 3 rd day evaluation All sessions are at Bielenberg.

15 WAHC12U Tryout Process Guidelines Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your session to check in and receive assigned jersey. Tryout dress code Players must wear WAHC colors (black helmet, black pants, blue and white socks - both of same color/type and skate laces must be black or white). Numerical order Players must stay in numerical order at all times Players who do not follow order will be asked to leave after one warning.

16 WAHC12U Tryout Particulars 4-6 Evaluators Attempt to have non WAHC evaluators Involved all 3 days Days 1 & 2 will consist of skill & competitive play. Day 3 the 12A coach is involved. Final team posting for the A team and the B teams will be available on the WAHC website by 7 a.m. the day after Day 3.

17 WAHC12U Tournament Dates 12B Black: 11/24/12 Edina 01/19/13 Duluth 2/16/13 Sweetheart 12A: 12/8/12 Centennial 1/19/13 Duluth 2/16/13 Sweetheart The Club covers the cost of the entrance fee for 4 tournaments (3 invitational and districts). If the teams move on to Region and State, the Club will cover the entrance fee for those tournaments 12B Royal: 12/8/12 Centennial 1/19/13 Chippewa Falls 2/16/13 Sweetheart

18 WAHC12U Ice and Arenas Number of ice hours = 93 + away scrimmages 40 Hours Shared Ice 20 Hours Dedicated Ice 16 District Games 14 Estimated Tournament Games 3 Hours of In-season Hockey Development Arenas Bielenberg (42%) Wakota (20%) Harding which includes off ice opportunity (38%)

19 WAHC12U WAHC Website Team:Girls:12U Info

20 WAHC12U Communications/Have Questions?? Jen Bettencourt Administrative Assistant Shantel Rivard SR Director – Hockey Development - Girls Dave Werner Girls Director 12U/14U

21 WAHC12U Discussion & Questions

22 WAHC12U Ten reasons to use all your eligibility at the club level before going HS 1.The club follows the USA Hockey Development Model which is researched based and our countries best practices bible 2.Leadership experience gained 3.Confidence built 4.Strength/size of players of the same age 5.Tournament experience – some best memories 6.Locker room conversations are age appropriate 7.Costs in some cases less when calculated per hour 8.Winning with development in mind 9.Quality coaching; Hearing different quality hockey voices 10.Playing 14U prepares you for HS and beyond

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