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Meet Directors Guide Steps for Running a Efficient and Effective Swim Meet.

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2 Meet Directors Guide Steps for Running a Efficient and Effective Swim Meet

3 Meet Directors Info Administration -> Meet Directors

4 Important Dates Swim Meet Bid/ Application for Sanction Due Before Spring Coaches Meeting June 1 st Meet Notice (DRAFT) Submitted by e-mail non PDF Format Before HOD Meet Director must be an MSI Certified Meet Director and must be Registered. Meet Safety Director must be Registered before sanction can be given

5 Important Dates Meet Notice – Posting 60 Days Before Meet and Meet Events File (MM) – Posting 30 – 60 Days Before Meet USA Swimming – SWIMS Recon 10 – 15 Days Before Swim meet

6 Technical Planning Goal Maryland Swimming Scheduled Meets September – December Posted by October 1 st January – March Posted by December 1 st April – July Posted by March 1st

7 Who’s in Charge? Meet Director & Coaches Meet Safety Director Equipment Operators Volunteer Coordinator Safety Marshals Lifeguards Facilities Timing Equipment Computer (MM) Announcer Timers Clerk of Course Concessions Awards Set-Up/ Break-Down Meet Referee Starters Referees Stroke & Turns

8 Certified Meet Director ( Coach or Volunteer) Reserving Facilities Meet Notice Meet Manager Database Volunteers Communication Sales Running the Meet

9 Registered Safety Director ( Coach or Volunteer) Pool is Safe –Pool & Facilities Functional –Pool Chemistry –Monitoring Athletes & Non-Athletes Safety & Emergency Action Plan Lifeguard On-Duty –Warm-Up/ Entire Meet Safety Marshals –No Parents in Competition Area First Aid Equipment

10 Meet Equipment Operators ( Coach or Volunteer) Setting Up Timing Equipment Testing –Test Start –Timing System Communication –Display Computer - Meet Manager –Get Times –Back-Up

11 Facilities Reserved & Capable Timing Equipment –Pads, Buttons, Watches, Timing System Safety Equipment –Lifeguard, Back Board, First Aid Kits, AED Seating Arrangements Custodial & Facility Operators

12 Meet Notice What Type of Meet? –SCY, LCM, Timed Finals, P/F Qualifying Time Standards Location Entry Limits & Restrictions Rules – USA Swim/ MD Swim/ Host Entry Information –e-mail, entry deadline, proof of times, fees

13 Meet Manager Database Created after Meet Notice – Finalized Reflects everything in the Meet Notice Back-ups Purge/ Old Databases Import –Meet Entries, Time Standards, Records Export –Meet Recon, Meet Exceptions, Meet Results

14 Volunteers Officials –Starter, Referee, Stroke & Turn Timing System & Computer (MM) Check-In, Announcing, Results Timers (2 per lane) –Head Timer, Relief Timers Clerk of Course Safety Marshals

15 Volunteers Cont. Concessions –Food, Programs, Apparel, Contests Awards Hospitality Set–Up Crew Break–Down Crew Other

16 Communication With: Coaches & Teams –Entries, Payments –Meet Changes –Warm-Up Times –Final Results –Coaches Packets Officials –Confirm with Referee Meet Volunteers –Confirm with Coordinator

17 Sales Programs –Full Meet or by Sessions Concessions –Available & Reasonably Priced Swim Equipment & Meet Apparel –CYS –Metro Swim Shop –Meadowbrook –Swim Pro

18 Running the Meet Check Lists –1 Month Out, 1 Week Out, 1 Day Out Equipment Test –Timing Pads, Buttons & Scoreboard –Watches 4 Hour Sessions –Timeline Relax & Have Fun Its all for the Swimmers!

19 Post Meet Wrap-Up (No later than 30 days following meet) ALL Post Meet information needs to be sent to: Maryland Swimming Office P.O. Box 255 Shrewsbury, PA 17361 Must include (all): Copy of Accounting Form Check (made out to Maryland Swimming) Report from Meet Manager Showing # Swimmers by Club Signed (by referee) Sessions Time Line Sheets

20 Post Meet Wrap-Up (No later than 30 days following meet) ALL Results, MM Back-Ups & TM need to be sent to: ALL TM Results need to be sent to: Fred Manning

21 Changes Update Meet Notice Throughout Meet –Format/ Set-Up –Add/ Subtract Events –Unique to the Meet Dog Bone Heats –What Worked Can Improve On –What Didn’t Work Can Improve On

22 Training & Retaining Volunteers Recruit, Recruit, Recruit SHADOWING Timing System Computer & Meet Manager Safety Marshals Officials

23 Questions? Patrick Underwood Matthew McDonough

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