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Cooperstown Dreams Park 2010 Parent Prospectus. Cooperstown: The Beauty Located in the legendary home of baseball, Cooperstown Dreams Park (CDP) is a.

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1 Cooperstown Dreams Park 2010 Parent Prospectus

2 Cooperstown: The Beauty Located in the legendary home of baseball, Cooperstown Dreams Park (CDP) is a premier 22-field youth baseball tournament facility. Since 1996, the Cooperstown Dreams Park Experience offers more than baseball. This cultural and life- enriching experience for both team and family members will create memories that will last a lifetime. Cooperstown Dreams Park offers players a chance to succeed, to savor their moment in the spotlight and to feel the excitement of success. Cooperstown Dreams Park promotes a healthy spirit of competition, while at the same time always maintaining traditional values and integrity of the game. Many coaches and parents have described their week at Cooperstown Dreams Park as the highlight of their child's life. It is that spirit that has made Cooperstown Dreams Park the "Crown Jewel of Youth Baseball." Cooperstown Dreams Park takes pride in keeping the tradition of America's game, baseball,in its purest form.

3 Teams from across the nation and around the world gather here each year to participate in this, “The Greatest Tournament in America.” Teams, their coaches and the umpires stay in the Baseball Village (similar to an “Olympic Village”) for six nights and seven days. Athletes are chaperoned by their coaches at all times. Families stay separately from the team. Cooperstown Dreams Park provides an “All-Inclusive” package for each coach and player during their stay at the park. Tournaments run each week from June 2– August 31, 2012. Each tournament week begins on Saturday and ends on Friday of the following week. Our team is guaranteed a minimum of 7 games during our tournament week (weather permitting). Games usually commence on Sunday. All teams are seeded into the Championship Playoffs which usually commence on Wednesday. Cooperstown: The Basics

4 All team players, coaches and umpires are inducted into the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame during their stay at Cooperstown Dreams Park. They will also each receive the coveted American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame ring, regardless of their finish in the tournament. All team players, coaches and umpires will receive complimentary admission tickets to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Farmers’ and the Fenimore Art Museums along with a pass to ride the Cooperstown/Charlotte Valley Railroad. Each player will have a photo session with KODAK and receive personalized baseball cards. They will also receive a DVD of the Team Webcast Game and Weekly Highlights. In addition, each player will be provided with 104 Custom Team Logo pins for trading with other teams/players at the park. Players, Coaches and Umpires will also receive official Cooperstown Dreams Park game gear (both Home and Away) for the games during their camp stay. Team players have the opportunity to participate in the skills competitions including: “King of Swat,” “Around the Horn Plus,” “Road Runner,” and “Golden Arm.” Cooperstown: The Benefits

5 The Cooperstown Dreams Park Experience is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most. It is a week-long youth camp/tournament that encompasses the spirit of youth baseball today. As such, it does take an investment on the part of each player, coach, family and team to make this trip a successful one. Following is an ESTIMATED breakdown and total of the costs of the trip for each player that commits to traveling to Cooperstown Dream Park in 2012: $750Player “All-Inclusive” Package at Cooperstown Dream Park (meals, accommodations, uniforms, secondary insurance, plus more…) $500Round Trip Airfare per Person $355Each Player’s Share of Coaches’ (chaperones*) and Umpire’s trip expenses ($4,2500 total for 3 coaches/chaperones plus one required umpire divided by the 12 players that are planned to go on the trip.) $325Each Player for Other Trip Expenses including: Ground Transportation, Shipping, Team Banner, Baseball Pants, Off-Field Team Gear, etc. $1,930Total Estimated Cost for Each Player for the Cooperstown Trip *Chaperones are at a 4 to1 ratio (1 adult for every 5 players) Cooperstown: The Team Budget

6 It has been estimated using current costs and information given to us by previous families who have taken the trip, that it will cost approximately $5,000 per family of four (4) to make the Cooperstown trip. This includes one player ($2,000) and three family members. Please note that airfares have gone up steadily in recent months and this is a large factor in the pricing of a cross- country trip. Families are a big part of the Cooperstown experience, but remember, you will be FANS for the week. Your players will not be in your care or staying with you during the week. They will be housed in the Baseball Village along with their Coaches/Chaperones. Families of previous teams have encouraged the players’ families that make the trip to stay together while at Cooperstown. There are several options for that. We will need to have a plan to make reservations ASAP (using the information of which weeks we have opted to go to NY) for those family members who will accompany the team. Please be sure to consider meals, extra activities, sightseeing and souvenirs in addition to your transportation and housing when planning your personal family budget. Cooperstown: The Family Budget

7 In order for us to have a successful trip, we must each do two things: 1.Make the commitment to get each member of our team there. 2.Work together to make that commitment a reality. We are going to need everyone’s participation in the commitment and the execution of our commitment in order to give our boys and their coaches the best chance possible to meet our team goals for Cooperstown 2012 which are: 1.Make this an “Experience of a Lifetime” for everyone on the team! 2.Play every game as if it were our last. 3.Leave with no regrets. 4.Make all of our family and friends proud. We will need parents to lead and assist in the following areas: 1.Team Fundraising 2.Team Travel & Shipping Arrangements 3.Family Travel & Housing Arrangements 4.Team Gear, Pins and Banner Cooperstown: The Bottom Line

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