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CONFIDENTIAL. The Challenges Develop the next generation of value-oriented card printers Bring dual-sided card printing into the mainstream by making.

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2 The Challenges Develop the next generation of value-oriented card printers Bring dual-sided card printing into the mainstream by making it more affordable and convenient

3 CONFIDENTIAL The Result: Zebra P120 i The Most Affordable Dual-Sided Card Printer

4 CONFIDENTIAL The Next Generation of Value Printers Completely new – inside and out Small form factor based on new card feeder and card flipover subassembly designs Utilizes modern, high-strength plastics for reduced size and weight (WEEE Compliant) Modern industrial design – fits well into most office and retail environments

5 CONFIDENTIAL The Zebra P120 i Changes the Game New level of affordability – more than $700 less than the next cheapest dual-sided card printer –Now theres a dual-sided printer that is only $200-$500 more than a single-sided printer! Some customers will trade down from Performance-category printers like the Zebra P420i BUT… Many customers will switch from single-sided printing, now that the cost is comparable

6 CONFIDENTIAL Say Hello to the Back of the Card! 100% More Printable Area Easier to read text information Larger photos for better identification Better looking cards –Less cluttered design on the front –Functional items such as bar codes on the back –Better corporate branding –Ability to group related text information Mirror-image card design (same info on both sides) ensures that security information is always visible

7 CONFIDENTIAL P120i Information Key Message Product Advantages Product Specifications P120i Compared to P420i Customer Profile Target Markets & Applications Competitive Analysis Cost of Ownership Summary

8 CONFIDENTIAL P120i Key Message Advanced design delivers a revolutionary new dual- sided, full-color card printer at an unprecedented price point. –Affordable –Versatile –Easy-to-Use –Compact

9 CONFIDENTIAL P120i Advantages Affordable Low initial investment - 2,395 list price Intuitive design reduces training costs

10 CONFIDENTIAL P120i Advantages Versatile Dual-sided or Single-sided printing Full-color or Monochrome printing Automatic card-feed or CardSense single card-feed (field upgradeable option) Magnetic encoder, 3 track HiCo/LoCo (factory-installed, available Q1-2006)

11 CONFIDENTIAL P120i Advantages Easy-to-use Load-N-Go TM ribbon cartridge with i Series auto- ribbon detection and integrated card-cleaning roller* 16-digit LCD informs users of daily operation and routine cleaning messages Blue touch-points show users which parts are safe to touch *Patent Pending

12 CONFIDENTIAL P120i Advantages Compact Advanced compact and lightweight design fits easily into any environment Integrated card feeder and flipper components turn the card on the short side* Made from durable carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate with silicone * Patent Pending

13 CONFIDENTIAL Compact & Transportable Fits into Most Operating Environments Width: 7.9 in (201mm) Depth: 12.9 in (328mm) Height: 8.5 in (216mm) Weight: 9.5 lbs (4.3kg)

14 CONFIDENTIAL P120i Specifications 30 Sec/Card Full-Color, Single-Sided Print Speed 35 Sec/Card Full-Color front/mono reverse, Dual- Sided Print Speed 30 mil Card Thickness 100 Card-Capacity Feeder 45 Card Output Hopper Capacity USB Communication

15 CONFIDENTIAL Easier Service & Maintenance Tool-less printhead replacement Easily removable side covers Modular design for component replacement

16 CONFIDENTIAL * Patent Pending Integrated Cleaning roller Load-N-Go Ribbon Drop-in ribbon cartridge with integrated cleaning roller i Series automatic ribbon detection & auto-configuration ID Contact Chip

17 CONFIDENTIAL P120i Options CardSense TM single card-feed kit (field upgradeable) Starter Kit (200 - 30 mil PVC cards and 1 YMCKOK ribbon) Cleaning Kit contains 4 sets of long cleaning cards (print engine) and small cleaning cards (feeder) Magnetic encoder (30 mil cards only), 3 track HiCo/LoCo (factory-installed, available Q1-2006)

18 CONFIDENTIAL CardSense Single Card-feed Kit CardSense enables users to feed and return cards through the front slot of the printer (similar to how an ATM works) Ideal for businesses that use multiple card media Easy to switch between single-feed and automatic- feed modes 25 list price CONFIDENTIAL

19 Zebra TrueColours® Supplies Ribbon Cartridges –Load-N-Go ribbon cartridge with integrated card-cleaning roller –i Series technology –YMCKO: 200 cards/cartridge –YMCKOK: 165 cards/cartridge –Monochrome: 1000 cards/cartridge in black, blue, or white Cards –PVC and PVC Composite –Magnetic stripe and smart cards –30 mil card thickness

20 CONFIDENTIAL P120i Ship Kit Convenient printer driver and user documentation –Windows ® 2000 and XP (Microsoft ® Certified) –User documentation (electronic format) Quick Start (hard copy) Operator Training CD Power cord USB cable One long cleaning card (print engine), one small cleaning card (feeder) and one cleaning swab Sample test card Optional Starter Kit

21 CONFIDENTIAL Zebra P120i compared to P420i

22 CONFIDENTIAL Dual-Sided Customer Priorities P120i Value and affordability Low-to-moderate volume printing Entry-level user Small space Single card-feeding option P420i High performance and duty cycle Ethernet connection Metal case Smart card encoding Electronic lock

23 CONFIDENTIAL Value Printer for Dual-Sided Card Printing Low initial investment - 2,395 list price Intuitive easy-to-use design reduces training costs Compact size fits into most environments

24 CONFIDENTIAL P120i Customer Profile Low-to-moderate volume card printing Value conscious small-to- medium businesses and organizations Space-constrained operating area Entry-level, non-technical operators

25 CONFIDENTIAL Access and ID Card Applications

26 CONFIDENTIAL Membership Applications

27 CONFIDENTIAL Personalized Loyalty and Gift Card Applications

28 CONFIDENTIAL Other Applications Education Hospitality Event badging Child Identification

29 CONFIDENTIAL P120i Summary Affordable Low initial investment (2,395 list price) Intuitive design reduces training costs Versatile Dual-sided or single-sided printing Full-color or monochrome printing Automatic or single card-feed (field upgradeable option) Magnetic encoder (factory installed, available Q1-2006)) Easy-to-use Load-N-Go ribbon cartridge 16-digit LCD display Compact and lightweight Blue touch-points


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