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0 PANTUM P2200/P2500 Series Marketing Department Mar. 2014


Mini Monochrome Laser Printer ©  Pantum International Limited All Rights Reserved.

3 OVERVIEW P2200/P2500 SERIES INTRODUCING the compact printer that is smart for your business and your budget. Keep daily operations running smoothly, costs to a minimum, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an eco-friendly product. Easy installation, connectivity, energy saving features and more all add up to why the Mini is the smart choice for your home or small office! ©  Pantum International Limited All Rights Reserved.

4 P2200/P2500Series TARGET CUSTOMER will appeal to SOHO Enterprise,
Government Small and medium sized business SOHO, personal, and SMB users who want the smart advantage of using an eco-friendly , compact printer that delivers quick results through convenient features all at an affordable cost! Consumer SOHO ©  Pantum International Limited All Rights Reserved.

5 HIGHLIGHTS Compact size and sleek design Up to 22ppm (A4)/
23 ppm (Letter) Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile printing Convenient one step installation! ©  Pantum International Limited All Rights Reserved.

6 FEATURES HOW IS THE MINI “SIMPLY SMART”? Fast Simple* Economical Eco
Answers the question: HOW IS THE MINI “SIMPLY SMART”? Fast Accelerate your printing Simple* Save more than space Economical Keep your budget in check Eco Leave a smaller footprint * Simple saving design ©  Pantum International Limited All Rights Reserved.

7 FEATURES Accelerate your printing.
Wi-Fi Direct and Mobile printing for instant results from anywhere in your home or office* One step installation gets you up and running in no time 7.8 seconds first page out time for reduced startup 600 MHz processor and 128 MB** of memory produces results faster Industry leading Marwell Smart Energy platform provides higher execution efficiency, all HP printers are based on this platform Quad core with 4 times as much multitasking capability Note: * Wi-Fi model only ** 64MB for P2200 models ©  Pantum International Limited All Rights Reserved.

8 FEATURES Save more than space.
Sleek design and compact size fits any workspace Dust-free design cuts down on cleaning time Automatic sleep mode to conserve energy and promote savings Unique wide-angle cover opens for simple cartridge replacement ©  Pantum International Limited All Rights Reserved.

9 FEATURES Keep your budget in check.
1,600 page standard cartridge saves you more each time you print*** 15,000 page duty cycle for higher printing volume Reduced running costs with low CPP Note: *** Country/Region specific ©  Pantum International Limited All Rights Reserved.

10 FEATURES Leave a smaller footprint.
Eco-friendly, all-in-one cartridge reduces waste Robust metal frame and parts made from 100% recyclable materials Energy Star 2.0 Certified ©  Pantum International Limited All Rights Reserved.

11 Hi-Speed USB 2.0; Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
SPECIFICATION Spec. Pantum HP Samsung Brother Canon Xerox DELL Models P2200 P2500/ P2500W P1102/ P1102w ML-1865/ ML-1865W ML-2165/ ML2165W HL-2130/ HL-2135W LBP-6020/ LBP6020B Phaser 3010 B1160/ B1160W PPM (A4) 20 22 18 FPOT (Secs) 7.8 8.5 8  N/A Resolution(dpi) 1200x1200 1200 x 1200 2400 x 600  2400 x 600 600x600 Connectivity Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Hi-Speed USB 2.0; Wi-Fi b/g/n USB 2.0 / USB 2.0, wireless USB 2.0 Print languages GDI OS Win, Mac, Linux Win, Mac Control panel 2 buttons, 2 LEDs 3 LEDs 1 button, 4 LEDs Buttons, LEDs 2Buttons, CPU 600MHz 266 MHz 300MHz 200 MHz N/A  150MHz Memory 64MB 128MB 2mb / 8mb 8mb 64mb 32MB Input - primary 150 250 Output 100 Duty cycle 15,000 5,000 10,000 30,000 Acoustic (sleep/printing) TBD Inaudible/51 dB 26 dB/50 dB 53dB 50dB 52dB Size (WxDxH mm) 337x220x178 349 x 238 x 196 341x224x184 332 x 215 x 178 368x360x183 359x249x198 358x197x208 331x215x178 Weight 5.1kg 6.4 kgs 4.2kgs 5 kgs 6.7 kgs 5 4.6 kgs 4.0kg Consumable (varies by country) P*-210E(700) P*-210(1600) HP 85A (1,600) MLT-D101S (1,500) TN2010 (1,000) DR-450 (12,000) 725 (1,600) (1,000) (2,300) NF44N (1,500) ©  Pantum International Limited All Rights Reserved.

12 1-piece CARTRIDGE Toner Cartridge P*-210 Model Yields
Use Pantum’s genuine toner cartridges and enjoy up to 1,600 pages of professional quality documents. Made from low waste powder, our cartridges reduce your impact on the environment and install quickly to deliver bold, crisp, black and white images in no time. Look for the Pantum label for high-quality prints you can count on! P*-210 Model Yields Standard capacity 1,600 pages ©  Pantum International Limited All Rights Reserved.

13 2 COLOR OPTIONS GALLERY P2200/P2500 Series
©  Pantum International Limited All Rights Reserved.

14 THANK YOU Check out these products and more at:

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