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The World Leader in Secure ID and Card Personalization Solutions.

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1 The World Leader in Secure ID and Card Personalization Solutions

2 Datacard ® SP75 Card Printer Transforming Secure Identification Advanced Security | Extreme Reliability

3 Datacard SP75 Card Printer Intense defense for your organization Delivers an unprecedented combination of advanced security and extreme reliability Built on a proven platform the Datacard ® SP Series card printers

4 Meet the Security Challenges of the 21st Century Defend against identity theft, network hacks, industrial espionage, sabotage Protect critical assets and enhance enterprise security Ideal printer for: Government agencies Corporations Universities, colleges and K-12 schools

5 Innovative New Features Theft deterrent hardware lock suite Network security software Backlit LCD shows instant print status Print up to 170 full-color cards per hour - front side printing and laminating Ethernet port for easy networking

6 Standard Features Single- or double-sided edge-to-edge printing Full-color or monochrome imaging Lamination and duplexing (second laminator optional) Printer automatically adapts to Datacard ® Certified Supply type Virtual edge-to-edge laminate providing greater card protection

7 Standard Features USB or Ethernet connectivity Input hopper holds 100 cards Output hopper holds 40 cards Microsoft ® Windows ® Me, 2000 and XP operating systems printer driver Printer pooling for Windows 2000 and XP operating systems Datacard ® Smart Driver printer driver

8 Optional Features Versatile dual laminator Magnetic stripe encoding, IAT or NTT Smart card personalization Contact/contactless all-in-one reader Contact station HID ® iCLASS ® PC Prox Reader Magnetic stripe and smart card field upgradeability Printer to PC security software Theft deterrent hardware lock suite

9 Optional Features High-capacity 200-card input hopper High-capacity 100-card output hopper Customized service plans Ribbon cartridge assembly Laminate and topcoat cartridge assembly StickiCard adhesive-backed plastic cards Replacement printheads

10 Powerful fusion of security and reliability Advanced security Extreme reliability Outstanding versatility Smart Datacard ® Certified Supplies Part of an integrated solution

11 Advanced Security The SP75 printer offers three interlocking layers of security – Physical security Network security Card security

12 Physical Security Optional theft deterrent system Active supplies locked inside Blank card stock locked down Secure storage for rejected cards Printer secured to station with Kensington ® lock

13 Network Security The SP75 card printer can be matched to a single host PC with the Printer to PC security software The printer will not operate if it is disconnected from this host

14 Card Security Single- or dual-sided lamination Datacard ® DuraGard ® laminates Virtual edge-to-edge lamination with the largest CR80 size laminate available Maximum durability for long-life cards Edge-to-edge topcoats

15 Datacard ® DuraGard ® Clear Laminate Defends against abrasion, moisture, chemical reactions Formulated to prolong card life

16 Datacard ® DuraGard ® Secureprint Laminate Durable laminate features: Customized text and graphics Standard holographic images Offers a unique cost-effective approach to card security

17 Datacard ® DuraGard ® Holographic Laminate Exceptional durability Customizable embedded holographic artwork Ideal for mid-sized programs with advanced security needs and complex artwork requirements

18 Datacard ® DuraGard ® Optigram Laminate Exceptional durability Multiple optical variable devices (OVDs) for the ultimate in card security Guilloche patterns Holograms Laser retrievable covert text SecureText micro-printing

19 Extreme Reliability Built on the proven Datacard SP Series a proven platform for high performance printing Scalable design Precision engineering Consistent results Enables high productivity Engineered for reliability

20 Reliability Enables High Productivity Consistent performance, day after day Print the cards you need without interruption Control operating costs

21 Engineered for Reliability Fewer moving parts Higher duty cycle Delivers outstanding uptime even in the most demanding applications

22 Outstanding Versatility The SP75 printer delivers advanced security features to any card program Contact and contactless smart cards HID iCLASS reader for access control Conventional ID cards Magnetic stripes Bar codes

23 Outstanding Versatility Pull-out cartridges make it easy to change the type of security laminate Dual laminators let you apply different laminates to each side of the card Print a card without laminating Laminate cards produced by other card printers

24 Datacard ® Certified Supplies Supplies for the SP75 card printer feature our patent- pending radio frequency (RF) technology To make sure you are using Datacard ® Certified Supplies, look for ribbons and laminates that feature our distinctive blue cores with platinum flecks

25 Ribbon Kits Datacard ® ribbon kits include one ribbon, one isopropanol cleaning card and one adhesive cleaning sleeve Single-sided printing Two-sided printing Two-sided printing with UV Monochrome

26 Durability Supplies Extend card life and durability Clear topcoats protect bar codes, signatures, text and images from abrasions and chemical reactions Datacard ® DuraGard ® clear laminates provide even stronger defense against abrasions, chemicals and moisture

27 Security Supplies Security supplies incorporate optical variable devices that can be identified only under specified conditions Custom topcoat DuraGard Secureprint laminate DuraGard Holographic laminate DuraGard Optigram laminate

28 Integrated Solutions SP75 card printer integrates smoothly with our full portfolio of ID software Datacard is your exclusive source for fully integrated secure ID solutions Software Capture Service Support

29 Software Options Datacard Tru Photo solutions Automatically capture and crop images in less than seven seconds with one click of the mouse

30 Software Options Datacard ® ID Works ® identification software Powerful, feature-rich platform for card design, production and reporting Modular and fully customizable

31 Software Options Datacard ® Preface ID software Delivers essential tools for card design, data entry, image capture and card printing

32 Software Options Datacard ® ViaNet ® information software Gives authorized users the ability to access and manage identity-related information over the Internet

33 SP75 Printer Supplies YMCK (three colors, black) up to 500 images YMCKK (three colors, black front, black back) up to 500 cards YMCKF-KT (three colors, black, fluorescent ultraviolet, black, topcoat) up to 300 cards YMCKT-KT (three colors, black, topcoat, black, topcoat) up to 300 cards YMCKT (three colors, black, topcoat) up to 250 or 500 images KT (black, topcoat) up to 1,000 images K (black) at least 1,500 images Additional colors: black HQ, red, dark blue, silver, gold, white, green, scratch-off ribbon (silver wavy), metallic silver, metallic gold, metallic holographic fleck

34 SP75 Warranty 18-month standard depot warranty 18-month printhead warranty Datacard Group remains committed to your satisfaction and the opportunity to become your after-sale maintenance provider Installation options and on-site service options Maintenance packages Non-intrusive, quick-swap printer repair packages

35 The Datacard Group Advantage The world leader in secure ID solutions 35 years of innovation Integrated solutions components are designed to work together seamlessly Datacard Group supports successful desktop card issuance programs worldwide in a diverse range of markets

36 Datacard ® SP75 Card Printer Transforming Secure Identification Advanced Security | Extreme Reliability Datacard, DuraGard, Optigram, Tru, ID Works, Preface, ViaNet, Smart Driver, and StickiCard are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of DataCard Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. The color blue with platinum flecks is a registered trademark of DataCard Group in the European Union and/or other countries. Kensington is a registered trademark of ACCO World Corporation. SecureText is a trademark of Pacific Holographics, Inc. HID and iClass are registered trademarks of HID Corporation. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Names and logos on sample cards are ficticous. Any similarity to actual names, trademarks or trade names is coincidental. © 2005 DataCard Corporation. All rights reserved.

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