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9050N Monochrome Laser Printer. 9050N Key Features & Positioning.

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1 9050N Monochrome Laser Printer

2 9050N Key Features & Positioning

3 9050N - Monochrome Laser Printer Introducing the 9050N Monochrome Laser Printer from TallyGenicom  Workgroup class high volume printer at 50PPM  Intelliprint® controller  High/Heavy duty cycle (300K pages/month)  Six input trays to hold a variety of paper types, weights, sizes.  Optional duplex, HCF, finisher for stapling and hole punching.

4 Key Features The 9050N Monochrome Laser Printer is a highly customizable workgroup class printer ideal for deployment in high duty cycle, high volume printing environments. Highlights:  High speed printing: 50ppm  Heavy duty cycle: 300K/month  FPOT: <6 seconds  Optional duplexing, HCF, two tray modules, with stapling, hole punching, and stacking.  Paper handling: 16 lb. Bond – 80 lb. Cover stock  Paper handling options can boost capacity from 1,100 sheets up to 5,100 sheets.  Standard 256 MB RAM memory, expandable to 768 MB  12MB On-board User Flash standard  Optional 2G Compact Flash (CFII) User Installable  Intelliprint enabled: Ideal engine for forms requirements and for special features (Private Printing, Job Library, Intellifilter)  Street price: $2688

5 9050 Printer and Options Configuration Base Unit A3/A4 1 X 100 A3/A4 2 X 500 043854 Duplexer 043855 High Capacity Feeder* A4 2000 043858 Finisher* 043859 Two-Tray Module A3/A4 2 X 500 043856 or A4 1200 + 800 043857 *To install a finisher or high capacity feeder, one of the two-tray modules must be installed. Additionally, to install a finisher, the duplexer option must also be installed. Numbers are tray numbers – see data sheet – tray 1 capacity = 100 sheets Base unit contains trays 1, 2, and 3 Printer and Options 1 2 3 4 5 6 Output Capacity – A – 500 sheets face down, 300 sheets when finisher is installed. B – 500 sheets face down w/ punch C – 3000 sheets face down w/ offset, staple, punch A B C Minimum Tray Paper Sizes: Tray #1: 3.5” x 3.9” 500 sheet trays: 5.52” x 7.17” Duplexer: 8” x 7.17” HCF/TTM 1200+800: Letter, A4, Exc, B5; 4 fixed positions for the tray.

6 9050N Supplies Toner 30,000 pages Fuser 300,000 pages Drum Unit 60,000 pages

7 9050N Driver Features Example Booklet PrintingMedia selection

8 9050N Driver Features Example Job AccountingSecure Walk Up/E-Forms/E-Mail

9 9050N Paper Handling  Handles media weights between 16 lb bond and 80lb Cover. Tray #2 exception only up to 40lb cover. Duplex up to 43lb.  Handles media sizes from 3.5” x 3.9” minimum (Tray 1) size up to 11”x 17” maximum.  Paper output 500 sheets face down standard. Optional finisher with 500 sheet bins (punch only)  Finisher 3000 sheet bin (offsets, staples, and punches)  Handles a variety of media types including envelopes, postcards, transparencies, etc.  Extensive input and output options ensure maximum printing flexibility.

10 9050N Footprint  Base printer 25”.2” (W) x 21” (D) x 19.6 “ (H)  Base printer weight is 97lbs. Options turn the printer into a floor standing unit.  Installation space for proper access/operation around the print engine for full system: 8” Ventilation (Rear), 25” HCF (left), 18” paper supply (Front), 39” Finisher (Right).  Printer drum and the toner are separate making optimal use of each resulting in lower cost of ownership.  Drum and toner cartridge easily replaceable by the customer.

11 Intelliprint Controller Features Intelliprint Controller Feature Overview:  Job Library with Private Printing  Job Accounting  Print Job Collating  Custom Paper Sizing  Intellifilter Scripting Language

12 Intelliprint Controller Features (cont’d) Job Library:  Private Printing: Users can choose password protected printing (user must enter password at printer for the print process to begin)  Saved Job Mode: The print job is held on the hard disk or other storage option until printing is desired  This feature also enables the user to store blank forms in the printer and print those forms on the fly from the printer control panel. The forms are stored in the job library (on the hard drive) and can be utilized by any user – great for busy businesses who have high forms usage!

13 Job Accounting – acquires and stores information about each job that is printed:  The user (who printed the document)  Pages sent (how many pages were printed)  When the document was sent  How long the document took to print  What protocol the document was sent in and which port it was sent to  The reports can be viewed at the printer, through the web page or as a CSV file Intelliprint Controller Features (cont’d)

14 Collating:  When this feature is enabled, multiple copies of the entire document will be printed in sequential order (all pages, e.g. pp 1- 4, 1-4, etc.) rather than multiple copies of each page. Custom Paper Sizing:  Custom size media can be set via the control panel for printing. Paper tray side guides must be set to the correct paper size in order to print properly.

15 Intelliprint Controller Features (cont’d) Intellifilter – scripting language  Eliminate compatibility problems typical when switching printing technologies (moving from another technology -- such as impact or thermal -- to laser printing)  Resolve compatibility issues with existing data streams  Filters incoming data streams. Adds, substitutes, or deletes character strings (such as impact printer codes and escape sequences).  Eliminates the need for re-programming or a “black box” to filter data streams.  When used with electronic forms tools, Intellifilter can trigger a specific e-form, based on the incoming data it reads.

16 Optional Upgrade Optional Bar Code Support Up to 39 Barcodes available (Including: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, ISBN, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code39, Code 93, Code 93 Extended, Code 128, UCC-128, EAN-128, Codabar MSI, POSTNET, Plessy, OCR-B) Memory Upgrades up to 768 MB Memory expansions available: 128MB, 256MB, 512MB 2G Compact Flash Card Hard Drive (40G or larger)

17 Key Specifications Workload300,000 pages per month (maximum) Print speed50 pages per minute Media weight 16lb Bond – 80lb Cover; Tray #2 up to 40lb, Duplex up to 43lb. Paper handling input (Std.)100 sheet multipurpose feeder; Tray #1 500 sheet feeder letter/tabloid; Tray #2 and Tray #3 DuplexingOptional Automatic Duplexing Paper handling input (Opt.)Tray #4, Tray #5; 500 sheet letter/tabloid or 1200 + 800 sheets letter; Tray #6 2000 sheets A4/letter Paper handling output 500-sheet face-down standard; optional finisher 500 sheet bin offset/staples; 3000 sheet bin (offsets, staples, punches) Paper sizesA3, A4, A5, A6, B5, B4-JIS, Letter, Legal, Executive, Oficio, Statement, Tabloid, Folio, custom sizes, envelopes, C5, DL, Com 10, Monarch Emulation (Std.)PCL5c, PCL5e, PCL6, Adobe® PS3® 3™, Adobe PDF (ver 1.3) Memory256 MB up to 768 MB; 12MB User flash Resolution 600dpi and true 1200dpi at full engine speed. Noise level54dBa std unit, 60dBa full system, 22dBa standby Interface (Std.)Parallel, USB (v2.0high speed), Ethernet 10/100baseT, Serial RS – 232/422. DriversWindows- 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Server 2003 32/64, Vista 32/64, MAC OS 10.2 or later, Linux CUPS. ReliabilityMTBF- 500,000 pages (standard configuration) Performance Performance monitoring can be done via Web page

18 Features & Benefits FeatureBenefit 50 ppm speed Allows for rapid creation of documents < 6 second FPOT Rapid print responsiveness means more people can share the printer and jobs can be handled more efficiently Intelliprint Controller Feature-rich controller incorporates value-adds such as Private Printing, Job Accounting and Job Library which increase security and improve print productivity and efficiency PostScript Level 3 With the power of PostScript 3, your system will deliver increased RIP and output speeds, flexible compatibility, and more predictable, high-quality output. Paper Handling Options These options truly push this printer over the top with choices that include 500 sheet feeders, 2000 sheet feeders, stacker and finisher. Parallel, Ethernet, Serial, and USB 2.0 Connections Parallel allows for easy direct connection of printer. Ethernet is ideal for workgroup printer sharing. USB 2.0 connectivity means fast set up and easy configuration and management High Paper Capacity 5100 sheet maximum paper capacity and 3800 pages output means fewer user interventions and increased productivity from your 9050 monochrome laser printer. TallyGenicom Service Provides the benefit of solid peace of mind and assurance that your printing solutions are robust and always available.

19 9050N Web Server Features Embedded Web Server Simple to set up via any browser Supports TG NET Admin

20 9050N Web Server Features Printer Status Notification

21 Competition & Pricing

22 Competition Epson 2550N Faster speed; 30ppm vs 50ppm Higher workload; 100K vs 300K More standard Memory; 128MB vs 256MB Superior Paper handling Longer life consumables; 17K vs 30K Intellifilter HP LJ 9050 Lower price More Standard Memory; 128MB vs 256MB Superior Paper handling Intellifilter Kyocera FS9530DN Significantly Lower Price Superior paper handling Intellifilter

23 Competition Lexmark W840 Lower price Intellifilter OKI B8300 Faster; 45ppm vs 50 ppm Less Standard Memory; 32MB vs 256MB Intellifilter Xerox 5500n Lower Price Intellifilter

24 What’s in the box? The 9050N Monochrome Laser Printer will come standard with the following items in the package > Printer > 30,000 page starter cartridge > 60,000 page drum unit > Power Cord > CD containing printer drivers, Quick Start Guide and User Guide > Quick Start Guide (Hard Copy)

25 9050N Market Sector Product Features General Office PCL/PostScript for complete compatibility Very simple to use, load paper install consumables Network / Departmental speed and workload Multiple paper paths for all paper types A3, Duplex and Large capacity paper options Walk up printing for privacy Hole punch and stapler for Document distribution

26 9050N Market Sector Product Features Government including Local, Central and DOD Vast Range of Paper sizes from postcard to tabloid Low purchase price and running costs for “BEST VALUE” PCL5e for DOS and Unix Secure Printing Duplex option for booklets Stapler/Punch for handouts

27 9050N Market Sector Product Features Healthcare / Hospitals 1200 dpi full speed for medical quality PCL5e & PostScript for Legacy systems, DOS and UNIX Vast Range of Paper sizes from A6 to A3 (A5 popular in NHS) Multiple Bins for large capacity paper handling Barcode support essential for NHS Private printing Speed and workload for CMR

28 9050N Market Sector Product Features Banking and Finance Low cost to purchase and run Low noise 1200 dpi full speed for high quality documents OCRA/OCRB Support Duplex essential in Banks Private Printing feature Hole punch for statements Stapler for internal handouts

29 9050N Market Sector Product Features SME and Corporate Worldwide support 1200 dpi full speed for high quality corporate image PCL/PostScript for complete compatibility Very simple to use, load paper install consumables Network / Departmental speed and workload Multiple paper paths and paper types up to A3 Lan Interface Standard Private printing and walk up printing for cost saving Punch and staple for document distribution

30 9050N Market Sector Product Features Retail and consumer goods (Back Office) Heavy paper capability ideal for labels Intellifilter Ideal for Line printer replacement Low noise for office installation Private / walk up printing Hole punch and stapler for document distribution

31 9050N Market Sector Product Features OEM’s TallyGenicom built, own technology Intellifiter / TG Forms for added value Simple range of paper handling options Can be customised to OEM requirement

32 Laser Printers – Product Roadmap

33 Mono/Color Laser Printers 9035 35ppm 9022 22ppm Current 9045 45ppm 22ppm 35ppm 45ppm 55ppm 25ppm Q4/08Q1/08Q2/08Q3/08Q1/09Q2/09Q3/09Q4/09 9330 30ppm Launch Current Investigation 9050 50ppm New Low End <35 PPM 9035 Plus 35ppm 8026 26/36ppm Launch 2/08

34 TallyGenicom MICR Printing Solutions

35 Topics 1.TallyGenicom – Rosetta Technologies Partnership 2.MICR Background 3.MICR Offerings: 9035 and 9022

36 1. TallyGenicom & Rosetta Technologies Partnership

37 TallyGenicom – Rosetta Technologies Partnership Rosetta Technologies  MICR Printing experts, based in Tampa Florida  “MICR-izes” TG printers, provides check scanning warranty Who sells the MICR printers  Rosetta Technologies sells MICR-ized TG printers as a TallyGenicom reseller  TallyGenicom sells MICR-ized (by Rosetta) printers Customer Support  MICR customer support calls routed to Rosetta Technologies  TallyGenicom provides field service on printers

38 2. MICR Background

39 What is MICR? MICR is an acronym which stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. MICR printers use magnetic toner and a special E13B or CMC7 font that can be read by a check scanner or reader / sorter at a bank or financial institution “On-Demand” MICR printing of checks and other financial documents in-house provides many distinct advantages over outsourcing of check printing

40 Advantages of MICR Check Printing from TallyGenicom MICR Check writing solutions give our customers the ability to print their payroll and accounts payable checks in-house.  This produces savings by:  Reduced cost of pre-printed check stock.  Reduces risk of check fraud, theft of check stock and human error.  Eliminates the labor expense of matching check numbers and payments (both are now generated at the printer)

41 Security MICR Printing means added security  TallyGenicom recommends secure “check stock” which provides a number of advantages over plain paper printing:  Secure stock prevents attempts to “bleach” checks.  Secure stock allows MICR ink to adhere more perfectly to the check  Printing with secure stock

42 Check 21 - Check Clearing for the 21 Century Act Major banking legislation in the USA that creates a new market for MICR printing (effective Oct 2004)  Requires banks accept an ‘Image Replacement Document’ (IRD) in place of the customers original check.  Allows banks to scan checks and transmit images (and MICR line data) in special format (ANS-X9.37 file) across country rather than ship original paper checks from bank to bank.  This saves $ Millions in freight costs and will save $ Billions in ‘float costs’ i.e the cost of reserving funds while checks travel around the country  Most banks will not be ready to process IRD files electronically for many years so in the interim they must print IRDs on MICR printers so they can feed traditional reader/sorters

43 Check 21 - Opportunity for TallyGenicom Check 21 Opportunity  As more banks start to create IRDs (to leverage savings) the almost 10,000 banks in the USA must have method to print these MICR documents.  Currently most IRDs are printed via Federal Reserve Bank System but this is expensive. Bank service bureaus (known as item processors) want to compete with better, cheaper, faster IRD printing solutions.  Best solution is for banks themselves to print IRDs (and pioneers have started pilot projects).  Where TallyGenicom has customers & prospects printing shipping, routing, labels, etc for banking operations -- they will be immediate targets for IRD printing!

44 Check 21 - Opportunity for TallyGenicom The Big Bonus from the Check 21 Act  Banks have always offered merchants and corporate accounts ‘lock box’ and cash management services to process checks received.  This is very labor intensive requiring courier service to drive checks to local bank branches.  The Check 21 Act has created the standard file format (just like PostScript, PCL, etc) so companies can scan and transmit checks (in X9.37 format) to local bank where they can be printed and processed. Again, saving $ millions.  Banks can potentially install IRD printing software and MICR printers at any (or all) bank branches to offer ‘Remote Capture /Deposit’ services.  There are 90,000 bank branches in the USA.

45 MICR Printing - Target Summary 1. Business Check MICR Printing:  Accounts Payable Manager, Controller, Chief Financial Officer.  Human Resources may influence MICR payroll printing  Leverage I.T. Departments to bundle MICR printers with other printer requirements 2. Banking & Credit Unions – (Check 21) IRD Printing:  Chief Operations Officer, VP -Operations, VP - Item Processing, VP - Check Processing Operations, VP - Marketing. (VP is most common title in banking industry)

46 Identifying Key Requirements Key factors to MICR printer purchases:  How many checks is customer planning to print per month?  What level of security is presently inherent in the existing check printing solutions?  How many MICR-enabled printers are anticipated?  Where are the MICR checks printed?  desktop (one or two people printing checks)  workgroup level (many people sharing a single printer)  centralized location (central location where all checks are printed)

47 2. MICR Offerings: 9022 and 9035

48 TG MICR Line-Up 9022M: MICR, non-network 9022ML: MICR with tray lock 9022NM: MICR, network 9022NML: MICR, network, with tray lock 9035M: MICR, network 9035ME: MICR extended features, network 9022 MICR Laser Printer 9035 MICR Laser Printer

49 TG MICR Features Feature9035 MICR9022 MICR MICR Toner Sensing9035M, 9035ME 9022M, 9022ML 9022NM, 9022NML MICR Toner Low Notification9035M, 9035ME 9022M, 9022ML 9022NM, 9022NML MICR fonts (E13-B, CMC-7)9035M, 9035ME 9022M, 9022ML 9022NM, 9022NML (downloaded from application to printer with print job) Uses both standard and MICR Cartridges9035M, 9035ME 9022M, 9022ML 9022NM, 9022NML Disable Jam Recovery/Set Copy to One9035M, 9035ME 9022M, 9022ML 9022NM, 9022NML (Disable Jam Recovery only) Flash Memory for fonts, logos, signatures9035M, 9035MEN/A Datastream paper tray mapping9035M, 9035MEN/A MICR Menu administration password9035M, 9035MEN/A Password protected signatures and logos9035M, 9035MEN/A Barcode fonts9035ME9022ML, 9022NML Paper tray locks9035ME9022ML, 9022NML Secure mark9035MEN/A Secure numeric font9035MEN/A

50 Competitive Comparison Feature TG 9035 MICR TG 9022 MICRTroy 9050 Troy 2420/30 SourceTech 9325 SourceTech 9335 SourceTech 9340 SourceTech 9445 Speed (ppm)35225030/3525354045 MICR Toner SensingXXXXXXXX MICR Toner Low NotificationXXXXXXXX MICR fonts (E13-B, CMC-7)XXXXXXXX Uses both standard and MICR CartridgesXXXXXXXX Disable Jam Recovery/Set Copy to OneX Disable Jam Recovery only XXXXXX Flash Memory for fonts, logos, signaturesX XXXXXX Datastream paper tray mappingX XXXXXX MICR Menu administration passwordX XXXXXX Password protected signatures and logosX XXXXXX Barcode fontsX (-ME)X (-ML)XX Paper tray locksX (-ME)X (-ML)XXXXXX Secure markX (-ME) XX Secure numeric fontX (-ME) XXXXXX (-ME) refers to the additional features available on the MICR-extended 9035ME printer (-ML) refers to the additional features available on the MICR-Lock 9022M printer

51 MICR Feature Definitions FeatureDescriptionHow its done on TG MICR printers MICR Toner Sensing Printer has the ability to sense if a MICR toner cartridge is installed The electronic key on the 9035 toner cartridge is programmed as a MICR toner cartridge. A mechanical key is added to the 9022 MICR cartridge. The printer recognizes that a MICR toner cartridge is installed. MICR Toner Low Notification Printer notifies operator of low toner conditionThe printer's normal "toner low" feature is used MICR fonts (E13-B, CMC-7) MICR font sets MICR font sets are resident in the MICR printer. With the 9022 printer, the fonts are downloaded from application to printer with print job Uses both standard and MICR Cartridges Both standard and MICR TC’s can be used in the printer The MICR-ized printers accept both a standard-keyed cartridge and a MICR- keyed cartridge. Disable Jam Recovery/Set Copy to One Diable Jam Recovery prevents the printer from reprinting a jammed page thus preventing mulitple copies printed of a single check. Set Copy to One disables the user from specifying multiple copies of a single check. Firmware enhancement. Flash Memory for fonts, logos, signatures Electronic storage location on printer for fonts, logos, and signatures The user flash and hard disk devices serve as electronic storage. The MICR fonts, signatures, logos or other printer resources may be accessed using proper printer commands. Datastream paper tray mapping A command in the datastream to select the paper trays for different paper types. The controller can re-map paper tray usage based on datastream input. “Logical“ paper trays are re-mapped to “Physical“ paper trays. MICR Menu administration password Primary password for MICR printing, as set by the system adminstrator Accessible on the printer's web page, the MICR admin password can be setup/changed. An Adminstrative password can be added to the printer‘s web page to prevent unauthorized password changes. Password protected signatures and logos A password must be supplied in order to print the check properly (signatures, logos) A valid password is sent to the printer either from a system's print datastream or from the MS Windows printer driver dialog box (user-entered) Barcode fonts Various types of barcode formats These are supplied to the print job through the printer's optional bar code module Paper tray locks A mechanical key locks that prevent access to security check stockInstalled on the trays at the factory Secure mark Prints a "security" background watermark with customized information such as payee, date and amount A PCL macro created by the application engineer and setup in the printer Secure numeric font Used in the numeric amount on the check, it prevents anyone from altering the number. The written number can be seen when looking at the numeric character. For example, within a numeric character such as "1" you see the word "one" in white within that numeric character. These screen fonts are downloaded to the printer at the time the check prints.

52 Rosetta MICR Printing Warranty & Guarantee 1. Rosetta Printer Warranty  Every MICR printer we sell with Rosetta logo comes with a 90-day MICR Warranty.  This warranty states that for 90 days after installation, the Rosetta MICR printer output will meet all print specifications for MICR printing as specified in ANS Standard X9.27-2000.  If it does not, and we are unable to correct the problem, Rosetta will replace the printer at no cost to the customer, or take it back and refund any payment made by the customer.

53 Rosetta MICR Printing Warranty & Guarantee 2. MICR Performance Guarantee. To qualify for this Guarantee, which allows that Rosetta will pay any fines that may be levied on a customer by their bank for manual processing of checks, the customer must fulfill certain requirements.  Use check stock, consumables and MICR font sold and approved by Rosetta Technologies.  Have your MICR printer(s) set up and operating in accordance with approved Rosetta Technologies Corporation procedures.  Have your MICR printer(s) continuously maintained by Rosetta Technologies under the manufacturer’s warranty or a Rosetta Technologies Corporation service agreement or by a certified Rosetta Technologies business partner.  Use an approved MICR testing device to test the quality of printer output prior to each check run.

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