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[Nom du produit] When it prints, youre impressed Product Presentation June 2007.

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1 [Nom du produit] When it prints, youre impressed Product Presentation June 2007


3 General Overview / Product Positionning The Dualys range : The reference for dual-sided card personalization: color printing & encoding Advanced and extremely versatile, to match all requirements in terms of connectivity and encoding. An open platform for integration A sleek & user-oriented design Engineered for printing continuity and bulk printing Ideal for organizations looking for quality and secured cards

4 The New Dualys 3 Generation New CPU and printhead for higher performance New warranty, the best one in the market New functions: Ethernet, encoding capabilities New powerful and modern colors: Ocean Blue, Fire Red, Jungle Green New driver: even easier to set up and monitor Compatible with the latest OS: Windows 2003, XP & Vista, Mac & Linux NEW FEATURES & DESIGN FOR HIGHER PERFORMANCES AND USER-ORIENTATION

5 Main Features And Benefits (I) STUNNING PERFORMANCES STUNNING PERFORMANCES Up to 125 cards/hour (dual sided color / YMCKO-K) Optimal quality printings, an outstanding image rendition An exclusive « Color Profile » to fine-tune color matching 16 MB RAM to store both sides of a card and secure data preservation in case of disruption Continuous printing thanks to high capacity feeder and output hopper VERSATILE AND READY FOR INTEGRATION VERSATILE AND READY FOR INTEGRATION Optional Ethernet port for LAN connection Manual feeder option for over-the-counter applications Additional 100-card feeder The widest range of encoding options (MAG, SMART and CONTACTLESS) A true customization process to meet any specific customers need.

6 Main Features And Benefits (II) OUTSTANDING QUALITY AND RELIABILITY OUTSTANDING QUALITY AND RELIABILITY An innovative flip-over station for dual-sided personalization without compromising throughput A strict selection of components, advance quality testings and a high quality finish A pioneering 3-year warranty. Evolis products keep its users satisfied for years. PLUG & PRINT SOLUTION PLUG & PRINT SOLUTION A full package : printer, cleaning kit, cable & card design software. eMedia Card Designer is delivered standard. A truly professional solution ! Personalization and design of badges using an Excel database is possible from the first time. A market-proven concept of Clamshell opening for an easy access to all parts. - the user operates by himself the daily maintenance - the printer is perfectly fit to minimize downtime

7 Encoding Options A full range of advanced encoding technologies are available and can be combined. Magnetic stripe encoder ISO 7811 or JIS2 - HiCo/ LoCo Smart contact station ISO 7816-2 Smart contact station and encoding unit PC/SC, EMV 2000-1 Contactless encoding unit ISO 14443A, B, ISO 15693, Mifare, DesFire, HID iCLASS, HID Prox, Calypso Other types upon request

8 Markets Identification, Biometric Security, Education, Transit, Banking, Leisure From simple identification badges to highly-secure cards Applications Small to medium runs, up to 150K cards per year Bulk or over-the-counter card personalization Characteristics Dual-sided Color or Monochrome Magnetic stripe, Smart contact & RFID encoding Dualys 3 sweet spots

9 All our equipment is shipped with the eMedia Card Designer software Contactless encoding station Magnetic stripe encoding station ISO or JIS2 Smart card contact station Printing unit Dual-sided Mono: 1000 cards / h colour: 125 cards / h Ribbon saver Hopper 100 cards Drivers: Windows XP, 2003, & Vista Mac OS X v10.2, 10.3 et 10.4 Linux Feeder 100 cards or manual card feeder (optional) Specifications 4-LED panel Card Type ISO CR80 From 0,25mm (10 mil) to 1mm (40mil) Clamshell opening sytem

10 Accessories 100-card feeder. Available in Ocean Blue Manual Card Feeder Available in Ocean Blue Travel Bag

11 Competitive analysis (I) Evolis global approach: Offer a full package and the most cost-effective solution The positionning of Dualys 3 : One of the most performant solution for dual-sided card color printing & encoding An exclusive 3 year warranty A professional card design software included standard The best cost per card ratio in the market

12 Competitive analysis Dualys, the most comprehensive offer Feeders = capacity and offer / Encoding = type & offer YMCKO = cost per card / Warranty = warranty conditions Entry Level High End

13 A new performance to price ratio for dual-sided printing ! THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE & VERSATILE SOLUTION: Top-of-the-range performances (graphics, image definition and throughput) Market-proven, innovative & user-friendly concepts: Push&Twist print head, flip-over station, clamshell cover, detachable card feeder, port monitor An open platform for integration. A true customization process. A Plug & Print solution. All included standard ! An exclusive 3-year warranty A comprehensive ribbon offering and a cost-saving approach (ribbon saver, half-panel color ribbon). The best cost per card ratio in the market !

14 References & Worldwide Applications DECATHLON, Retailer in Sport Equipments, Spain Government of Ecuador, National Student ID card CARTES Exhibition, Paris, France

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