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Application of Data Mining in TV and Films Daniel Johnston and Nabeel Hanif.

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1 Application of Data Mining in TV and Films Daniel Johnston and Nabeel Hanif

2 Aim To look at the use of data mining within the Television and Film industry. To examine how DM is able to improve the Tv/Film industry for both viewers and companies

3 Who uses Data Mining? A Variety of companies linked to the film industry: IMDB – vast database available on movies Amazon – use their user DB to recommend films Netflix – commissioned a show called house of cards.

4 Using algorithms to predict success

5 Netflix relied on Data Mining when commissioning 2 series' of the show 'House of Cards' at a cost of $100m (10% of revenue), without even viewing a pilot episode. By parsing subscriber data, Netflix were able to see how popular the show would likely be. This data indicated that people who enjoyed the original BBC miniseries of House of Cards, also liked movies starring Kevin Spacey and David Fincher.

6 Did it work? Yes. Compared to a $1.9m loss in 2012, Netflix posted a $31.8m profit this year. Gained 2 million new US subscribers. Netflix does not release viewing figures for original content, but acknowledged House of Cards had provided a 'Halo effect' on their entire service.

7 How else is Data Mining used? In the analysis of scripts to select successful proposals. Predicting success via analysis of web searches relating to the film. Calculating whether cinema attendance has an effect on DVD sales. Preventing spoilers.

8 Spoiler prevention A computer science PhD student and his supervisor created a data mining algorithm that identified spoilers by using linguistic cues. By linking combinations of words relevant to a films plot, he was able to avoid spoilers in film reviews that may not have been tagged by the website IMDB.

9 Conclusion Data mining benefits customers by improving the service provided to them, in the form of better Film and TV. Benefits companies in the form of greater profits if implemented correctly. Although data mining has led to improvements, the entertainment industry is still very much a creative business – meaning data analysis can only go so far.

10 Any Questions?

11 References guarantee-its-popularity.html?_r=0 guarantee-its-popularity.html?_r=0 big-data big-data Thanks for listening!

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