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Stay Connected Were reaching out to you…stay connected with the leading HBCU.

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2 Stay Connected Were reaching out to you…stay connected with the leading HBCU


4 MISSION STATEMENT The mission of TSU-TV is to be a prominent leader in broadcast communication by providing excellence in public service, entertainment, relevant, and informative programming for our viewing community. Adhering to the standards of Texas Southern University, we strive to dedicate ourselves and affiliates to become a force for positive change in the Greater Houston area spreading the impact throughout a global media society.

5 What is TSU-TV? Original student orientated television network Provide entertainment and educational content Develop projects, along with produce original programming Provide acquired programming produce by outside entities

6 STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION Market as a entertaining informational program Capitalize on raw resources Value creation and campus- wide synergy Focused differentiation strategy

7 MARKETING OBJECTIVE TSU-TV aims to gain the public interest by supporting youth and young adult viewing audiences in offering cutting edge programming and soliciting to prospective sponsors and advertisers.

8 SERVICE Entertainment and Educational Programming PRICE Comcast subscription packages ADVERTISING Market through a diverse range of media channels and distribution DISTRIBUTION COMCAST IXFINITY/ONDEMAND GET LOCAL TSU-TV Youth and Young Adult Audiences in the Greater Houston area

9 SERVICE Entertaining informational programming for high school, college students, and young adults, ages ranging from 12-34.


11 ADVERTISING/PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY Community Outreach Direct Approach Social Media Marketing Local Media Advertisi ng Texas Southern University Community Website Social Events



14 TARGET MARKET Our customer is primarily defined as youth and young adults in need of a more positive, entertaining, and informational program by way of local cable television.

15 DEMOGRAPHICS 1,000,000 Population Size: Roughly Youth/ Teenage Boys and Girls 12-17 Young Adults/Men and Women 18-25/25-34 Age structure Asian; White; Hispanic; African; and African American Ethnic Mix:

16 MARKET PERFORMANCE Obtain a uniquely unmatched performance in the broadcasting industry Produce pinnacle ratings through shows produced by TSU students and faculty Supply services beyond the college student market Capitalize on offering programming which has lacked the opportunity to be aired on cable TV Position as the only college TV network with a show such as The Connect

17 Differentiation Strategy Service Business Analysis Services Benefits to Viewers Benefits to Advertisers POSITIONING STRATEGY

18 DIFFERENTIATION STRATEGY Original Programming: Student and faculty production (i.e. short films, variety shows) Acquired Programming: Productions from HBCUs nationwide and Independent film companies Innovations led by collegiate visionaries

19 SERVICE BUSINESS ANALYSIS Major competitors in our market include: 1.University of Houston Television, Houston Public Media 2.Local Television Stations 3.Rice University Television Our diverse production will allow us to maintain support of our captivated audience leading us to a competitive advantage over other collegiate competitors.

20 BENEFITS TO VIEWERS TSU-TV offers viewers unique original and acquired programming TSU-TV programs are accessible 24 hours Comcast offers its signature Video-On Demand series to subscribers Comcast On Demand delivers customer access up to 17,000 programs a month

21 BENEFITS TO ADVERTISERS Target market that represents the innovator and early adopters of trendy and traditional products and services 24 hour access of On Demand estimating nearly 900,000 households in Houston, TX. Comcast offers 20 cable zones in the Greater Houston area

22 ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING ACQUIRED PROGRAMMING DELIVERY CONTENT News Entertainment Sports Shows Reality Shows Music/Variety Shows Short Films Documentaries Feature Films Commercial Educational Programming

23 FINANCIAL PLAN Creating content for TSU-TVTSU-TV Film LibraryProduction FeesAdvertisers Corporate Sponsorship/Community Partnership


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