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1 ©2009 MeeMix MeeMix – A personalized Experience.

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1 1 ©2009 MeeMix MeeMix – A personalized Experience

2 2 We help mobile, web and TV businesses deliver the right content items to each individual customer A Personalized Experience What do we do? Mee Recommendations Personalized recommendationsrecommendations Simeelarities Optimize search results Optimize search results and cross- sell effectiveness Mee Playlist Offer personalized playlistspersonalized playlists Our Services:

3 3 A Personalized Experience MeeMix Prediction Technology Advantage MeeMix technology is a hybrid system combining a number of methodologies to analyze customer taste profile. Mood: fine-tuning prediction according to customer listening mood Song DNA: analyzing each songs musical parameters User Profile: clustering target groups based on age, location and gender Collaborative Filtering: adjusting taste attributes using behavior and interaction Human Professionals: social aspects analysis and monitoring IT results MeeMixStrandsGracenote Media Unbound

4 4 A Personalized Experience MeeMix Classification Technology Automatic classification 40,000 songs/humane/month Accuracy: 90% Manual classification 1000 songs/humane/month Accuracy: 95% Current market statusMeeMix capabilities Cost-effective Immediate update Any language Looking at classification of audio files into musical parameters

5 5 MeeMix Taste Acquisition technology analyzes and integrates multiple sources in order to configure a highly accurate taste profile for each customer MeeMix Auto Class technology automatically classifies audio files, analyzing the musical parameters of each content item 1 1 + = $ A Personalized Experience From Technology To Customer Value By combining taste profile and classification, MeeMix matches the most relevant content items from your media inventory to each customer We provide an innovative music experience that translates into new revenue models

6 6 A Personalized Experience Using Mee Recommendations in Mobile Personalize your Mobile Portal or Web site

7 7 A Personalized Experience Benefits – Increase Sales Your Subscribers Taste Range Potential Sales Sales to buyers with other music preferences Additional sales using MeeMix recommendation service + Popular content sales – based on the standard one-to-all offer Main- stream sales Increase sales in the long tail of music preferences Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty

8 8 A Personalized Experience Benefits – Search Optimization Standard searchSearch using MeeMix Your content catalog Cross-sell artists using Similarities! Related songs and artists Related media items to Madonna: truetones, videos and more Madonna songs that were manually tagged All Madonna songs ordered by relevance Search results include: Cross-sell and increase results relevance

9 9 A Personalized Experience Simplify Content Accessibility Using MeeMix relevant items are ONE CLICK AWAY Your service or application User must look for relevant content Scale acquisition of new users and Increase users life-time value Subscriber did not find relevant content and left the site

10 10 A Personalized Experience Cost–Effective and Rapid Go-To-Market Integration Simple & user-friendly interface Cost-effective integration Multiple application support Customizable per partner MeeMix API provides full access to our service line without the need for any on- site implementation.

11 11 A Personalized Experience Innovation – Differentiate Yourself Thank you, and have a personalized day! More about MeeMix services in the next 3 slides >>

12 12 Boost revenues, increase brand loyalty and enhance customer experience by delivering highly-personalized music and media item recommendations. A Personalized Experience MeeMix Services – Mee Recommendations Recommend personalized music Recommend personalized music items: any number of artists, albums or songs that match the user's taste Recommend any media item Recommend any media item from your catalog that best matches the customers taste Match customers that share the same musical taste

13 13 Optimize search results Optimize search results and cross-sell effectiveness by understanding which artists/songs/albums mesh together.cross-sell effectiveness A Personalized Experience MeeMix Services – Simeelarities Given an artist/song/album/genre, Provide a list of any number of similar artists/songs/albums Given an artist/song/album/genre, Provide any related media items, such as ringtones, videos and wallpaper

14 14 Offer your customers the option to create personalized playlists and provide an innovative and smooth music experience.create personalized playlists A Personalized Experience MeeMix Services – Mee Playlist Given a single track or artist seed chosen by the user, You can deliver a dynamic playlist that incorporates discovery of new artists Playlist optimization: given user feedback such as song rating and skips, the playlist is dynamically adjusted Mood Control: customers can define their current mood, e.g. sad or happy, energetic or calm

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