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Gulf & WTIG ITC Infrastructure Concepts for:

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1 Gulf & WTIG ITC Infrastructure Concepts for:
MEC Gulf Dubai: (office) Fred Wohl COO (mobile) Del Jenkins CCO (mobile)

2 Introduction MEC is “Boutique” consultancy firm specializing in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) . Founded in 1998: MEC operates globally, with offices in: Echternach, Luxemburg Dubai, UAE Abu Dhabi, UAE Doha, Qatar Bucharest, Romania Baghdad, Iraq Tampa, Florida, USA. Every customer is a VIP and receives partner level commitment at all times We are highly flexible to find the optimum solution for every clients requirements and we ensure to deliver on-time and on-budget, with competitive pricing. MEC experts go wherever the business is regardless of geographical location and political environment.

3 Management, Engineering and Consulting Services (MEC)
MEC’s management team come from the industry segments we serve with decades of “real world” experience , and proven track records of operating internationally and delivering consistent results. We provides all levels of project & program management services and unlike many consultancy firms, MEC is operationally focused and team members use a ‘hands on’ business approach to achieve success to the specific needs of our clients. In addition, MEC has a wide range of equipment vendors, civil works contractors, service providers, and others to ensure successful project delivery wherever we go. MEC Experts have experience operating in more than 60 countries around the world, and its team members will go wherever, whenever, to provide whatever is needed to get the job done. “We are experienced enough to deliver, but focused enough to ensure our clients success”

4 Management, Engineering and Consulting Services (MEC)
MEC specialists are experienced with all major telecommunications and IT vendors, equipment and service providers, and use the latest network planning and operations tools. Network design and specification services Tender development and evaluation vendor negotiations Turnkey/sub-contracted project deliveries including: Project inception, conceptual development, and design specification Engineer, Furnish, Install (EF&I) Network installation, commissioning and integration management and service delivery Outsourced Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Network planning, design and implementation for: Wireless networks (3G+, GSM, CDMA, WiMAX, etc.) Fixed networks (Copper, Coax, fiber, etc.) Voice, video, data networks (Circuit switched, Hybrid, IP) IT platforms OSS/BSS Existing network & Infrastructure audit and optimization To ensure that our experts are up to date with the latest advancements, MEC has developed partnerships with leading international research and development organizations which allow us access to the latest industry knowledge and expertise.

5 Management, Engineering and Consulting Services (MEC)
MEC consultants have successfully performed projects in all of the following areas for our clients: Project Management, and Turn-key Project Implementations New License acquisition/Bid Book development Turn-key new telecommunications operator launches Network planning, design, and implementation Turnkey infrastructure planning Existing operator Acquisition including technical and financial Due Diligence Launch Consulting, Interim Management, Technical & Operational Due Diligence and follow-on optimization efforts Technical & Commercial service improvement Training and E-Learning Implementation Services Commercial consultancy for new launch and ongoing operation Business operations optimization and process improvement Operational process and procedure improvement Strategic planning and business strategy Project Management Office (PMO) Sales, distribution, and channel development

6 Selected MEC Clients and Partners
BCG Boston Consulting Group

7 MEC’s Solution Portfolio
Pre Deployment Planning Due Diligence Launch Planning/Consulting Program Management Project Management System Design & Engineering System Engineering & Optimization Site Acquisition & Construction Infrastructure Deployment Commercial Services Wireless/ Wireline Solutions EF&I, BOT, and M&O

8 Some selected MEC Projects:
Planning, Design & implementation of national radio network – SwissCom mobile Switzerland Al Rheem Island planning & design support for island wide FTTX network infrastructure to the Home/office Saadiyat Island partnering with lead consultants to assist in total island ITC infrastructure Network/Commercial Feasibility Studies - Bahrain 3rd GSM License, Chad (fixed and Mobile combined license), Nigeria GSM & CDMA, Saudi Arabia Wimax network deployment, Saudi Arabia iDEN network Network Launch and Commercial services – Saudi Arabia, Iraq (GSM & WLL), India, Venezuela, Romania Zain Nigeria – Data network planning and implementation – technical/commercial/operational plan for Zain Nigeria national data network deployment including use of 3G, Wimax, and fiber resources to cost effectively address the competitive forces and meet that markets needs Essar – Launch PMO (IT, Network, Commercial etc). Complete launch team management and project tracking controls and drove the business through to launch meeting license requirements.

9 Service Offerings

10 Planning & Deployment for typical client
Customer chooses the level of service depending on their business requirements Turnkey Deployment System Materials Chassis Install Engineering Turn-Up Commission Rack, power, ground, fiber Install Site Survey Detail Engineering Install Materials Planning & Design Phase Chassis Install Installation and Commission Engineering Turn-Up Commission System Materials Commissioning Engineering Turn-Up Commission System Materials Pre-deployment Program Management included in all Deployment Options

11 Beirut Uptown Project - Affordable Luxury
For Beirut Uptown MEC will plan, design, and implement cost effective solutions to deliver the latest generation technologies for Voice, Data, Video to its guests and residents Deployment of end to end fiber FTTX and Wi-Fi / Wimax infrastructure will allow wide range of service offerings to residents and eliminate potential of costly retrofits and technology evolves Advanced ITC infrastructure will be competitive advantage for the project as prospective customers increasingly look for more advanced communications and broadband access services MEC is vendor agnostic allowing Beirut Uptown to achieve the best cost/performance ratio on its investment

12 Selected ICT Infrastructure concepts
Corning fiber solutions Service delivery – MDU IPTV concepts MEC Telematik, FZ, LLC P.O. Box , , Dubai, U.A.E (ofc) (mobile)

13 ClearCurve TM Bend Insensitive Fiber Product & Systems Solutions
Cable Systems ClearCurve TM Bend Insensitive Fiber Product & Systems Solutions

14 Corning’s solutions to FTTH challenges
1. Development of a new revolutionary bend insensitive ClearCurve™ fiber, allowing: Handling of fiber optic cables like copper Securing power budget by minimum loss increase during installation 2. Preconnectorized MDU solutions based on ClearCurve™ fiber allowing: Faster Easier Reliable installation

15 ClearCurve Fiber Enables Significant Installation Cost Savings per home
Labor & Material Costs Sources of Potential* Savings with ClearCurve Fiber Robust bend performance: reduction in duct usage – labour and materials saving Stapling and bends: enable reduced install time – lower staff count, labor saving Stapling and bends: use standard copper installation processes, less training Labor & Material Costs Aesthetic solution: reduces landlord/owner negotiation time Protects power budget: less optical rework Total Installation Cost per home in MDU* *Savings bars not to scale Today With ClearCurve Fiber *Relative savings depend on network type, design and location Labour deskilling: staples and bend performance Labour timesaving: staples & bends Today With ClearCurve

16 ClearCurve - Preconnectorized MDU solutions
Additional to the cost savings by the new ClearCurve™ - innovative system solutions based on preconnectorized products allow additional cost savings for fiber installation in MDU What is pre-connectorization? Many elements of the FTTP network can be factory pre-terminated The combination of better factory splice performance and use of low loss connectors can deliver major benefits De-skills the labour required in the field Lowers the cost of implementation – due to less skills and no expensive splice equipment Faster service delivery Rapid maintenance in the case of external failure More secure network

17 ClearCurve™ – Ruggedized Drop Cable
Cable for horizontal cabling from floor distribution box to wall outlet Features: Outer diameter of 4,8mm FRNC sheath material for indoor and outdoor application Ruggedized for excellent fiber protection Excellent stapling and bending performance without loss increase Handle it like COPPER ! 90°bend Stapling Kinking Multiple Bending

18 Today’s MDUs (Multi-Dwelling-Units) Need Next Generation Services
HDTV (High Definition Video) VoD (Video-on-Demand) VoIP (Voice-over-IP) High-Speed Internet High-Speed Gaming Home Automation Security w/IP Cameras

19 Enable the Digital Lifestyle
MDU / MTU Solutions Enable the Digital Lifestyle

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33 4/1/2017

34 +971 50 283 1900
Thank You MEC Telematik, FZ, LLC P.O. Box , , Dubai, U.A.E (ofc) (mobile)

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