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Investment Com. GIC To Enrich Life Through Communication.

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1 Investment Com. GIC To Enrich Life Through Communication

2 Since the 1990s the Global telecom industry has been developing dramatically. By focusing on customer challenges and needs, GIC is committed to Innovation and customer orientation. GIC is dedicated to providing high quality, cost-effective, and customized solutions and services consistently creating maximum value for its customers.

3 Gadara was established in 1993 Since 2007 GIC became a main contractor For many telecommunications companies.

4 4 Civil Work Teams and steel structure 5 Telecom Installation Teams. 3 Microwave Teams. contractor for Tower installation team. 2 Power Teams. Quality Assurance. Project management Team. Consultative Team.

5 Engineering Civil works Telecommunications Installation and commission

6 RF planning & optimization Acquisition. Survey Site Construction.

7 Indoor Coverage System

8 Concrete work. Assembling a tubular and angular towers Towers Installation and dismantling Masts installation with its accessories Installing earthing and lightning system and power CBs.

9 Antenna Installations Feeders, Microwave, Coaxial cables, and Cable Protection. Links alignment Software BSC and MSC Connections V-sat Installation. MW and BTS installing and Commissioning.

10 UMNIAH 2G Project. EXPRESS Iden. KULACOM Wimax ORANGE 2G Project. HUAWI 2G Project. ZAIN 2G Project (MADA). Public Security Department (PSD). Civil Defence Directorate. Wi-trabe Microwave alignment. BMS( Jordan Army project)







17 Equipment and tools for all stages implementation GPS, electronic equipment including all radio measuring devices and all necessary equipments in each different phase. Using site master Fixed and portable computers.

18 Site master GPS

19 We re also Exclusive Agent for EMEK in Jordan


21 There are several advantages of the EMEK towers which made it distinct from others and a preferred option for us. High efficiency in manufacturing. Ease of installation. Lighter weight.

22 Exclusive Agent for AIRCOM in Jordan AIRCOM is an independent provider of network and data management tools and services. specialize in end-to-end network planning, sharing, outsourcing and OSS optimization for IP and cellular networks. Headquartered in the UK with offices in 14 countries, we have more than 10 years experience across 135 countries for over half the worlds mobile operators.

23 Visit our website: Main office: Tel: +962 6 4611041 Fax: +962 6 4611026 Prepared By: Eng. Ghusoon Ayesh..

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